Digital Media ... and Lbraries


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Latest update to my workshop on how folks get the downloads they need(!?) on the web and/or at the library. (Dec. 2008)

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Digital Media ... and Lbraries

  1. 1. The Digital Media Landscape Scott Kehoe, Technology Consultant Northeast Mass. Regional Library System (NMRLS) / 978-762-4433 x16 IM: AIM-bibliotechy / MSN-bibliotekky /Yahoo!-biblioteky links for this workshop @ 1
  2. 2. Been to the record store lately? 2
  3. 3. Who sells the most music in the U.S.? Apple Inc. ~ iTunes ~ online! 3
  4. 4. How some people get their digital downloads ... • Bit-torrent software NOT illegal • downloading from Pirate Bay and many other bit- torrent media sites IS illegal under current U.S. Copyright law. 4
  5. 5. It’s All About the WiFi 5
  6. 6. Future (and current) Library Users 2007 NPD Gro u p stud y - In sights , June U.S. kids begin using ... • computers by 5 1/2 • video game consoles by 6 • digital cameras by 8 6
  7. 7. State of Technology in Public Libraries ALA Research Series, Sept. 2007 ❖ Technology has brought more library use ❖ Library infrastructure is being pushed to capacity ❖ There is growing need for technology planning ❖ 73% of libraries are only source of free public access to computers and internet ❖ 86% of libraries offer magazine/newspaper databases ❖ 58% of libraries offer digital/virtual reference ❖ 38% of libraries offer audio content (audiobooks, podcasts) ❖ 38% of libraries offer e-books 7
  8. 8. UNDERGRADS & INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY EDUCAUSE Center for Applied Research, Sept., 2007 - Study of Undergraduate Students and Information Technology 98% own a computer 74% own a laptop (%53 in 2005) 92% have access to high-speed internet 24% use wireless as primary internet connection 10% own smartphones 80% use social network sites, up 8% from 2006 (MySpace, Facebook) students expect email, internet access, wireless to be available everywhere, all the time 8
  9. 9. iPods • Apple has sold over 150 MILLION in 7 years ... since 2001 • Chrysler has sold 12 million mini-vans in 25 years ... since 1982 • Apple sells at least 10 million every three months (Ars Technica, 4/23/08) • iPods hold nearly 80% of U.S. market-share (Digital Music News June 23, 2006, NPD Group) • iPod-ready cars & airlines • Apple iTunes #1 music retailer in U.S. (Ars Technica 4/2/08) • iTunes has sold over 5 Billion songs online since 2001 (Ars Technica, 6/08) 9
  10. 10. Who’s got Game? The Gaming Industry Story Reports: may 2006; July 2008 - Entertainment Software Assoc. (ESA) - • Combined computer/video games sales in 2007 = $9.5 billion • 65% of U.S. households play computer/video games • Average age of gamers = 35 (26% over 50 / 49% 18-49) • Average age of frequent game buyer = 40 • Gamer gender: 60% male / 40% female • 59% gamers play others in person • 36% gamers play on wireless devices (smart/cell phones, iPods) • 35% of parents play computer/video games • 73% of parent-gamers are regular voters • 93% of gamers read books or newspapers on a daily basis 10
  11. 11. Who’s got Game? Pew Internet & American Life Surveys Data Memo, December 2008 • 53% of all American adults play video games • 81% of 18-29 year olds play video games • 21% adult gamers play everyday • 36% of age 65+ gamers play everyday • 76% teens play online games • 66% of parents with children under 18 play games • 2% of gamers overall / 11% teens visit virtual worlds (e.g. Second Life) • 9% of gamers overall / 21% teens play MMOGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Games: World of Warcraft, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars) • Gamer Profile: 55% male 56% urbanites 57% college educated 62% annual income $50,000+ no significant ethnic differences among game players 11
  12. 12. Publishing = Big Media Who owns who? Bertelsmann (Germany) > Random House, Knopf, Ballantine, Bantam, Dell, Doubleday CBS Corp > Simon & Schuster, Pocket Books, The Free Press, Scribner Disney > Hyperion Hachette Book Group (France) > Little, Brown News Corp > Harper Collins Riverdeep (Ireland) > Houghton-Mifflin Scholastic > Grolier Time-Warner > DC Comics 12
  13. 13. Who’s suing who? Record Books vs OCLC NetLibrary and OCLC vs. Recorded Books -settled, out of court, details not disclosed the RIAA vs everybody ... -26,000+ suits -First to go to a jury, Oct. 2007 (Capital Records v. Jammie Thomas) --Jury awards $220,000 for copyright infringement on 24 songs ($9,250 per song) --case currently on appeal, Fall 2008 Prince vs You Tube (Google) & eBay Viacom vs. You Tube (Google) --Viacom = Paramount, Dreamworks, MTV, BET, Comedy Central Apple (iTunes) & the Music Industry ... just squabbling ... 13
  14. 14. Cell Phones - the media angle iPhone •viewing & listening - iTunes & Joost •downloading & purchasing - iTunes & T-Mobile G1 •programing other devices - TiVo & Slingbox “Google Phone” 14
  15. 15. iPod Touch a mobile media device! • WiFi • Apps = applications • dedicated media Apps • New York Times & AP wireservice • You Tube • Joost • Pandora internet radio • NPR radio stations • iTunes • mobile TiVo programing 15
  16. 16. DRM DRM = Digital Rights Management DRM is software built into the individual digital media files knows where it is allowed to play & where it isn’t! The audio formats used by iTunes, Napster, Yahoo!, & OverDrive use these built-in DRM components in their digital files. DRM can be broken and circumvented DRM is why you can’t use an iPod with NetLibrary or OverDrive audiobooks DRM may go away ... LOL! 16
  17. 17. AAC / iTunes format Advanced Audio Coding - audio format almost exclusively used by Apple. Created by a consortium of AT&T, Dolby, Fraunhofer IIS, and Sony. found at iTunes / used on iPods, Motorola cell phones, Windows & Mac computers 17
  18. 18. WMA / Microsoft formats* Windows Media Audio - audio format developed by Microsoft found at dozens of legal audio sites: Napster, Real, MTV, Yahoo!, OverDrive, NetLibrary, etc.... used on hundreds of portable audio players, cell phones, PDAs, and Windows computers *Please Note ... The Microsoft Zune uses a different non-compatible licensed WMA format that is only compatible with the Zune player & Zune store. 18
  19. 19. iPod shuffle projects Wilbraham Public Library (MA) 5 “old model” shuffles, patron emails request, picks up preloaded, laminated cards with barcode of device and audio books loaned contact: Adult Services Librarian: Karen Demers ( South Huntington Library (Long Island, NY): -click on Catalog for Music on iPod ~ Books on iPod ~ Movies on iPod -An audio report is available at National Public Radio’s Talk of the Nation, March 3, 2005 ( 19
  20. 20. loaning equipment to patrons Devices iPod shuffles MP3 players usually not earbuds / headphones (for sanitary reasons …) For car stereos (commuters) cassette adapters FM transmitters 20
  21. 21. Consumer options for Digital Audiobooks Apple iTunes - audiobook store - iPods & MP3 players Playaway - Barnes & Noble, Borders Project Gutenberg - FREE DOWNLOADS! Human-read: Computer-generated: 21
  22. 22. Digital Music in Libraries Public Library Example South Huntington Library (Long Island, NY) is offering iTunes music on their iPod Shuffles. -Music on iPod: Library Vendor Example OverDrive – three catalogs: Alligator Records; Nettwerk; and Naxos of America. -Boston Public Library’s OverDrive Music Collection ( Campus-wide Online Media “Stores” Apple iTunes U ( -Fairfield Univ. example, if you have iTunes installed: Napster - Cornell, Middlebury, Rochester Real Rhapsody - Adelphi University, UC-Berkeley, Minnesota Ruckus Network - Babson College, Northeastern Univ., Syracuse Yahoo! Music - Stanford University 22
  23. 23. Online Consumer Music Sources FREE, LEGAL MP3s Multi-Band/Multi-Genre Sites ✦ CNET Free MP3 Music ✦ Internet Archive’s Live Music Archive ✦ Apple iTunes - load iTunes software(, click on “Free Downloads” section Music podcasts ✦ Coverville, covers of famous songs by not-yet-famous artists - ✦ Accident Hash, new indie rock music - LEGAL DRM-Free MP3s for a price ... work on any iPod or MP3 player ✦ - (click on MP3 Downloads) - prices range as low as 79¢ - can be loaded directly into iTunes for iPod users ✦ Napster - - not all songs in MP3 format, must sort after search ✦ Real Rhapsody - - downloads purchases as a ZIP file (must be un-zipped to reveal MP3 files) 23
  24. 24. Podcasting Free talk, commentary, music shows, and video(!) available in the MP3 format for download to your computer or MP3 player/iPod. Listen whenever it is convenient. The shows range from those made in someone’s basement (and sound like it) to very high professional quality from National Public Radio. You do not need an iPod or MP3 player to listen and download a podcast! You do need an internet connection, a computer, audio software (Windows Media Player, iTunes). And if you want to subscribe to a show, free podcast software (Juice, iTunes). Juice - Apple iTunes - 24
  25. 25. Podcast Program Directories Podcast Alley - one of the first podcast directories and all-inclusive. Links to programs, websites and software - Created by Adam Curry, the self- proclaimed “father of podcasting” or podfather. Includes a “how-to” and directory to shows that are part of this quot;network.quot; Directory of NPR programs available as podcasts: iTunes podcast directory - not only a massive directory, but easy to search and free downloads!!! Yahoo! Podcasts–combines a podcast directory with subscription and on-site listening functions in a convenient web-based interface. 25
  26. 26. TV on the Internet • Hulu - - joint TV & Movie venture by NBC, Fox, 20th Century Fox, Universal Studios, National Geographic, TV Guide, Bravo, Oxygen, SciFi Channel ... to name a few ... CURRENT FULL-LENGTH TV SHOWS! The Office, The Simpsons, House, The Family Guy, 30 Rock ... as well as full length movies and extensive back-catalog of TV classics (Adam-12!), all free, any browser, & just 3 commercials! • AOL Television - - AOL Time-Warner's internet TV network. Gilligan's Island and Welcome Back, Kotter. • ABC TV - - offers full-length streaming of it's most popular shows. No special software needed to watch episodes. Desperate Housewives; Grey's Anatomy; Lost. • CBS TV - - offers full-length streaming. Plays via Windows Media Player or Real Player. CSI franchise; Survivor. • NBC TV - - offers show clips, deleted scenes, and previews via their 24/7 video player (Windows Media Player plug-in). Site has web-only exclusives and award-winning “webisodes” for The Office. • Joost - - FREE, download player ... all the cable channels you wouldn’t subscribe to ... but it’s free! 26
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  28. 28. The great iPod divide ... 28
  29. 29. Let’s Research! Media sources used by your patrons & your fellow Librarians iTunes Internet Archive’s Live Music Archive MP3 Downloads Hulu Joost YouTube OverDrive ... more than just audiobooks! 29
  30. 30. iTunes free software all-in-one online store for music, TV, movie, audiobook store with largest legal selection available iTunes software is an all-in-one media library, file converter, and CD burner Podcasts are free! an exceptional podcast directory 30
  31. 31. Amazon MP3 Downloads (click on MP3 Downloads) no DRM!!! tracks play on any MP3 player or iPod!!! works with any browser on any computer! debits your amazon account optional small software download to move purchase to iTunes or Windows Media Player no audiobooks ... yet ... owns audiobook vendor 31
  32. 32. Hulu & Joost - FREE TV and movies on your computer! full epsiodes, full seasons, classic shows! works with any browser on any computer! need fast bandwidth short commercials 32
  33. 33. Where to get more Info Scott's bookmarks Scott’s all-things digital media website at the Northeast Massachusetts Regional Library System Scott Kehoe, Technology Consultant, NMRLS / 978-762-4433 x16 IM: AIM-bibliotechy / MSN-bibliotekky /Yahoo!-biblioteky 33