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Task Ave. (Startup Weekend Toronto)


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Task Ave. helps you remember what you need to do where.

Built at the inaugural Startup Weekend Toronto on September 24-26, 2010 by a team of smart guys. Follow us @taskave or visit

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Task Ave. (Startup Weekend Toronto)

  1. 1. Win ner
  2. 2. Hello Made with . @matt416 @n8garvie @bgilham @heuristicmedia @skanwar @darrenbutcher
  3. 3. Problem Utility of tasks is limited to what and when, without real context.
  4. 4. Hypothesis Task Ave. helps you remember what you need to do where.
  5. 5. Map Tasks Alerts
  6. 6. Benefits Productive Actionable Recall
  7. 7. Busy Reminders Breadcrumbs
  8. 8. In 24 hours... Newsletter Twitter 40+ Subscribers 50+ followers & mentions Closely monitoring the #swtoronto Toronto action. Team @taskave, you're doing us proud. ~ @mycitylives This looks like it was made for me! ~ @danielpatricio hah! As soon as I read the #taskave tagline I thought "shit I need that" #swtoronto ~ @startupnorth 28
  9. 9. Opportunity Leverage targeted and immediate purchase intent.
  10. 10. Business Model Know the what and the where, monetization is the how.
  11. 11. Options Up/cross-sell Loyalty programs Mobile payments
  12. 12. Difference Couponing and task apps provide singular value, without real context.
  13. 13. What’s Next? Location Aware Cross Platform Social Components