Some Perspective (Nspire Discovery Series)


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My slide deck from the Nspire Discovery Series hosted at the University of Toronto. Presentation was 15 minutes with Q&A.

Shared my perspective on 'the modern tools of creation' for early stage application companies. Topics included: perception vs reality, how the environment has changed, approaches to applications, business model generation, customer development, lean startup, etc.

Learn more about this event at or #nspire_ds.

Contact me anytime @skanwar or

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Some Perspective (Nspire Discovery Series)

  1. 1. Some Perspective!Nspire Discovery Series!!Satish Kanwar!January 20, 2011!
  2. 2. Hello, meet
 Jet Cooper and I! We’re a design agency that creates smart, capable and beautiful experiences for people•  Partner at Jet Cooper•  Co-Founder at Task Ave.•  Co-Chair at TEDxToronto•  Co-Organizer at Lean Coffee TO•  Entrepreneur•  Geek•  Friend
  3. 3. Disclaimers!Terms and conditions of what you learn.•  There are no best ways, just better ways.•  Practice is greater than theory.•  It never stops changing.
  4. 4. Making Stuff!Exploring ‘The Modern Tools of Creation’.
  5. 5. Perception!Starting a startup / app / thing is…•  Everywhere•  Scripted•  Hot
  6. 6.
  7. 7.
  8. 8. Reality!Starting a startup / app / thing is…•  Everywhere around your network•  Scripted when you’re scaling•  Hot if you make it
  9. 9. Environment!Seeing what stuff is going on.
  10. 10. How has stuff changed?!There are new forces with you.•  Invention of marketplaces•  Availability of the social graph•  Reality of the second mover advantage
  11. 11. Where is stuff going?!There are more forces still coming.•  Context, not static•  Platforms, not websites•  Experiences, not technology
  12. 12. Approaches!Figuring out how to do it.
  13. 13. Define ʻstartupʼ!A startup is a team in search for a repeatable, scalable business model. – Steve Blank
  14. 14. Define ʻbusiness modelʼ!A business model is how something makes, gives and gets value. – Alex Osterwalder
  15. 15. Define ʻvalueʼ!The value is what customers are willing " to pay for. – Someone
  16. 16. How do you approach stuff?!There’s a methodology for that.•  Business Model Generation•  Customer Development•  Lean Startup
  17. 17. Business Model Generation!Systematically understand, design and differentiate.•  Not your static business plan•  Done in collaboration•  Used for iterationAlex Osterwalder‘Business Model Generation’
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Test! Test test •  Business models
  20. 20. Test! Test test •  Business models
  21. 21. Customer Development!Find problem + solution fit.•  Talk to your customers first and often•  Test things again and again•  Used for iterationSteve Blank‘The Four Steps to the Epiphany’
  22. 22. Test!Test test•  Business models
  23. 23. Lean Startup!Find product + market fit.•  Customer development meets agile development•  Eliminate unnecessary waste, not be cheap•  Used for MVP = minimum viable productEric Ries‘The Lean Startup’
  24. 24. Test! Test test •  Business models
  25. 25. Resources!Sharing what we’re doing now.
  26. 26. Lots of them!You just have to make the time.•  Twitter•  Slideshare•  Lean Coffee Toronto
  27. 27. High five!How Jet Cooper helps.•  Users come first•  Experimenting a MVP in 90 days•  Coffee, co-working and crashpad support
  28. 28. Say Hello!I’m always here andhappy to help.!@skanwar #jetcooper!!