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Karagiannis space hellas_sepve


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1st SEPVE Forum 2012, Thessaloniki, Greece

Published in: Technology, Business
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Karagiannis space hellas_sepve

  1. 1. SPACE HELLAS PULSE: Redefining IT Management Performance in the Cloud Era Sotiris Karagiannis Director Sales & Solutions SPACE HELLAS S.A. (N. & W. Greece) 1ο 10-11 October 2012 ΣΕΠΒΕ Members Forum 2012 Classification ISO 27001: Public
  2. 2. SPACE HELLAS S.A. at a glance
  3. 3. SPACE HELLAS at a glance System Integrator. . Value-Added Solution and Service Provider Active in Telecommunications , IT and Security More than 25 Years of Operation and Growth 210 Specialized Employees • More than 200 Certifications . Accreditations Turnover (2011) € 43.2 million Listed on the Athens Stock Exchange since 2000 Certified for Quality & Information Security Management • ISO 9001:2008 . ISO/IEC 27001:2005 • National . EU . NATO Secret Activities abroad • Cyprus - Space Hellas Cyprus Ltd • Romania - Space Hellas System Integrator S.R.L. • Balkans . Middle East 3 Space Hellas - All Rights Reserved Free float Major shareholders 16% Alpha Bank ~20% 64%
  4. 4. Our Mission To provide our customers with the greatest benefit they can get, by empowering our people to deliver premium quality technological solutions and services Our Vision To play a leading role as system integrator and provider of ICT and Security value-added solutions in Greece and abroad Our Values Excellence Professionalism Integrity Responsibility Commitment Teamwork 4 Quality Empowerment Respect Space Hellas - All Rights Reserved
  5. 5. Operational Model Sales Marketing After-sales Research & Development Networking Solutions Pre-sales Business Development IT Solutions & Applications System Integration & Large Scale Projects Security Systems & Infrastructure Technical Support Services & Operations 5 Space Hellas - All Rights Reserved Telecom Services
  6. 6. Strategic Activities & Competences Communications & Networks •Communication & Data Networks (wired, wireless, satellite) •Network Management Telecom Services •IP - MPLS – VPN (domestic and global connectivity) •Fixed & Mobile Telephony, Satellite Communication Services •Node Housing IT Information & IT Security Security Systems Infrastructure Applications Research & Development 6 •Disaster Recovery, Storage & Data Management •Virtualization, Cloud Computing, Data Centers •IT Intelligence & Monitoring, Service Level Management, B/OSS •Network Security •Information Security and Compliance •IT Security •CCTV/IP HD Surveillance, Video Analytics, Number Plate Recognition, Perimeter Protection , Access Control, Intrusion Detection •Homeland Security, Integrated Security Systems •Data Centres •Structured Cabling, Electrical and Mechanical Installations •Fleet/Asset Tracking & Management, Telemetry •Unified Communications - IP telephony and Video Conferencing •Security Platforms, Training Simulators •Applications Development & Systems Integration •National and International Co-funded Projects •Defense Projects Space Hellas - All Rights Reserved
  7. 7. The Integrator’s Value Applications Telecom Services Unified Communications Security Infrastructure IT 7 Space Hellas - All Rights Reserved Data Communications
  8. 8. Promising areas in the Greek ICT Market ICT Security Virtualization and Consolidation Professional Services for Cloud Mobility (apps, security, …) Internet of Things Software development 8 Space Hellas - All Rights Reserved
  9. 9. The impact of the Greek economic crisis on business The statement “Business as usual” does not hold anymore. “Battle as usual” has become more relevant Businesses that will survive are those that will succeed to retain their customers and obtain new ones by: • Offering quality products and • • • • 9 services at lower cost than the competition while keeping their operational costs low Ensuring positive cash flows Minimizing bank loans Exploit the exporting capabilities of their products and services Cooperate with other market leaders in niche markets Space Hellas - All Rights Reserved
  10. 10. High level prediction areas for 2013 (Globally) Mobility Devices & Apps Cloud Services Adoption Cloud Services Enablement Mobile Networks Big Data Analytics Social Business Interactive Network of Things Intelligent Industry Solutions source: IDC 10 Space Hellas - All Rights Reserved
  11. 11. How we exploit our products’ exporting capabilities What is Space Hellas Pulse ? “to trust is good, to control is better” Space Hellas Pulse is an IT Intelligence and Monitoring platform. It is multitenant (i.e. “Cloud by design”) and is being extended to run on Microsoft Azure. Certified by Microsoft, Windows8 and tablet compatible. Monitors, manages and analyzes thousands of systems, ensuring their performance is maximized. Helps enterprises maximize their IT performance either for their physical or virtual systems, network devices, or any IP based system. 11 Space Hellas - All Rights Reserved
  12. 12. Space Hellas Pulse : IT management performance in the Cloud era How we see the future with Pulse ? • With Cloud services, customers will need more control over their systems on the cloud. Pulse is the right solution for that. Owned or Software As a Service • Software companies need more support for their customers, help desk integrated with their software. • Managed Services is the future for integrators and companies like Space Hellas. Pulse will play a major role here. • Pulse opened to us new ways for cooperation with other system integrators in Nordic Region, Central & Northern Europe, the Gulf, Turkey, etc. 12 Space Hellas - All Rights Reserved
  13. 13. Think like a Startup. Use alchemy of Innovation: Pulse IT power management Solving problems in new areas, product diversification What Pulse can do for new sectors : • IT Power Management : for a 1000 PC organization, Pulse can save up to 10000€ a year in electricity bills, by monitoring and controlling CPU utilization down to the process level, being a software only solution. It can deliver huge savings, create efficiencies, reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions for large businesses anywhere. Every computer remains available and ready to be used day or night without impacting user productivity 13 Space Hellas - All Rights Reserved
  14. 14. Think like a Startup. Use alchemy of Innovation: Pulse as a unified secure user connector • Secure Connected User: for companies with a large number of Virtual of Physical users and a mobile workforce, or for software houses that try to help their customers, Pulse can deliver secure connectivity channels for specific applications, in a much lower price than enterprise connectivity platforms. On top of that, the users can have secure access to their files and content from anywhere. It can be integrated with custom applications of software vendors to give wings to their product lines on the cloud. 14 Space Hellas - All Rights Reserved
  15. 15. Cooperate with (small or large) market innovators for niche markets penetration That’s why we are here. How a large company like Space Hellas is open for cooperation with N. Greece Technology companies to solve real market problems. Talk to us. We are listening. THANK YOU 15 Space Hellas - All Rights Reserved
  16. 16. Sotiris Karagiannis Director Sales & Solutions N. & W. Greece @skaragiannis Tel: 2310 502050 Space Hellas S.A. Telecommunications, IT, Security Systems and Services Private Enterprise for Provision of Security Services 312, Messogion Ave., Ag. Paraskevi, 153 41 Athens, Greece Tel. +30 210 6504100 | Fax +30 210 6516712 | |