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Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies J2 Revision


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Three slides to support revision of the clergy, Magisterium, Apostolic Succession, the Papacy.

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Edexcel GCSE Religious Studies J2 Revision

  1. 1. Revision J2: Community and Tradition
  2. 2. The Clergy Bishop Priest Deacon They assist the b_____, Role They are in charge of a They are in charge of a and can carry out p_______. They celebrate (What d______. They b______, w______ and the s_________, in o_______ priests. they do) particular the M____. f_________. In areas where there are They are part of the They administer the Why they not enough p_____, M_________ with the S______. Without them, are deacons can help the Catholics could not receive P____. They make sure the the E_____ or receive the d_______ is following the congregation by providing important Sacrament of R________. faith of the C___. some of the s______. The bishops ... hand Deacons are ministers The priests help the Catechism on the gift of the o_______ for tasks of b_____ to teach the faith and celebrate divine service of the Church. teaching H___ S____. (CCC w_____. (CCC 939) (CCC 1596) 1576)
  3. 3. “Priests should not marry.” Celibacy is Priests can Early Christian the tradition be devoted to priests were God and their handed down married. from St Paul. families. Jesus Priests remained single - St Peter was sacrifice their priests should follow married. lives to God just his example. like Jesus did.
  4. 4. The Apostolic Tradition, the Magisterium or the Papacy? The message of Issues that did He is the Head of the Church is the not exist in the He is the the Church who same message time of the successor of St appoints cardinals that Jesus gave to Apostles can be Peter. and bishops. the Church. addressed. This ensures that the This explains why It provides clear This means there teaching of the the Church has the teaching to is an unbroken Church is updated authority to but does not change Catholics on how link between Jesus interpret the Bible to something to live their lives. and the Church. for Catholics. unacceptable.