E-Readers, E-Books, and Libraries: What we're up against ...


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Slides I use to give an overview of the digital publishing revolution and what it means to libraries.

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E-Readers, E-Books, and Libraries: What we're up against ...

  1. 1. e-readerpaloozawhat we’re up again$tScott Kehoe, Technology AdvisorMassachusetts Library System (MLS)Marlborough, MA866-627-7228 x308scott@masslibsystem.org1
  2. 2. Fact$ & Figure$The Publi$hing Indu$try2011 figures:• Overall book industry sales = $27.2 BILLION• 2.8 billion books of all types sold• Consumer spent over $2 BILLION on e-books• e-books sold = $388 million (tripled from 2010)2012 figures:• e-books are at least 22% of total book marketshare• e-books sales grew 44% first 11 months of 2012• Amazon is biggest player, 27% of the ebook market• Self-published books 25% of Amazons top sellers2
  3. 3. Facts & FiguresAmericans & their e-readers*0 10 20 30 40*Data from:Pew Research Center Internet & American Life ProjectAmericans 16+ who read e-books:16% - 201123% - 2012Owners of either a tablet or e-reader:6% - 201018% - 201133% - 2012Library e-book lending:3% - 20115% - 2012Patron awareness of e-book lending by libraries :24% - 201131% - 20123
  4. 4. Publishing is Big Media• CBS Corp > Simon & Schuster > Atheneum, The Free Press, ScribnerCBS TV, CBS Radio, CBS Films, CBS SportsLine, Showtime, CNET• News Corp > HarperCollins20th Century Fox, Fox Broadcasting (TV), Wall Street Journal• Bertelsmann (Germany) > Random House USA > Ballantine, Bantam,Del Ray, Dell, Modern Library, Crown {Ten Speed Press}, Knopf {Doubleday,Everyman’s Library, Pantheon}• Pearson (U.K.) > Penguin Group > Dorling Kindersley, Viking• Holtzbrinck (Germany) > Macmillan > Farrar, Straus & Giroux, HenryHolt, St. Martin’s• Lagardère (France) > Hachette Group USA> Little, Brown & Company• Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (Boston & Dublin, Ireland)• Scholastic > Arthur A. Levine, Grolier, Klutz4
  5. 5. THE BIG• HarperCollins• Little, Brown (Hachette)• Macmillan (Holtzbrinck)• Penguin• Random House• Simon & Schuster6• HarperCollins• Little, Brown (Hachette)• Macmillan (Holtzbrinck)• Penguin Random House• Simon & Schuster55
  6. 6. DRM is software built into the individual e-book titlesDRM is software built into the e-readers like the Kindle, nook, and iPadDRM knows where it is allowed to play & where it isn’t!e-book formats used by Amazon.com, iTunes, Audible.com, andOverDrive use built-in DRM components.DRM is the norm for commercial legally purchased and licensed digitalaudiobooks, ebooks, Movies & TV shows.But NOT music. Apple iTunes & commercial digital music vendors nolonger use DRM. Current music CDs do not have DRM.DRMDigital Rights Management6
  7. 7. • "We value libraries for their work encouraging literacy and ... reading, butwe havent found a business model were comfortable with."• Simon & Schuster spokesperson,Wall Street Journal, April 2011• “... publishers are completely befuddled about libraries and the new worldof e-books ... publishers think librarians are sluts because they give itaway or they think we’re pirates.”• Moderator Barbara Genco, Library Journal, Digital BookWorld Conference, New Models forLibrary Sales Panel, Jan. 2012 - Publisher’sWeekly• “In publishers’ eyes librarians are “sitting close to Satan ...””• Phil Bradley, president Chartered Institute of Library & Information Professionals (U.K.), 2013The Dark Side"We have a very serious issue with librarians."-Pat Schroder, President 1997-2008, Association of American Publishers7
  8. 8. Tip of thee-book iceberg ...• HarperCollins - 26 circs• Penguin - newest titles notavailable or embargoed• Simon & Schuster andMacmillan - NO SALE• Random House & Little,Brown - crazy highpricing• U.S. Dept. of Justice v.Apple & Macmillan• $$$ back offer!ebooksagsettlements.com8
  9. 9. THE FUTURE is NOW:Self-publishing & App-BooksAmazon Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP)e-book sells at 99¢ to $3, author keeps up to 70%Amanda Hocking: 2010 = 64,000 / Jan. 2011 =450,000J.K. Rowling & Pottermoreno DRM / Sold 7 million copies first week (April 2012)App Books or “Enhanced” BooksDigital text incorporating audio & video & musicNOT sold thru e-book vendors, sold as an app thruiTunes, Android Marketplace, etc.Al Gore’s Our Choice - ourchoicethebook.com9
  10. 10. Unicorns & Rainbowse-book revolution in its infancy, this is just the beginningpeople are reading e-books (OverDrive wait lists)free access to e-books (American consumers like free stuff)positive public perception of libraries, a community centera center for community tech support (whether you like it or not)new ways to discover authors & books - hyper-local contentnational digital/e-book repositories & indexesOpenLibrary.org / Internet Archive (archive.org)Digital Public Library of America (dp.la)10
  11. 11. Scott’s Pinterest on things e-books & librarieshttp://pinterest.com/bibliotechy/e-readers-e-books-and-libraries/Workshop handouts, slides, links:http://www.masslibsystem.org/continuing-education/mls-ce-handouts/New York Times Technologyhttp://www.nytimes.com/pages/technology- David Pogue’s weekly columns & reviewsWall Street Journal All Things Digitalhttp://allthingsd.com/- Walt Mossberg’s weekly Personal Technology columnNPR Technology & Popular Culture podcasts (weekly)www.npr.org/rss/podcastPew Internet & American Life Projectsuccinct reports on all aspects internet use by Americanswww.pewinternet.orgWhere to get more info!11