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J2 Revision Slides


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This is an overview of the second topic in the Edexcel Unit J Exam (which is on 18 May 2009), Catholic Christianity. It looks at four points you could make about each of the topics.

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  • Natachapr, I presume you are referring to the Communion of the Saints? Catholics believe that as the Saints are in heaven, they can intercede for the saints on earth, and vice versa. Catholics can then ask saints alive in heaven to pray for them, in the same way as they might ask a Christian on earth (eg a grandmother, uncle, friend) to pray for them. Catholics believe that as the Saints are in heaven, they are even closer to God and able to pray. Also, Catholics believe that the lives of the saints provide inspiration and a good example for all Christians to follow. Many saints have faced persecution, or have made mistakes but still managed to live good lives, so their lives can be an inspiration.

    It's pretty late now and I'm a bit tired - hope that makes sense! Others might be able to add more ideas!
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  • Can you help me.
    What is the importance of saints for catholics?
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  • - I have now added the J3 revision slideshow. Hope that helps!
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  • I haven't managed those ones. Will try ... it takes longer than it might seem I'm afraid! But I'll try to get another one done today ... check back tomorrow (or later this evening), but no promises!

    Good luck for your exam - and you could also visit where I have links to other revision materials! Hope it goes well!
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  • this is great my exam is in 2 days and I was worried I was not going to pass but this has given me a lot more confidence do you have a j3 4 and 5 please get bac to me asap
    magz x
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J2 Revision Slides

  1. 1. J2: Community and Tradition Revision Notes for Edexcel Religious Studies
  2. 2. Notes • When answering “Explain” questions, always remember to include your BCG: • B - What does the Bible say? • C - The Catechism or the Creeds • G - The example of God the Son (Jesus)
  3. 3. 2.1 Church: Means to Faith and Salvation • Salvation: • Faith: 1. Apostolic Succession 1. Baptism - possibility of being saved 2. Proclaiming the Gospel 2. Confirmation - full member of church 3. Pope and bishops interpret Bible and Tradition for today 3. Reconciliation - absolution for sins 4. Teaches faith in homilies, children’s liturgies etc 4. Mass - receive body and blood of Jesus 5. Sacraments
  4. 4. 2.2 Church is ONE 1. God is a unity, so his church must be one 2. One Lord, Jesus Christ 3. One baptism for the forgiveness of sins 4. One Holy Spirit to inspire 5. One faith: Apostles’ Creed
  5. 5. 2.2 Church is HOLY 1. God made the Church, so it must be holy 2. Christ gave his life to make Church holy 3. Church is devoted to God 4. Church is guided by the Holy Spirit 5. Sacraments bring God’s grace to humanity
  6. 6. 2.2 Church is CATHOLIC 1. Christianity is for the whole world 2. There are Christians all over the world 3. Christian message can be understood by anyone 4. Cardinals from every continent
  7. 7. 2.2 Church is APOSTOLIC 1. Founded by the Apostles 2. Teaches what the Apostles taught 3. Bishops are the successors of the Apostles 4. Authority of St Peter passed down to the current Pope (Apostolic Succession)
  8. 8. 2.3 Church is the Body of Christ 1. New Testament (1 Corinthians 12) 2. Baptised into the Body of Christ 3. Share Body of Christ in communion 4. Christians continue the work of Jesus on earth 5. Christians perform different tasks but are a unity
  9. 9. 2.4 Church is Communion of Saints 1. Teaching of the Creeds and Catechism 2. Prayers offered through official saints in heaven 3. No division between Christians living on earth and living in heaven
  10. 10. 2.5 Christian Ministry (The role of bishops) 1. Responsible (with Pope) for establishing the Magisterium 2. Only ones to administer Sacrament of Holy Orders 3. Make sure diocese is following the faith of the Church
  11. 11. 2.5 Christian Ministry (The role of priests) 1. Celebrate the Mass 2. Administer the other sacraments 3. Funerals; comfort the bereaved 4. Help Catholics with any problems 5. Material needs of the church building
  12. 12. 2.5 Christian Ministry (The role of deacons) 1. Appointed by the bishop 2. Can administer sacraments of baptism and marriage 3. Can officiate at funerals 4. Proclaim the gospel reading and preach at Mass 5. Visit the sick and help the needy
  13. 13. 2.6 The role of the Laity • Role: • Important because: 1. attend Mass weekly 1. Help others learn about Chrisian faith 2. provide for upkeep of church and priest 2. participate in worship and 3. take the sacraments receive sacraments 4. lead good Christian 3. Body of Christ lives 4. Organisation
  14. 14. 2.7 The celibacy of the clergy • For: • Against: 1. St Paul 1. St Peter 2. Example of Jesus 2. Can be devoted to God and families 3. Devoted to God 3. Understanding 4. Free for Church married people’s duties problems 5. Sacrifice their lives 4. Early priests
  15. 15. 2.8 The ordination of women • Catholic: Men and women are equal, but only men can be priests (priest represents Jesus, a man) • Traditional Protestant: Women should not speak in church (St Paul in 1 Timothy) so only men should be priests or ministers • Modern Protestant: Men and women are equal, so both men and women can be priests (Genesis, Galatians, Mary)
  16. 16. 2.9 The Bible • Records what Jesus said and did • Contains God’s laws • Contains teachings of Jesus on how to live the Christian life • Inspired by the Holy Spirit, therefore reveals God
  17. 17. 2.10 The Apostolic Tradition • Message of the Church is the message that Jesus gave his apostles • Unbroken link between Church and Jesus • Explains why the Church has authority to interpret the Bible for today • Explains the authority of the Pope
  18. 18. 2.11 The Magisterium • It can address issues that did not exist in the time of the Apostles • Following the teachings of the Magisterium can lead to salvation • Clear guidelines for Catholics on what to believe and how to behave • Ensures that the teaching of the Church is updated but not changed to something unacceptable
  19. 19. 2.12 The Papacy • Responsible for the Magisterium and therefore the teachings of the Church • Head of the Church; appoints cardinals and bishops • Successor of St Peter • Gives guidance to Catholics
  20. 20. 2.13 The Virgin Mary • Mary obeyed God’s plans for her • Put God first and herself second • A model of a pure life • Showed love for Jesus and even shared his suffering on the cross
  21. 21. Key Words Learn all these words (2 marks each)
  22. 22. J1: Key Words • Apostolic • Celibacy • Catholic • Ordination • Holy • Bible • Body of Christ • Apostolic Succession • Communion of Saints • Dogmas • Bishops • Magisterium • Deacons • Papacy • Priests • Faith • Laity
  23. 23. Exam Questions (b) 6 marks - make 3 points
  24. 24. • Outline the role of the Pope. • Outline the role of a priest. • Outline the role of a bishop. • Outline different Christian attitudes to the ordination of women. • Outline Catholic beliefs about the Magisterium. • Outline the role of Mary for Catholics.
  25. 25. Exam Questions (c) 8 marks - make 4 points (PEE)
  26. 26. • Explain why Christians believe that the Church is the means to faith. • Explain why Christians believe that the Church is the means to salvation. • Explain why Christians call the Church one and holy. • Explain why Christians describe the Church as the Body of Christ. • Explain what Christians mean by the Communion of Saints. • Explain why there are different attitudes to the ordination of women in Christianity. • Explain why the Bible is important for Catholics. • Explain why Mary is a role model for Christians. • Explain why it is important for Catholics to show devotion to Mary.
  27. 27. Exam Questions (d) 4 marks - 2 reasons for, 2 reasons against
  28. 28. • “The laity are just as important as priests for the Catholic Church.” • “Priests should be allowed to marry.” • “Everybody should do what the Pope says.” • “Only those who belong to the Church have the possibility of being saved.”