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Edexcel GCSE RS Unit J
J5: A Place of Christian Worship
This is one of the choices for Section 5. The other is Christian Vocation.

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  • @vik94 No problem! Hope the exam went well for you all today! Look forward to hearing about all the top grades achieved!!
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  • Thanks for your comments - I sort of hope you're not one of my students though!! :-) Seriously, I'm glad this has reminded you of all the things you must have learned throughout the year! Good luck for tomorrow! Hope it all goes well. I'll be thinking of you all tomorrow morning!
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  • J5 Revision Slides

    1. 1. J5: A Place of Christian Worship Revision Notes for Edexcel Religious Studies
    2. 2. Notes • When answering “Explain” questions, always remember to include your BCG: • B - What does the Bible say? • C - The Catechism or the Creeds • G - The example of God the Son (Jesus)
    3. 3. 5.1 Features of a Catholic church: architectural and interior • Often built in the shape of a cross, facing East (sunrise, new life) • Altar - sacrifice of Jesus • Tabernacle - holds Blessed Sacrament • Font - baptism • Lectern - Reading from the Bible • Also: pulpit, statues, Stations of the Cross, Virgin Mary, candles ...
    4. 4. 5.2 The role of the priest in the parish 1. Administer the Sacraments 2. Represent Christ at the Mass: consecrate the bread and wine 3. Prepare those about to receive the Sacraments 4. Conduct baptisms, marriages and funerals 5. Lead the Parish Council 6. Governor of local Catholic schools
    5. 5. 5.3 The role of the church in the parish 1. Provide Mass and Sacraments for Catholics in the area 2. Provide weddings, baptisms and funerals 3. Provide children’s liturgies so children can learn about Christianity; confirmation classes etc 4. Social facilities eg youth clubs, lunch clubs for elderly 5. Provide help for those in trouble 6. Be involved in moral and social issues (eg CAFOD, SVP)
    6. 6. 5.4 The reasons for differences in places of Christian worship Catholic Protestant Communion table - communion is not a Altar - sacrifice of Jesus sacrifice, but a reminder of Jesus’ Last Supper. Statues of saints and Virgin Mary - No statues, plainness - belief that statues belief that saints can take prayers to are forbidden by Ten Commandments, and God, and Mary is the model of reminder of invisible nature of God. Also do not believe in praying to saints. Christian life Focus of church - altar, tabernacle Focus of church - pulpit with open and crucifix - reminders of the Bible - - reminder of the Bible and its sacrifice of Jesus - Eucharist is the teachings - the sermon is the most most important part of worship important part of worship Crucifix - suffering and death of Cross - the resurrection of Jesus and Jesus, a sacrifice for our sins hope of eternal life
    7. 7. 5.5 The reasons for different forms of Christian worship • Liturgical: Set order of service. Mass and sacraments are at centre of worship. Only a priest can celebrate the sacraments, so should lead the worship. Sacrament has to follow a set order to be effective. (Catholic, Orthodox) • Non-Liturgical: No set order or written prayers. Bible readings and long sermon. Bible is source of faith and centre of worship. Priesthood of all believers so anyone can lead worship. More freedom. (Nonconformist Protestant Churches, eg Methodist) • Charismatic: More spontaneous, led by the Spirit. Hymns, gospel music, speaking in tongues, long sermon. Belief that worship should be spontaneous, and opening yourself to the Holy Spirit allows your worship to reach God. (Pentecostal)
    8. 8. Exam Questions (a) 4 marks - make 4 points
    9. 9. • Outline the role and function of the church in the local community, or of the cathedral in the diocese. • Describe the architectural and other main features found in a Catholic church or cathedral. • Outline the role and function of a parish church. • Describe the main differences in worship amongst Christians. • Outline the role of a Catholic church or cathedral. • Describe the main features of a Catholic church or cathedral.
    10. 10. Exam Questions (b) 8 marks - make 4 points (PEE)
    11. 11. • Choose a Catholic church or cathedral and explain why it has certain architectural and other features. • Explain how the main features of a Catholic church, or cathedral, show Catholic beliefs. • Explain why there are differences in Christian places of worship. • Explain how the architectural and other main features of a Catholic church show Catholic beliefs.
    12. 12. Exam Questions (c) 8 marks - 2 reasons for, 2 reasons against
    13. 13. • “All Christians should worship in the same way.” • “The parish priest is the most important person in a Catholic’s life.” • “The priest has no role to play in the local community today.”