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Facebook Workshop Powerpoint


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Facebook Workshop Powerpoint

  2. 2. Demographics• Facebook currently has 750 MILLION active users• Second-most actively used website, behind Google, for unique visits• 26-64-year olds make up more than ½ of the U.S. Facebook user base• 200 MILLION Facebook users post, read and share via their mobile phone• 7 BILLION pieces of information are shared weekly• 71% of businesses now use Facebook as a primary marketing tool• There are 95 MILLION ‘Tweets’ a day• 49% of businesses now use Twitter as a primary marketing tool• 94 of 100 major advertising agencies run retail campaigns on YouTube• 1 in 4 people watch video online every single day Sources: Huffington Post, YouTube,
  3. 3. This Is Your Network. puts it on steroids
  4. 4. CMS stands for Content Management System
  5. 5. Profiles versus Pages Profiles are for people; Pages are for businesses.• You have control over your Page, regardless of who is managing it for you. More than one person can be an “administrator” for your page.• Pages are public – Profiles are private• You can designate your Page category (local businesses, brands, musicians). This helps you maximize your ability to ‘get found’.• Anyone can become a fan of your Page without needing approval. (A Profile required mutual acceptance.)
  6. 6. CHECKLIST TO GET YOU STARTEDSocial Media: I have a Facebook icon on my website I have a Facebook business page I have a Facebook logo by my cash register and/or in my storefront window/door I post on my Facebook business page at least 3 times/week AT MINIMUM I have a PLAN for what Im going to post If Im not going to post, Ive hired someone to do it for me, or a staff member will Do I know how to post to Facebook from my phone I have a Twitter account My Twitter account is tied to my Facebook business pagePhotos: I have had exterior and interior professional photos taken of my business I know how to take pictures in my store and then upload them to FacebookVideo: I know how to shoot video on my smart phone, video recorder or digital camera I have a YouTube channel I know how to upload video to my YouTube channelEvents: I regularly host events I regularly send invitations (via social media/e-news, etc.) I promote my events on my Facebook page I regularly update the Chamber to expand my event exposure
  8. 8. TIPS FOR SUCCESS• Set your strategy • Find your voice • Grow your audience• Know your audience • Create a conversation • Cross promote• Know your goals • Offer a rich experience • “Like” other pages • Share exclusive content • Share content• Combine your assets (your website) Top 5 Tips • Be authentic. Find your voice. • Offer exclusive content and ‘sneak peeks’ • Post from your phone • Engage and cultivate.
  9. 9. THANKS FOR COMING! Julie Burgmeier Janet Gifford Skagit Marketing 360-840-3208 360-391-5111