HHF Success Stories


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This gives a brief overview of our past successful events.

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HHF Success Stories

  1. 1. technology consultingHelping Hearts Foundation Spreading joy and happiness ….
  2. 2. Samarpana, Home for MentallyChallenged childrenChennai/Jan 2011The beautiful Sunday started @10:00 AM. We were10 volunteers travelled together to SAMARPANA. Wewere given a hearty welcome by every person overthere. According to the needs given by the „in charge‟Mr. Bhavani Sridhar, we had taken fruits, snacks anda book case along with us.We spent some time with thechildren, dancing, playing, looking around their dailyliving activities, and we served lunch for them.•1 year back when we went to the same organizationwe met Swetha, 4 years old. She was suffering frommultiple disabilities. God‟s grace she is with himnow. Lot of pain in missing you.We miss you Swetha.MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PEACE
  3. 3. A Visit to Grace Home, Home for orphanchildrenRajahmundry / September 2010On oct 4th , Monday Mr. Vijay( Uma – HHF member‟sUncle ) has reached to grace home with the household appliances which we have promised them thatwe will donate. He got a warm welcome from gracehome caretaker Mr.Anand and 27 children residing inthe home. The home‟s environment was so pleasantand clean as for the Vijay‟s views and he has spentmuch of time with children and gave sweets andchocolates which he has taken along with him.We have donated the below items to the home :1. Aqua Guard water purifier2. Crompton greaves table fan
  4. 4. Poor Students Associationkanchipuram / July 2010INTRODUCTIONI am glad to share with you all that we have completed anotheractivity successfully along with the Poor Students Association bydonating below furniture items for their new school building.1. 8 chairs2. 2 computer desks3. One bookcaseDESCRIPTIONOur members Madhu, Srikanth & Divakar are travelled toM.chithamoor village, near madhuranthakam , kanchipuram (100 KMfrom Chennai) on 25th of July. Our members participated along withSrikanth in a blood donation camp organized for the villagers ofM.chithamoor, which they were conducting from years as part of theirpoor students association activities.After the blood donation camp our members have visited the schoolswhich are organized by Srikanth and visited the re-construction ofthe some of the buildings. Finally we handed over the furniture itemsto the school association and returned to Chennai.
  5. 5. A visit to a special orphanage – CHILDKorathur, TN/May 2010It was a long drive from Thiruvanmiyur to Korathur(30 KM); we got a warm welcome form CHILD-Thechildren orphanage team. It is very small housewhich is giving shelter for 17 abandoned children.Highlights: * Aravinthan (HHF active member) had a greattime with children by distributing chocolates. Theywere under control of Aravinthan until he hadchocolates with him. I think I no need to explain whathappened once chocolates are over. * Aaadi Murthy (child with yellow strips pant), veryenergetic and naughty boy.Roaming, singing, jumping, teasing, fighting etc…Arehis usual activities. More than this he is O+++(outstanding student in school). Appreciable. * Tamil Ansari (Child with yellow shirt), he too verynaught boy, He will do everything else except talking.
  6. 6. T Raja – Real Heroes from the South announced by CNN IBN Bangalore/Apr 2010 Little did we realize that we are meeting a magnanimous person who has dedicated his life to people whom we as society are least bothered of. We were told that the organization is providing food and shelter to 300 people. It prides itself of having provided home for 3000+ lives, rescued 1400 people. We handed over the groceries to them and were pleased to meet the founder of this organization.T. Raja – Social WelfareAn errant child, T Raja, found himself living on the streets of Chennai. His parentshad given up on him and he was given to stealing and substance abuse. By thetime he was 15, Raja was behind bars but the two months in jail changed him.Once out he started driving an auto rickshaw to earn a living. As he drove throughthe city, images of poor and homeless kept reminding him of the drudgery andneglect that he had once been a part of. Raja then set up the Home of Hope togive street dwellers a shelter. Over the years more than 3000 people have beenlooked after by Raja at this home.
  7. 7. A day at the Multi purpose Community CentreChengelpattu, Chennai/March 2010On the 13th March we set out to visit a home that serves as ahaven for mentally retarded children. We were taken to ourdestination in a van provided by the center. It is situated in avillage named Vallam, roughly 2kms away from Chengelpattu.The institution is run by Mr.Jeevanandam of MCC.This home houses 21 children who were abandoned due topoverty. However they are not orphans, their parents come tovisit them once in a while. The children are aged between 5 to 16years of age.In spite of their disability, the children were really smart andtalented. After gladly receiving the chocolates that we distributeto them, the little ones enthusiastically recited to us the rhymesthat were being taught to them. We then distributed themats, pillows and blankets which we had bought for them. Beforesettling down for lunch, the students sang a prayer song. Duringlunch the sweets that we had taken for them were given away.
  8. 8. Sri Gayathri Seva HrudhayRepalli, AP/Feb 2010We are back here to share our experiences of a dayat Sri Gayathri seva hrudhay. We reached theashram on 7th of Feb; we got warm welcome by theseva hrudhay care taker Kalyana chakravatry.To oursurprise he is too young to maintain a ashram likethis. He completed his Ph.D in home science, whiledoing the thesis realization has struck him and hestarted serving old people. It is his kindheartednessthat he is helping 40 old aged people through his Beforeashram. Though he is like their son, he ironically is a“mother and father” to those 40 people. We all needto really appreciate him for his effort in doing so.Though we have planned to donate 20,000 forconstruction; we got the donations more than whatwe expected. So we finally have donated 35,000/-(30,000 for construction and 5,000 for cots). During Construction
  9. 9. Sri Arunodayam Charitable TrustKolathur, TN / Dec 2009There is a small charity organization named “SriArunodayam Charitable Trust” in Chennai outskirts(Kolathur) which is serving totally a 150 mentallyretarded children (50 children are below 5 years).We provided them lunch, donated the waterdispenser and required groceries(dettol, soaps, washing powder etc). Few of ourcharity group members, visited the place and servedthem food.Since it is a big task feeding small children, oneperson is dedicated to one child for feeding. Around50 helpers would be coming daily by 12:30PM(Lunch) & again 8:00PM (Dinner) time. All these“Helpers” are normal family people (like homemakers/old women) who won‟t be getting a singlerupee for doing all this, but even then do it for theirsatisfaction. Every day two hours of their life they haddedicated to charity.
  10. 10. An Event @ Samarpana Orphange Outskirts of Chennai/May 2009The first impression one gets of the place is that its very well maintained. Weget invited to the office by the lady who runs the place along with her husband.We talk about how this place was started and the kind of work that goes on inthe place.We were led to the children in the school. Two minutes were enough to getones‟ eyes moistened. * A little girl Shweta(8 yrs old), but looks like a 3 year old having heartcomplications and a major damage of the brain leaving her with weak muscleco-ordination. She sits in a baby chair all day and has to be looked afterperiodically. * We later met a girl (9 years old), very possessive of the lady who runs theplace and yells when she talks to someone. The lady is proud of herachievement for this is a girl who could barely stand till 5 and had absolutelyno emotional side and with years of therapy, she walks now and her yelling isa clear indicator of her emotional growth.More stories follow, each giving out a dual feeling of sadness at the state ofthe children and admiration for the work done by the people. We then servedfood for the children and spent some time with them post-lunch.
  11. 11. Helping Prerana with Basic NecessitiesBangalore/April 2009Earlier this month we paid a visit to Prerana Resource Centre, anorganization serving as a home for 120 women (blind / physicallydisabled etc…), situated approx ~25 kms from the center ofBangalore city.We were greeted with their amazing singing talent. They all sung inunison… with one voice in praise of the god. Latter we had a sneakpeek inside the hostel and learnt about the facilities and servicesrendered by the Prerana management.At around 1 PM we served lunch for them and we also had a taste ofthe pretty decent lunch. Though they are physically challenged, theirtalent was visible through the handicrafts (toys, paperbags, showcase items etc.,) that were at display at the Preranaoffice. That was amazing!We have provided them with few items they are in need of (basicnecessities like soaps, toothpaste, few bags of foodgrain, rice/oil, Mixie Grinder etc…).
  12. 12. Event at LEBENSHILFEVisakhapatnam / March 2009On March 29th we have visited a school for MentallyRetarded and Handicapped in Visakhapatnam. Wedistributed some furniture in need to the school andalso arranged a few events/games with all of them tocheer them up.Lebenshilfe, the then West Germany gave initialsupport to start Lebenshilfe, Visakhapatnam in Indiain 1980.In German „Leben‟ means Life and „Hilfe‟ meansHelp. Lebenshilfe thus means Life Help.This 28 year old service-oriented institution is situatedin a building generously allocated by the MunicipalCorporation, Visakhapatnam at M.V.P. Colony locatedon the sea shore and opposite to Lumbini Park.
  13. 13. Basic Electrification of a school inVendikoleVendikole, AP / Feb 2009 In Jan 2009, we have chosen a school in the village Vendikole (near Hyderabad) which doesn‟t even have basic resources like (power connection, fans, lights etc…). So we plan to spend a few days and setup proper fans, lights etc… for the school (may not be more than a few rooms). This activity has been coordinated by Srinivas from Hyderabad.
  14. 14. Helping Hearts Foundation‟s SuccessfulFund-Raising Stories continue ….. These were only a sub-set of the events that we covered since HHF inception. We thank all of HHF members and supports for encouraging us and lending a helping hand to us in making all our events a great success. THANKS FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT Check out our blog with details of all our activities and the photo galleries: Homepage Web Albums
  15. 15. Helping Hearts - FundraisingEvery drop counts …… Name: ICICI bank Account name: HELPING HEARTS FOUNDATION A/C number: 055201001545 IFSC Code: ICIC0000552