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R2i estate

  1. 1. ANNEXURE-1PUBLICATION OF INFORMATION REGARDING ITEMS SPECIFIED IN RULE 4(1)(b)(i) OF THERIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005(The particulars of the organization, functions and duties)Sr. No. Name of the Organization Department/Board/ Corporation/ InstitutionFunction and duties (in brief)1. Estate Office, U.T., Chandigarh To sell Plots by allotment/auctionto private persons/ Institutions/Govt. Deptts. and to maintain theirrecords and deal with theirallotment transferring ownership,stoppage of misuse of buildings ,demolition of unauthorizedconstructions and encroachment,enforcement of building bye-laws,acquisition of lands and grant ofcompensation, enforcement ofPeriphery Control Act etc.
  2. 2. ANNEXURE-2PUBLICATION OF INFORMATION REGARDING ITEMS SPECIFIED IN RULE 4(1)(b)(ii) OF THERIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005(The powers and duties of the officers and employees)Name of the Department/Board/Corporation/Institution/Office: Estate OfficeSr.No.Name of post Powers and duties (in brief)1. Estate Officer • Head of the Department.• Appointing and Punishing Authority in respect ofClass-C and D employees of Estate Office.• Takes decisions in respect of various functions ofthe Estate Office.• Chairman of the Plan Advisory Committee(Lower) to pass plans of buildings of varioussites.2. Asstt. Estate Officer Head of the OfficeExercising the powers of the Estate Officer and issueallotment letters of different residential/ commercial/industrial/ religious /Institutional properties as per policydecision of the Chandigarh Administration, transfer ofownerships of such properties, grant of mortgagepermission, NOC for sale , execute lease deeds, deed ofconveyance, Issue notices to the violator to the termsand condition governing such allotment of suchproperties and cancel/ resume the sites and take otherrelated action in the respect of the said properties.Member of the PAC (Lower).Holds Court to grant opportunities to the lessees /owners of such properties for not making payments ofdues and violating the terms and conditions of allotmentand pass lease cancellation/resume the sites if they donot make payment .3. Land AcquisitionOfficer• Exercising the power of the DeputyCommissioner, Estate Officer.• Acquisition of land within U.T., Chandigarh, getthe notifications issued, grant opportunities ofbeing heard to the rightful owners of the land tobe acquired, pass the award acquiring the lands,make payment of compensation.• Grant of Permission of Cattle Sheds, Mali Huts,Tube-wells under the Punjab New CapitalPeriphery Act.• Holds Court as Asstt. Estate Officer (Exercisingthe powers of Estate Officer) to grantopportunities to the lessees/ owners of suchproperties for misusing the premises for otherpurpose.• Issuance of Oustee Certificate to the Oustee ofChandigarh.• Issuance of NOC for Khadi & Village Industrieswith the Lal Lakir.4. Asstt. Controller(F&A)Supervise the functioning of various branches of EstateOffice and handle accounts matters.5. S.D.O. (Buildings) Supervise the Building Branch dealing with plans ofvarious properties, grant of sewerage connections,
  3. 3. completion certificates etc.6. Tehsildar Supervise the work of Periphery Branch, LandAcquisition Branch and Labour Colony Branch. Havingthe powers of Executive Magistrate and Sub-Registrar inaddition to their own duties.7. Section Officer Supervise the functions of various branches and assistthe AC(F&A) in accounts matters.8. Law Officer Deal with legal Matters.9. Naib Tehsildar Supervise the work of Periphery Branch, Colony Branchand Hand Cart Licensing Branch.10. Superintendent Supervise the functioning of various branches and filesare put by them to the Higher Authorities.11. Senior Assistant Deal with Ownership files of various properties andprepare accounts statements, issue receipt of payment,attend Court Cases, deal with Policy files. Some of themfunctions as Reader to the Court of Estate Officer andhandling the cash.12. Junior Engineer Perform field duties to check unauthorized constructionand report it to the SDO (B) and recommend forissuance of notices to the owners/ lessees for breach ofrules and building bye-laws.13. Head Draftsman Supervise the working of draftsman in office work andexamining technical issues of building plans, grant ofDPC, Sewerage Connections, completion Certificates,provides technical assistance in attending the Courtcases of various levels.14. Draftsman Examining technical issues of building plans, grant ofDPC, Sewerage Connections, Completion Certificates,provide technical assistance to the Head Draftsman andSDO(B) in attending the Court Cases of various levels.15. Junior Assistant Dealing with Ownerships files of various properties andprepare accounts statements, issue receipts of payments,attend court cases, deal with policy files.16. Clerks To receive dak and put up on files to the Assistants afterlinkage of references, purse the internal reports andattend courts for evidence on receiving summons fromvarious Courts, add drafts, assist the Assistant inattending the Court Cases where the Office is Party.17. Steno-Typist Attached with officers attending the telephone/dictationwork and maintain the records etc.18. Kanungo Incharge of the office record acquisition of award filessince the development of the Chandigarh, attendingacquisition schemes and Court cases etc.19. Patwari Preparation of cases under section 18 scheme for theacquisition of land. Dealing with acquisition/ Peripherywork, issuance of notices U/s 12(2). Attending thedemolition work and various courts. Making payment tothe land owners for their acquired land.18. Restorer Restore the files in record room.19. Daftri Stitching the files and post the letters.20. Tehsil Jamadar/Process ServerIncharge of Process Servers. Distribute the Summons tothe process servers for ensuring their services.21. Process Server Distribute the Summons to the Defaulters at sites.22. Peon/Mali Distribute the files/dak and attending the various dutiesgiven from time to time.23. Sweeper Attending the cleaning work of the Office premises.
  4. 4. ANNEXURE-3PUBLICATION OF INFORMATION REGARDING ITEMS SPECIFIED IN RULE 4(1)(b)(iii) OF THERIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005(The procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision andaccountability)Name of the Department/Board/Corporation/Institution/Office: Estate OfficeSr.No.Nature/Type ofworkLevel at whichthe case isinitiated.(Name of thepost)Name of the postwhich deal with thecase before thedecision makingauthority.Level at whichdecision ismade (Name ofthe post)1. Sanction ofBuilding PlansDraftsman Plan AdvisoryCommitteeMemberChairman PlanAdvisoryCommittee2. Grant of DPCCertificateArea JE Draftsman SDO (B)3. Grant of SewerageConnection andOccupationCertificateArea JE SDO (B) AssistantEstate Officer4. Mentoring ofBuilding ViolationsArea JE SDO (B) -do-5. Issue of AllotmentLetterClerk Asstt.,/Supdt. -do-7. Issue of NOC Clerk Asstt.,/Supdt. -do-8. Grant of MortgagepermissionClerk Asstt.,/Supdt. -do-9. Transfer ofOwnership ClerkAsstt.,/Supdt. -do-10. Acquisition ofLandPatwari Kanungo/Tehsildar LandAcquisitionOfficer11. Periphery Control Patwari Kanungo/Tehsildar LandAcquisitionOfficer12. Compensation ofAcquired LandPatwari Kanungo/Tehsildar LandAcquisitionOfficer13. Rehabilitation ofSlum DwellersSub-Inspector(Colonies)Tehsildar Asstt. EstateOfficer/EstateOfficer14. Rehabilitation ofRehri walasSub-Inspector Tehsildar Asstt. EstateOfficer/EstateOfficer15. Issue of Hand CartLicenseClerk Asstt./Supdt. Tehsildar16. Allotment ofBooths to theMotor MechanicsClerk /SIE Asstt./Supdt. Asstt. EstateOfficer/Estate Officer17. Maintenance ofAllotment Files ofMilk ColonyDhanas andTransfer ofOwnership andClerk Asstt./Supdt. Asstt. EstateOfficer
  5. 5. Recovery ofGround Rent18. Check the Misuseof the BuildingpremisesSub-Inspector(Misuse)SDE(Enforcement)LandAcquisitionOfficer19. Maintenance ofAllotment files ofKerosene/ PetrolPump sitesClerk Asstt./Supdt. Asstt. EstateOfficer20. Maintenance ofAllotment files ofCheap Houses/Industrial Housesand Recovery ofGround RentsClerk Asstt./Supdt. Asstt. EstateOfficer21. Recovery of Loan Clerk Accountant/Asstt. Tehsildar(Revenue)
  6. 6. ANNEXURE –4PUBLICATION OF INFORMATION REGARDING ITEMS SPECIFIED IN RULE 4(1)(b)(iv) OF THERIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005(The norms set for discharge of its functions)Name of the Department/Board/Corporation/Institution/Office:_Sr.No.Item of work Norms set by thedepartment (numberof days taken fordecision making)1. Miscellaneous 252. Acknowledgement of pay order and DD 113. Grant of Extension of Time Limit 194. Execution of Lease Deed/ DOC 225. Issue of NDC 176. NOC for Sale 317. Grant of permission of Mortgage 268. Transfer on basis of Registered Will out side family 299. Transfer on the basis of Will (Part-B) 1110. Transfer on the basis of Regd. Will 3111. Transfer on the basis of Sale Deed 1412. Transfer on the basis of Un-Regd. Will 2913. Sanction of revised building plan 3214. Issue of DPC Certificate 1115. Issue of Occupation Certificate (Residential) 2016. Issue of Occupation Certificate (Commercial) 3217. Sanction of fresh Building Plan 2418. Occupation Certificate/ Sewerage Connection cases(Reply etc.)2019. Miscellaneous (Building Branch) 9920. Execution of Redemption Deed 2221. Transfer in case of Interstate Death 29
  7. 7. ANNEXURE-5PUBLICATION OF INFORMATION REGARDING ITEMS SPECIFIED IN RULE 4(1)(b)(v) OF THERIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005(The rules, regulations, instruction, manuals and records, held by it or under control or used by employeesfor discharging functions)Name of the Department/Board/Corporation/Institution/Office: Estate OfficeSr.No.Name of the Act. Name of theRulesName of theManualsInstructions(WritecircularNo./date)Any otherRecord/Document1. Punjab Capital (Development &Regulation) Act, 1952 and rulesthereunder.i) Chandigarh (Sale of Sites andBuildings) Rules, 1960ii) Chandigarh Lease Hold of Sites& Building Rules, 1973iii) Allotment/ Transfer of Built upBooths in any Sector on Lease/HirePurchase basis in ChandigarhRules, 1991iv) Capital of Punjab(Development and Regulation)(Services of Notice ) Rules, 1974iv) Chandigarh Allotment of Plotsin Sub-urban Sectors Rules, 1972v) Chandigarh Conversion ofResidential Lease-Hold LandTenure into free-hold Land TenureRules, 1996vi) Chandigarh Milk ColonyAllotment of Sites Rules, 1975vii) Allotment of land toEducational Institutions (Schools),etc. on Lease-hold Basis inChandigarh, Scheme, 1996viii) Allotment of land to thePublisher of the News Papers inSector 25, Chandigarh, on Lease-hold basis, Scheme, 1998ix) Allotment Sites on Lease-holdbasis to Auto Spare Part Dealersand Auto Repair Mechanics inChandigarh Scheme, 1996x) Allotment of SubsidizedIndustrial Houses on Lease andHire Purchase basis in ChandigarhScheme, 1979xi) Allotment/Transfer of built upBooths on lease hold basis inChandigarh Scheme,1993xii) Chandigarh AdvertisementControl Order, 1954xiii) Chandigarh Allotment of Builtup houses/flats on Lease-hold-HirePurchase basis to the freedomfighters Scheme, 1988.xiv) Chandigarh Allotment ofDwelling Units to the Oustees ofChandigarh, Scheme 1996.xv) Chandigarh Allotment of Landto Co-operative House BuildingSocities Scheme, 1991.xvi) Chandigarh Allotment of LowCost Tenements on Lease and HirePurchase Basis Scheme, 1979.Punjab Capital(Development& Regulation)Building Rules,1952ii. ChandigarhApartmentRules, 2001- Instructionsissued fromtime to timeSUVIDHABooklet
  8. 8. xvii) Chandigarh TreesPreservation Order, 1952.2. Land Acquisition Act, 1894 - - - -3. Periphery Control Act, 1952 Punjab NewPeripheryCapital ActLandAcquisitionMannualsAct, 1854Instructionsissued fromtime to timearefollowingthe same.-
  9. 9. ANNEXIRE-6PUBLICATION OF INFORMATION REGARDING ITEMS SPECIFIED IN RULE 4(1)(b)(vi) of theRIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005(Statement of the Categories of documents that are held or under control)Name of the Department/Board/Corporation/Institution/Office: Estate OfficeSr.No.Category of documents1. Ownership files and Plan files of variousProperties.
  10. 10. ANNEXURE-7PUBLICATION OF INFORMATION REGARDING ITEMS SPECIFIED IN RULE 4(1)(b)(vii) OF THERIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005(The particulars of any arrangement that exists for consultation with, or representation by the members ofthe public in relation to the formulation of policy or implementation thereof.)Name of the Department/Board/Corporation/Institution/Office: Estate OfficeSr.No.Details/ Type of arrangements madeNeed Based Committee has been constituted to considerand forward the objections/ recommendations in respect ofalterations in the buildings and due representation to thePublic has been given.
  11. 11. ANNEXURE-8PUBLICATION OF INFORMATION REGARDING ITEMS SPECIFIED IN RULES 4(10(b)(viii) OFTHE RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005(Statement of the boards, councils, committees and other bodies)Name of the Department/Board/Corporation/Institution/Office: Estate OfficeSr. No. Name ofthe Board(s)Name ofCouncil(s)Name ofCommittee(s)Name ofOtherbodies9s)constitutedby thedeptt.Whethermeetingsof thesebodies areopen tothe public(Yes/No)Whethertheminutes ofsuchmeetingsareaccessiblefor public.(Yes/No.)-Nil-
  12. 12. ANNEXURE -9PUBLICATION OF INFORMATION REGARDING ITEMS SPECIFIED IN RULE 4(1)(B)(IX) OF THERIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005(Directory of the Officers and employees)Name of the Department/Board/Corporation/Institution/Office: Estate OfficeSr.No.Name & Designation Designation Signatures1. Sh. Ashwani Kumar, HCS,Asstt.Estate Officer,Assistant Estate officer2. Smt. Hargunjit Kaur, PCS,Land Acquisition OfficerLand AcquisitionOfficer3. Sh. H.R.Nagra, Tehsildar Tehsildar (Revenue)4. Sh. D.S.Balouria, Tehsildar5. Sh. Uma Shankar Sharma A.C.(F&A)6. Sh. S.K.Sharma, A.C.(F&A)7. Sh. A.S. Maini, SDO(B)8. Sh. Vijay Kumar Vij, S.O.9. Sh. Anil Kumar, S.O.10. Sh. Naresh Kumar, S.O.11. Ms. Amandeep Kaur, S.O.12. Sh. Sunil Dutt, L.O.13. Sh. Jaspal Krishan L.O14. Smt. Harjit Singh, Supdt.15. Sh. Sant Ram, Supdt.16. Sh. Mahal Chand, Supdt.17. Smt.Asha Sharma, Supdt..18. Sh. Prem Chand Sharma Supdt.19. Smt. Chand Rani Supdt.20. Smt. Rita Thakur Supdt.21. Sh. V.P, Goel Sr.Asstt.22. Smt. Suman Kataria, Sr. Asstt.23. Smt. Harjit Kaur, Sr. Asstt.24. Smt. Navneet Wasan, Sr. Asstt.25. Smt. Satinder Kaur, Sr. Asstt.26. Sh. Maghi Ram, Sr. Asstt.27. Sh. Jit Singh Sr. Asstt.28. Smt. Kiran Bhalla, Sr. Asstt.29. Sh. Paramjit Kaur, Sr. Asstt.30. Smt. Rita Kapila, Sr. Asstt.31. Sh. Keshav Chander, Sr. Asstt.32. Smt. Raj Kumari, Sr. Asstt.33. Smt. Shashi Kiran, Sr. Asstt.34. Sh. R.C.Joshi, Sr. Asstt.35. Smt. Usha Rani, Sr. Asstt.36. Sh. K.K.Sethi, Sr.Asstt.37. Sh. Ashok Verma, Sr. Asstt.38. Smt. Harvinder Kaur, Sr. Asstt.39. Sh. Parshotam Lal, Sr. Asstt.40. Sh. Passa Ram, Sr. Asstt.41. Sh. Sucha Ram, Sr. Asstt.42. Sh. Ram Lal, Sr. Asstt.43. Smt. Neelam Gupta, Sr. Asstt.
  13. 13. 44. Smt. Jeewan Asha, Sr. Asstt.45. Smt. Manju Vinayak, Sr. Asstt.46. Smt. Indu Sachar, Sr. Asstt.47. Sh. Avtar Chand, Sr. Asstt.48. Smt. Sudesh Kumari, Sr. Asstt.49. Sh. Manmohan Malik, Sr. Asstt.50. Smt. Urmil Mathur, Sr. Asstt.51. Sh. Vijay Bhasin, Sr. Asstt.52. Smt. Sunita Thakur, Sr. Asstt.53. Sh. Kuldeep Singh, Sr. Asstt.54. Smt. Saroj Sharma, Sr. Asstt.55. Sh. Parveen Kumar, Sr. Asstt.56. Smt. Saroj Bala, Sr. Asstt.57. Sh. Varinder Rehal, Sr. Asstt.58. Sh. Rita Talwar, Sr. Asstt.59. Sh. Parveen Bhambri, Sr. Asstt.60. Smt. Anita Luthra, Sr., Asstt.61. Sh. Kuljeet Singh, Sr. Asstt.62. Smt. Harinder Kaur, Sr. Asstt.63. Sh. Hare Ram, . Sr. Asstt64. Smt. Surinderjit Kaur, Sr. Asstt.65. Smt. Kashmir Kaur, Sr. Asstt.66. Smt. Meena Kumari, Sr. Asstt.67. Smt. Manjinder Kaur, Sr. Asstt.68. Sh. Anil Kaushik, Sr. Asstt.69. Sh. Rajiv Gulati, Sr. Asstt.70. Smt. Champa Kumari, Sr. Asstt.71. Sh. Davinder Anand, Sr. Asstt.72. Sh. Parvesh Goel, Sr. Asstt.73. Sh. Surinder Kumar, Sr. Asstt.74. Smt. Namrata Khanna, Jr. Asstt.75. Sh. Jaswant Singh, Clerk76. Sh. Gurdarshan Singh, Clerk77. Sh. Ranbir Singh Gill, Jr. Asstt.78. Sh. Dharam Singh, Jr. Asstt.79. Sh. Ashok Verma, Jr. Asstt.80. Smt. Jasbir Kaur, Jr. Asstt.81. Sh. Sanjay Vatts, Jr. Asstt.82. Sh. Rajinder Sehgal, Jr. Asstt.83. Smt. Rama Khillon, Jr. Asstt.84. Sh. Rajinder Malhotra, Jr. Asstt.85. Sh. Rama Kant, Clerk86. Sh. Parvinder Patti, Jr. Asstt.87. Sh. Vibushan Singh, Jr. Asstt.88. Sh. Sanjay Joshi, Jr.Asstt.89. Sh. Kesar Khan Sohi Jr. Asstt.90. Sh. Gurbachan Singh, Sr. Asstt.91. Smt. Sheela Rani, Jr. Asstt.92. Sh. Sanjeevan Sharma, Jr. Asstt.93. Sh. Parmod Kumar, Jr. Asstt.94. Sh. Madan Pal, Sr. Asstt.95. Sh. Atul Soni, Jr. Asstt96. Smt. Gurdeep Anand, Jr. Asstt.97. Smt. Saroj Khillon, Jr. Asstt.98. Sh. Pardeep Kumar, Jr. Asstt99. Smt. Kiran Bala, Jr. Asstt100. Smt. Kiran Punder, Jr. Asstt101. Sh. Dharmendra, Jr. Asstt102. Sh. Sandeep Sharma, Jr. Asstt
  14. 14. 103. Sh. Yogesh Joshi, Clerk104. Sh. Anil Gargia, Clerk105. Sh. Chappy Rajneesh Krishan, Jr. Asstt.106. Sh. Baldev Singh, Clerk107. Sh. Inder Singh, Clerk108. Sh. Sameer Khan, Clerk109. Sh. Amarjot Singh, Clerk110. Sh. Vineet Sayal, Clerk111. Smt. Sunita Rani, Clerk112. Sh. Jagmohan Singh, Clerk113. Sh. Anil Narad, Clerk114. Sh. Jyoti Kumar, Clerk115. Sh. Parkash Chand, Clerk116. Smt. Rajesh Kumari, Steno-Typist117. Ms. Sangeeta Sahani, Clerk118. Miss Seema Bhandari, Clerk119. Sh.Narinder Verma, Clerk120. Smt. Sakshi Rani, Clerk121. Sh. Suresh Kumar-I, Clerk122. Sh. Baljit Singh, Clerk123. Sh. Arvind Mangal, Clerk124. Sh. Istmeet Singh, Clerk125. Sh. Suresh Kumar-II, Clerk126. Sh. Prabhat Kumar, Clerk127. Sh. Mangal Singh Clerk128. Sh. Shiv Kumar Clerk129. Sh. Sham Sunder Steno-Typist130. Smt. Kamlesh Rani Clerk131. Smt.. Manorma Clerk132. Smt. Shelly Sharma Clerk133. Sh. Vinod Kumar Clerk134. Miss. Poonam Dhiman Clerk135. Sh. B.D.Dogra, SIE136. Sh. Ashok Bish, Inspector (Enf.)137. Sh. Ravinder Sharma, SIE138. Sh. Kapil Dev, SIE139. Sh. Thakur Dass, SIE140. Sh. Ashwani Thapar, SIE141. Sh. Kasturi Lal, SIE142. Sh. Inder Pal Singh, SIE143. Sh. Parveen Mittal, SIE144. Sh. Bhupal Singh, SIE145. Sh. Ram Krishan, SIE146. Sh. Vijay Midha, SIE147. Sh. Mohinder Pal, SIE148. Sh. Ashok Sood, SIE149. Sh. Rakesh Mohan SIE150. Sh. Ramesh Kalyan SIE151. Sh. Bir Singh SIE152. Sh. Anil Kumar SIE153. Sh. Bipin Kumar, JE154. Sh. Amardeep Singh, JE155. Sh. Suresh Kaushal, JE156. Sh. Darshan Singh, JE157. Sh.Mohan Lal JE158. Sh. Mansatinder Pal Singh, JE159. Sh.Joginder Pal Singh JE160. Sh. Anil Nanda JE161. Sh. Dilbagh Singh Draftsman
  15. 15. 162. Sh. Sandeep Sharma Draftsman163. Sh. Kulbir Singh Draftsman164. Smt. Anil Lata Draftsman165. Sh. Davinder Singh Draftsman166. Sh. Pardeep Kumar Drsftsman167. Sh. Suresh Kumar, Kanungo168. Sh. Sunil Kumar, Kanungo169. Sh. Inder pal Singh, Kanungo170. Sh. Makhan Ram, Patwari171. Sh. Balraj, Patwari(On contract bassis)172. Sh.Birbal Singh Patwari(On contract basis)173. Sh. Paramjit Singh, Driver174. Sh. Karnail Singh, Driver175. Sh. Harinder Singh, Driver176. Sh. Surinder Singh, Driver177. Sh. Jagveer Singh, Driver178. Sh. Baljinder Singh, Driver179. Sh.Raghbir Singh Driver180. Sh.Surjit Singh Restorer181. Sh.Ranjit Singh Restorer182. Sh.Hukam Singh Daftri183. Sh.Partap Singh Daftri184. Sh.Magat Ram Daftri185. Sh. Dev Ram, Tehsil Jamadar186. Sh. Avtar Singh, Process Server187. Sh. Mewa Singh, Process Server188. Sh. Harbans Singh, Process Server189. Sh. Ram Partap Process Server190. Sh. David, Process Server191. Sh. Surmukh Singh, Process Server192. Sh. Balwant Singh, Process Server193. Sh. Priya Swami, Peon194. Sh. Chhota Singh, Process Server195. Sh. Darshan Singh, Process Server196. Sh. Om Raj, Process Server197. Sh. Bishnu Pardhan, Process Server198. Sh. Sher Singh, Process Server199. Ms. Mohinder Kaur Process Server200. Sh. Sanjeev Sobti, Peon201. Ms. Usha Rani, Peon202. Mrs. Raj Rani, Peon203. Ms. Krishna Kaur, Peon204. Sh. Bhupinder Singh, Peon205. Sh. Harpal Singh, Peon206. Sh. Tarsem Chand, Process Server207. Sh. Gurmeet Singh, Peon208. Sh. Mool Chander Ram, Peon209. Sh. Ranjit Singh, Peon210. Sh. Avtar Singh, Peon211. Sh. Dharam Pal Singh, Peon212. Sh. Bhupesh Dhall, Peon213. Sh. Vijay Kumar Peon214. Sh. Roop Singh, Peon215. Sh. Kumar Chhetri, Peon216. Sh. Bahadur Singh, Peon217. Sh. Jagjiwan Peon218. Sh. Harmesh Singh, Peon219. Sh. Sita Ram, Peon220. Sh. Surinder Kumar, Peon
  16. 16. 221. Sh. Gurmeet Singh-II, Peon222. Sh. Amarjeet Singh, Peon223. Sh.Vijay Kumar Peon224. Sh. Billa, Sweeper225. Sh.Muni Lal, Sweeper226. Sh.Isham Singh, Mali227. Sh. Raghav Ram, Chowkidar228. Sh. Bihari Lal, Chowkidar229. Sh Partap Chand, Chowkidar
  17. 17. ANNEXURE 10PUBLICATION OF INFORMATION REGARDING ITEMS SPECIFIED INRULE 4(1)(b)(x) OF THE RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005(Monthly remuneration received by the officers and employees {As per salary of Jan, 2008})Name of the Department : Estate Office, U.T., Chandigarh.Sr. Name of the Employee Net paidNo.through Bank ofPunjab1 2 31 Ashwani Kumar 26703AEO2 Hargunjit Kaur 20319LAO3 Uma Shankar Sharma 17663AC(F&A)4 Hans Raj Nagra 15501Tehsildar5 Devinder Singh Balouria 16389Tehsildar6 S.K. Sharma 13059AC(F&A)7 Vijay Kumar Vij 12955S.O.8 Krishan Jaspal 16135L.O.9 Anil Kumar 10109S.O.10 Sunil Dutt 13981L.O.11 Sant Ram 14090Supdt.12 Mehal Chand 11999Supdt.13 Rita Thakur 12793Supdt14 Rita Kapila 18073Sr.Asstt.15 Jit Singh 9873Sr.Asstt.16 Ashok Verma 10722Sr.Asstt.17 Passa Ram 10719Sr.Asstt.18 Sucha Ram 12369Sr.Asstt.19 Harjit Kaur 13628Sr.Asstt.20 Suman Kataria 15741Sr.Asstt.21 V.P. Goel 15426Sr.Asstt.22 Usha Rani 14573Sr.Asstt.23 Raj Kumari 16204Sr.Asstt.
  18. 18. 24 Navneet 20113Sr.Asstt.25 Paramjit Kaur 11131Sr.Asstt.26 Kiran Bhalla 11573Sr.Asstt.27 Shashi Kiran 11518Sr.Asstt.28 Satinder Kaur 8461Sr.Asstt.29 Ram Lal 8815Sr.Asstt.30 Neelam Kumari 9760Sr.Asstt.31 Jeewan Asha 17838Sr.Asstt.32 Manju Vinayak 11937Sr.Asstt.33 Indu Sachar 16022Sr.Asstt.34 Sudesh Kumari 10187Sr.Asstt.35 Manmohan Malik 15693Sr.Asstt.36 Kuljit Singh 17283Sr.Asstt.37 Vijay Bhasin 13004Sr.Asstt.38 Urmila Mathur 13577Sr.Asstt.39 Thakur Dass 11881S.I.E.40 Ravinder Sharma 15039S.I.E.41 Kapil Dev 12759S.I.E.42 Sunita Thakur 12693Sr.Asstt.43 Kuldeep Singh 12652Sr.Asstt.44 Saroj Gautam 12992Sr.Asstt.45 Parveen Kumar 14652Sr.Asstt.46 Ashwani Thapar 10143S.I.E.47 Varinder Rehal 11182Sr.Asstt.48 Parveen Bhambri 12148Jr.Asstt.49 Inderpal Singh 14656S.I.E.50 Surinderjeet Kaur 12762Jr.Asstt.51 Hari Mohan 11899Jr.Asstt.52 Hare Ram 10993Jr.Asstt.53 Ram Krishan 12676S.I.E.54 Manjinder Kaur 11748Sr.Asstt.55 Harinder Kaur 11598Sr.Asstt.
  19. 19. 56 Kashmir Kaur 11115Sr.Asstt.57 Meena Kumari 10539Sr..Asstt.58 Saroj Bala 11252Sr.Asstt.59 Kasturi Lal 11156S.I.E.60 Rajiv Gulati 11934Sr.Asstt.61 Namrata Khanna 11653Jr.Asstt.62 Champa Kumari 14489Sr.Asstt.63 Sanjeevan Sharma 11156Jr. Asstt.64 Vijay Midha 12156S.I.E.65 Parvinder Patti 12682Jr. Asstt.66 Saroj Bala Khillon 9892Jr. Asstt.67 Madan Pal 13690Sr. Asstt.68 Parmod Kumar 11247Jr. Asstt69 Rakesh Mohan 9541SIE70 Kiran Bala 9320Jr. Asstt.71 Inder Pal Singh 11648Kgo72 Rita Rani 13787Sr.Asstt.73 R.C. Joshi 8091Sr.Asstt.74 K.K. Sethi 13596Sr.Asstt.75 Pardeep Kumar 14665Draftsman76 Avtar Chand 10711Sr.Asstt.77 Jyoti Kumar 10276Clerk78 Raghubir Singh 11334Driver79 Harinder Singh 10371Driver80 Suresh Kumar 10968Kgo81 Sunil Sharma 7968Kgo82 Makhan Ram 9209Patwari83 Sanjay Vatts 8691Jr. Asstt.84 Rajinder Sehgal 11247Jr.Asstt.85 Rama Khillon 12032Jr. Asstt.86 Jasbir Kaur 9286Jr. Asstt.87 Vibhushan Singh 11033Jr. Asstt.
  20. 20. 88 Kesar Khan 12033Jr.Asstt.89 Gurbachan Singh 14165Sr.Asstt.90 Sanjay Joshi 12690Jr. Asstt.91 Ramesh Kalyan 11033SIE92 Sheela Rani 12170Jr. Asst.93 Gurdeep Anand 12540Jr. Asstt.94 Pardeep Kumar 10577Jr. Asstt.95 Yogesh Joshi 9665Clerk96 Chappy Rajneesh 10847Jr. Asstt.97 Sandeep Sharma 12097Jr. Asstt.98 Anil Garge 10761Clerk99 Harjit Singh 16073Supdt.100 Vaneet Sayal 9269Clerk101 Amarjot Singh 9204Clerk102 Sunita Rani 8251Clerk103 Sameer Khan 7619Clerk104 Jagmohan Singh 13412Clerk105 Anil Kumar Narad 9469Clerk106 Parkash Chand 9211Clerk107 Rajesh Kumari 8438Steno-Typist108 Sangeeta Sahni 9601Clerk109 Baljinder Singh 6661Driver110 Jagvir Singh 7871Driver111 Bir Singh 10037SIE112 Inder Singh 9138Clerk113 Bipin Kumar 12328J.E.114 Sakshi Rani 8963Clerk115 Seema Bhandari 6613Clerk116 Suresh Kumar 8501Clerk117 Narinder Verma 8613Clerk118 Parshotam Lal 14631Sr.Asstt.119 Baljit Singh 9503Clerk
  21. 21. 120 Arvind Kumar Mangal 7103Clerk121 Istmeet Singh Chopra 9003Clerk122 Suresh Kumar – II 8203Clerk123 Suresh Chander Kaushal 20217J.E.124 Ranjit Singh 8722Restorer125 Parbhat Kumar 7864Clerk126 Darshan Singh 10353J.E.127 Ashok Kumar Sood 12415SIE128 Mohinder Pal 8520S.I.E.129 Karnail Singh 9374Driver130 Joginder Pal Singh 11242J.E.131 Maghi Ram 10778Sr.Asstt.132 Mansatinder Pal Singh 15525J.E.133 Amardeep Singh 20576J.E.134 Mohan Lal 20849J.E.135 Anil Lata 15077D.M.136 Kulbir Singh 11439D.M.137 Devinder Singh 15448D.M.138 Sandeep Sharma 14809D.M.139 Anil Kumar Nanda 21563D.M.140 Shiv Kumar 9142Clerk141 Sham Sunder 9264Steno-Typist142 Kamlesh Rani 8872Clerk143 Shelly Sharma 9142Clerk144 Manorma Sharma 8872Clerk145 Poonam Dhiman 8303Clerk146 Vijay Kumar 7439Peon147 Raj Kumar 6798Peon148 Satish Sharma 6948Peon149 Udham Singh 6973Peon150 Vikas Kumar 6798Peon151 Shashi Nagar 8333Clerk
  22. 22. 152 Gulshan Kumar 8183Clerk153 Naresh Kumar 11582S.O.154 Bihari Lal 7062Clerk155 Amandeep Kaur 9445S.O.156 Harvinder Kaur 16369Sr.Asstt.157 Asha Sharma 18097Supdt.158 Chand Rani 16253Supdt.159 B.D. Dogra 10693S.I.E.160 Parveen Mittal 14206S.I.E.161 Devinder Anand 14412Sr.Asstt.162 Anita Rani 12391Sr.Asstt.163 Ashok Verma 11136Jr.Asstt.164 Dharam Singh 9524Jr. Asstt.165 Anil Kaushik 11930Sr.Asstt.166 Ranbir Singh Gill 10147Jr.Asstt.167 Kiran Punder 11267Jr. Asstt.168 Rama Shankar 14024Sr.Asstt.169 Bhopal Singh 12196SIE170 Atul Soni 11247Jr. Asstt.171 Gurdarshan Singh 6971Clerk172 Rama Kant 6554Clerk173 Parvesh Kumar Goel 11639Sr.Asstt.174 Dharmendra 11647Jr. Asstt.175 Surinder Kumar 11395Sr.Asstt.176 Baldev Singh 9746Clerk177 Avtar Singh 9145P.S.178 Surjit Singh 9387Restorer179 Dev Ram 9417Tehsil Jamadar180 Tarsem Chand 7113P.S.181 Anil Kumar 9462SIE182 Ram Partap 8345P.S.183 Om Raj 9576P.S
  23. 23. 184 Bhupesh Kumar 7733Peon185 Avtar Singh – II 8262Peon186 Mangal Singh 5642Clerk187 Jaswant Singh 4683Clerk188 Bhupinder Singh 8944Peon189 Surinder Singh 6222Driver190 Harmesh Singh 6803Peon191 Sita Ram 6319Peon192 Rakesh Kumar 9496Clerk193 Ashok Bish 11258Inspector (Enf.)194 Prem Chand Sharma 19563Supdt.195 Rajinder Malhotra 12182Jr.Asstt.196 Keshav Chander 21073Sr.Asstt.197 Paramjit Singh 10910Driver198 Sher Singh 8327P.S.199 Surmukh Singh 9888P.S.200 Billa 11327Sweeper201 Mewa Singh 7995P.S202 Hukam Singh 8875Daftri203 Lekh Raj 12394P.S.204 Harbans Singh 8673P.S.205 Chhota Singh 8888P.S.206 Darshan Singh 7524P.S.207 David 9116P.S.208 Priya Swami 7842Peon209 Balwant Singh 7633P.S.210 Partap Singh 7966Daftri211 Vishnu Pardhan 8663P.S.212 Mohinder Kaur 8966P.S.213 Sanjeev Sobti 7416Peon214 Usha Rani 7133Peon215 Krishna Kaur 7283Peon
  24. 24. 216 Mangat Ram 7486Daftri217 Raj Rani 8871Peon218 Harpal Singh 7873Peon219 Kuldeep Singh 9178Peon220 Dharampal Singh 3529Peon221 Ranjit Singh – II 8178Peon222 Gurmeet Singh 9328Peon223 Mool Chander Ram 7828Peon224 Raghav Ram 7062Chowkidar225 Vijay Kumar 6112Peon226 Muni Lal 8712Sweeper227 Roop Singh 7572Peon228 Partap Chand 6270Chowkidar229 Kumar Chhetri 5761Peon230 Bahadur Singh 6803Peon231 Jagjivan 6803Peon232 Surinder Kumar 5811Peon233 Amarjit Singh 7556Peon234 Gurmeet Singh -II 7206PeonGrand Total 2508057
  25. 25. ANNEXURE 11PUBLICATION OF INFORMATION REGARDING ITEMS SPECIFIED INRULE 4(1)(b)(xi) OF THE RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005(Budget allocated to each of its agency, indicating the particulars of plans, proposed expendituresand reports on disbursement made)Name of the Department : Estate Office, U.T., Chandigarh.(Rs. in lacs)Sr. Head/Item of Budget Proposed expenditure Disbursement madeNo. during the year 2007-08 Upto 31-01-20081 2 Plan Non-Plan 52217- Urban Development80 – General001- Direction & Admn.03 Estate Office03 00 01 Salaries 362.70 329.1003 00 06 Medical Treatment 2.00 1.9603 00 11 Domestic Travelling Expenses 0.35 0.2003 00 13 Office Expenses 25.00 55.00 45.9001 Electricity Charges 5.20 3.6002 Water Charges 1.45 1.0803 Telephone Charges 2.00 0.7104 P.O.L. 6.35 4.4205 Others 25.00 4.72 36.0903 00 50 Other Charges800-Other Expenditure01-Cattle Pond Stand & Enf. Cell01 00 01 Salaries 13.84 12.5401 00 06 Medical Treatment 0.50 0.5001 00 13 Office Expenses 4.30 3.9705 Others 4.30 3.9702-Slum Clearance & Reh. Of Slum Dwellers02 00 01 Salaries 74.21 66.3502 00 06 Medical Treatment 4.00 3.0002 00 11 Domestic Travel Expenses 0.10 0.0902 00 13 Office Expenses 25.00 23.7005 Others 25.00 23.70Grand Total 25.00 542.00 486.68
  26. 26. ANNEXURE 12PUBLICATION OF INFORMATION REGARDING ITEMS SPECIFIED IN RULE4(1)(b)(xii) ofTHE RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005(The manner of execution of subsidy programmes, including theamounts allocated and the details of beneficiaries of such programmes)Name of the Department : EstateOffice, U.T., Chandigarh.Sr. Scheme undersubsidy givenManner ofexecution ofAmount Details ofNo. subsidyprogrammeallocated beneficiaries.1 2 4 5 6Nil
  27. 27. ANNEXURE 13PUBLICATION OF INFORMATION REGARDING ITEMS SPECIFIED INRULE 4(1)(b)(xiii) OF THE RIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005(Particulars of recipients of concessions, permits or authorisation granted)Name of the Department : Estate Office, U.T., Chandigarh.Sr. Concessions/Permit/ Name of the recipient Addres of theNo. Authorisation grant RecipientNil
  28. 28. ANNEXURE-14PUBLICATION OF INFORMATION REGARDING ITEMS SPECIFIED IN RULE 4(1)(b)(xiv) OF THERIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005(Details in respect of the information, available, reduced in an electronic form.)Name of the Department/Board/Corporation/Institution/Office: Estate OfficeSr.No.Type of information1. This Office has launched the Websitewww.sampda.in containing all the requisiteinformation about the Urban properties.Further the process of computerization ofproperty record is being followed vigorouslyand approx. 20,000 files have beencomputerized.
  29. 29. ANNEXURE-15PUBLICATION OF INFORMATION REGARDING ITEMS SPECIFIED IN RULE 4(1)(b)(xv) OF THERIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005(Particulars of facilities available to citizens for obtaining information)Name of the Department/Board/Corporation/Institution/Office: Estate OfficeSr.No.Facilities available Remarks(No. of days in aweek/Timings etc.)Provisions has been made at SingleWindow for Senior Citizens.During the Officehours.
  30. 30. ANNEXURE-16PUBLICATION OF INFORMATION REGARDING ITEMS SPECIFIED IN RULE 4(1)(b)(xvi) OF THERIGHT TO INFORMATION ACT, 2005(Names, designations and other particulars of the Public Information Officers)Name of the Department/Board/Corporation/Institution/Office: Estate OfficeSr.NoName of theCentral PublicInformationOfficerDesignation Tele No.(Office/Residence)CPIO’s of followingBranchesAppellateAuthority1. Sh. UmaShanker SharmaAC(F&A)(Admn.)2701239(O)2795566 (R)i) Group - IVii) Group-VIII(Commercial)iii) Accounts Br.(DDO)iv) Cash Branch (DDO)Sh. Ashwani Kumar,Asstt. Estate Officer,UT., ChandigarhPh: 2701900 (O)5046611(O)9855660022(M)2. Sh. S.K. Sharma AC(F&A)(C ) 2701239(O)546646ii) G-VIII -do-3. A.S. Maini SDO(B) 27001975046641Building (Enf. Wing) &Misuse Branch-do-4.. Sh. D.S. Balouria Tehsildar (C)5046629 i)Colony ( A/L Wing) &Rehri LicensingBranch,ii)Enforcement, LandAcquisition andPeriphery Branches.Sh. Ashwani Kumar,Asstt. Estate Officer,UT., ChandigarhPh: 2701900 (O)5046611(O)9855660022(M)Hargunjit Kaur,Land AcquisitionOfficer, EstateOffice, UT.,Chnadigarh.50466345. Vijay Vij S.O. I 5046609 i) G-I & G-II, G-VIIii) G-III(Religious,Cultural &Institutional)iii) SingleWindow/ReceiptSectioniv) Despatch Branchv) Computerizationvi)Office Storevii) Central RecordRoomviii) EstablishmentBranchSh. Ashwani Kumar,Asstt. Estate Officer,UT., ChandigarhPh: 2701900 (O)5046611(O)9855660022(M)6. Ms. AmandeepKaurS.O.-II 5046633 i)Audit Branchii) Motor MarketBranch-do-7. Sh. Anil Kumar S.O. III 5046612 G-V -do-8. Sh. NareshKumarS.O.IV 5046623 Colony (A/C wing) -do-9. Sh. Harjit Singh Supdt. I 5046632 i) Loan RecoveryBranchii) Tehsil Jamadar-do-
  31. 31. Branch10. Sh. Sant RamKashyapSupdt. 5046624 i) CIA-I(CPL-2501onwards)ii) CIA-II(Indl. Branch)iii) CIA-III(CO-1 to2500)iv) Misc. Branch-do-11. Ashok Bisht Inspector 5046653 Misuse Branch -do-12. Mahal Chand Supdt. 5046615 i) CIA-III,ii) Auction Br,iii) Misc. Branchiv) Group-VI-do-