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A software system called AcadMAX Virtual is meant to bridge distance in Distance Education. It is a complete suite of modules including Virtual Classroom, Material upload, Forum, chat, Study material, case studies uploading, online exam, administrative work, enquiry management, online feee payment etc. One of pioneering systems as far as its completeness is concerned.

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Online Education - Distance Education through Virtual Learning Environment - ACADmax Virtual

  1. 1. AcadMax-Virtual System to bridge distance in Distance Education! Developed by Prodigy Software Group (previously Process-Max Solutions - all rights reserved) Purpose This document explains the essential working of system – AcadMax-Virtual, a software product meant for online or distance education. Overview AcadMax-Virtual allows long distance students to take courses and conduct studies through a purely Online (E-Learning) mode. The studies imparted are typically aimed at the adult (mature) learner who is seeking additional certifications as part of a continuing studies culture pertinent to modern times. Nevertheless, AcadMax Virtual's easy to use interface allows even novice to study online for any course. In such studies little or no face-to-face interaction is expected between the Academy and the Student. AcadMax Virtual software solution shall provide all relevant tools and essentials for admission formalities and studies to be conducted remotely. The student only needs standard internet connection and a web browser. Application and Admission Procedure Students initially visit the Academy’s website, review details, course options, fees and time-lines. A student can then apply by filling out an electronic application form in which he/she is obligated to submit scanned images of his academic transcripts as well as two Identification proofs and a 100x100 pixel size photograph. In addition to having the minimum academic pre-requisites, the applicant may also need to attempt an online objective entrance test of 50 objective questions. The Admissions Director will receive the application on his private dashboard as soon as the application has been submitted by the student. The Admissions Director will evaluate the application and determine eligibility. He will then pronounce his decision to the student through an integrated (merged) electronic mail, simply by pressing one of three buttons available to him – “Eligible” or “Need Clarification” or “Not Eligible”. The second of three options will provide the Admissions Director with a subjective textbox to explain the specific issues or items he is looking for. If the student is deemed eligible, the email he receives will ask him to confirm his admission by making payment for the course through CCAvenue (or any standard payment gateway) or by physically sending a Bank Draft to the Academy or depositing fees in institute account. Once payment is received and concurred through bank statements, the Admissions Director will again send a
  2. 2. confirmation of admission to the student through an integrated email. Original Invoice of payment will be sent by post or courier though a separate accounting process. Student Community Within 48 hours after a student’s admission has been confirmed, he will be provided with a username and password to access the AcadMax Virtual online study community. Admissions can open for a limited period in year or through-out the year. In case he fails to enroll by given date, a late fee applicable is applied. The student community allows students to imbibe academic lessons by 4 major ways : 1. Review Online Manuals 2. Review Online Additional Material (Case Studies, E-Books, Speeches, Videos etc) 3. Discussion Boards (with Instructors & Fellow Students) 4. Virtual Classrooms – TEXT + AUDIO (LIVE & DEFERRED) + VIDEO (LIVE & DEFERRED) In addition to these methods of study, the student can also do the following auxiliary activities : 1. View Important Notices 2. Review Syllabus, Key Dates and Course Structure 3. Update his/her profile 4. View contact information of Instructors (for use) At the ebb of the academic study session, the student can take exam, for which he can view results after a few days. Students can appear for retest after pre-decided time period, for which he will need to pay the re-test fees.
  3. 3. Instructor Community
  4. 4. Virtual Class room – Instructor Page TO WATCH THIS Audio Queue Tuning … please wait Nisha Akash 2 min to begin live class Jacob 2 min to begin live class Push to TALK Allow to TALK
  5. 5. Virtual Class room – Student Page TO WATCH THIS Tuning … please wait 2 min to begin live class 2 min to begin live class Push to TALK
  6. 6. Requirements at Institute / Class Level: Bandwidth – Leased Line recommended for Live Video Transmission Online Webspace High-end Camera in Classroom with Microphone for instructor Requirements at User / Student Level: Internet connection and access to website Authentication and access to class / course Average quality Headphone with microphone For more details on AcadMax Virtual, please contact - Prodigy Software Group (Previously Process-Max Solutions Pvt Ltd) Devdar II Floor, 83 Bhusari Colony, Paud Road, Pune – 411 038 INDIA t- 91 20 4121 2386, 9850 056462 (Shravan)