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Business Promotion


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Business Promotion

  1. 1. Sales Promotion
  2. 2. Joint Promotion
  3. 3. Definition Joint Promotions are marketing tools designed to promote two or more products simultaneously, usually by associating compatible brands or products. Often these brands or products will belong to separate companies.
  4. 4. 10 Steps to a Joint Promotion 1. ASK WHY Set clear objectives 2. DEFINE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE Knowing who you want to reach will help determine what partners to approach 3. SET YOUR TIMING When will the promotion run - spring, fall, three days in February? How much time do you have to find a partner, negotiate the agreement, create the program, and execute? 4. INVENTORY YOUR BENEFITS What do you have to offer? What's valuable to you may not be valuable to a partner. Most marketers over-value what they can bring to a partnership
  5. 5. 5. MAKE YOUR SHOPPING LIST What do you want from partners? Look at what potential partners have done and capitalize on their past success. Be honest about what it'll take to make the promo work for you. 6. MAKE YOUR HIT LIST Get out all your resources and find all the brands that match your demographics, image, and timing. 7. WRITE A PROPOSAL Have a draft ready before hitting the phones. Give a consumer profile, a list of past promotions, and an overview of your pitch. 10 Steps to a Joint Promotion
  6. 6. 8. GET ON THE PHONE, STAY ON THE PHONE You have to be tenacious to find the right contact person. Be friendly, never expect people to call you back, but give them the option. Most importantly, discuss your concept openly. 9. NEGOTIATE Your contract should clearly outline what each partner will do. 10. ASSIGN JOBS, THEN EXECUTE Synchronize layers of departments including legal, brand, marketing, and public relations. Set timelines and communication channels. 10 Steps to a Joint Promotion
  7. 7. Examples Giveaways: When the consumer is given a free copy of a promotional product when they purchase the third-party item. eg Vivel soap with Times of India
  8. 8. Examples Special offers for a promotional product (such as a discount voucher) when a consumer purchases a third-party item. Eg. Himalaya Gift Vouchers for online ticket bookings
  9. 9. Examples Token redemption: The consumer collects a series of tokens and then exchanges them for a promotional product. Eg. Redeeming e-token for purchasing products online
  10. 10. Case Study – & Movies
  11. 11. Why the Joint Promotion? • Movie themed ice cream flavors publicizes the movie • The sales of Baskin Robins ice cream increases Innovative flavouring – • Baseball nut – Baseball • Love potion 31 / Trick oreo treat / Winter white chocolate – Seasons Baskin Robbins & Movies
  12. 12. Joint Promotions with: • Shrek • Stallion of cimarron • X Men 2 • Fear factor sundae (with NBC in 2002) • Drona Baskin Robbins & Movies
  13. 13. Case Study – &
  14. 14. & Vodafone Why the Joint Promotion?  Vodafone gets a VAS for providing matchmaking services to its customers  gets market reach through the vodifone subscription database Launched matchmaking services on:  WAP  SMS  Downloadable Mobile Application  Voice Interactive System
  15. 15. & Vodafone Promotions done by Vodafone:  Hoardings  Radio  TVC  Danglers Promotions done by  Online  Radio
  16. 16. Case Study – &
  17. 17. Hindustan Times & Outlook Objective:  To capture the Mumbai market  To enhance reader satisfaction and loyalty  To develop and provide value to their readers through special subscriber offers
  18. 18. Why the Joint Promotion?  Both have similar high-end readers, who prefer English publications  Mumbai is a market where both wanted to enlarge their consumer base  With the coming together of the two publication houses, the readers will receive the best of news and insightful analyses Hindustan Times & Outlook
  19. 19. The Promotion:  Combination pack of the two publications at a discount of 60-65 per cent of the actual retail price  The special package was called ‘News at Rs 699’. It offered an annual subscription for ‘Outlook’ and ‘Hindustan Times’ plus an ‘Outlook’ 2006 diary.  The promotional advertisement read: ‘Ignorance Remains Expensive, but Knowledge Just Got Cheaper’  Direct mailers were sent to ‘Outlook’ subscribers and also conducted a direct contact programme to convert them into ‘HT’ subscribers. Hindustan Times & Outlook
  20. 20. Event Promotion
  21. 21. Definition Event promotion describes the marketing practice in which a brand is linked to an event to create experiences to customers and associate the brand personality with a certain lifestyle. Event Promotions are:  consciously planned  created to mark special occasions  achieve particular social, cultural or corporate goals and objectives
  22. 22. Types of Event Promotions  Cultural Events Example:  Entertainment Events Example: Garnier Fructis Nach Baliye  Sports Events Example: Standard Chartered Mumbai Marathon
  23. 23. Types of Event Promotions  Art Events Example: The Times of India Kala Ghoda Arts Festival  Corporate Events Example: CNBC Emerging India Awards
  24. 24. Benefits  Identify with a particular target market or life style  Increase brand awareness or enhance corporate image  Create or reinforce consumer perceptions of key brand image associations  Create experiences and evoke feelings  Express commitment to community  Entertain key clients or reward employees  Permit merchandising or promotional opportunities
  25. 25. Steps in Event Promotion Establish objectives Choose event opportunities Design program Implement and control Measure effectiveness
  26. 26. Case Study –
  27. 27. Kerala Shopping Festival  Objective: To make Kerala an attractive Shopping destination  Kerala Government Initiative
  28. 28. Kerala Shopping Festival Focus:  Shopping options across Kerala  Year-end tourists visiting the state  Reasons/opportunities to shop  Mega shopping event at a state level  Give a unique shopping experience that promises, choice, entertainment and goodies  Showcase Kerala’s traditional products and culture  Achieve/exceed their yearly targets by associating with this festival  Buzz through mega star-studded events and publicity
  29. 29. Kerala Shopping Festival  Advertising: – Budget of 10 -15 cr – Print, Electronic, Digital & Outdoor media – Pre-event advertising  Sponsorship Option: – Title Sponsorship - 5 crore – Gold Sponsorship – 2 crore – Silver Sponsorship– 1 crore – Gift Sponsorship – 0.75 crore  All the collaterals, coupons, Brandings to carry the logo of the sponsor
  30. 30. Event Process:  Printed booklet to provide information and detail about the festival  Participating ME’s, to be branded adequately with GKSF arches, Danglers , to facilitate the consumer’s shopping  Assured gift & Weekly Lucky draw coupon on minimum purchase of Rs. 1000/- Kerala Shopping Festival
  31. 31. Additional Attractions  Road Show  Cultural Event  Entertainment Event Kerala Shopping Festival
  32. 32. Case Study –
  33. 33. Amul – Regular Promotions
  34. 34. Amul Voice Of India Background:  Amul markets 43 different products under its umbrella brand  As compared to its competitors, Nestle and Britannia, which have a higher ad to sales ratio of 5 per cent, Amul had only 1 per cent.  The objective was to reach out to consumers on a larger scale, but without spending excess money on advertising.
  35. 35. Approach:  invested around 70% of its total media budget on just television  became the title sponsors of a new primetime show called Voice of India.  The show had contestants participating on a national level and it was an ideal platform for a national brand like Amul.  It got the primetime spot for 56 weeks for two shows, Amul Voice of India and Amul Voice of India Chhote Ustaad Amul Voice Of India
  36. 36.  For the first time, Amul’s brand icon, the Amul girl, was integrated in the show’s logo  Amul’s brand signature tune was a part of the show’s theme music  The finalists sang Amul’s Manthan song in the show, which meant more publicity for the brand  When the show had to break for advertisements, the host of the show, singer Shaan, would announce, “Let’s meet after an utterly, butterly delicious break.” Amul Voice Of India
  37. 37.  It was promoted by printing 30 lakh Amul ice cream lids with the shortlisted contestants’ names, photographs and personal codes.  Consumers had to help their favorite contestant win by messaging his code to a particular number.  Amul launched three crore co-branded butter packs and 90 lakh co-branded milk pouches and painted 1,000 milk vans with the Amul Voice of India branding. Amul Voice Of India
  38. 38. Impact:  Amul saw a 23 per cent increase in sales despite the fact that it had launched no new products and the fact that there was no change in its creatives  All Amul did was it took the 62 year old brand and create that one campaign that elevated the brand certain notches and helped it reach the Rs 1,000 crore mark in its turnover Amul Voice Of India
  39. 39. Business Promotion
  40. 40. Business promotion is the activity of informing, persuading and influencing the customers’ purchase decisions. To generate business leads, stimulate purchases, reward customers & motivate salespeople.(e.g.Trade Fairs,Times Utsav) Definition
  41. 41. Business Promotions Trade Shows:  Many companies organize it to promote their products  Display their products to the prospective buyers  More than 4,300 trade shows take place very year, drawing as many as 85 million people  About 90% of a trade show’s visitors see a company’s salespeople for the first time at the show  Business marketers spend as much as 35% of their annual promotion budgets on trade shows
  42. 42. Sales Contests:  to motivate dealers to increase their sales performance over a given period. (e.g. Reliance Early Bird Incentive)  To motivates & recognize good company performers, who may receive trips, cash prizes or other gifts  Sales contests work best when they are tied to measurable and achievable sales (such as finding new accounts, reviving old accounts or increasing account profitability) Business Promotions
  43. 43. Case Study –
  44. 44. Making Jhingalala work for Tata Sky Challenges: • change the way people viewed television in India – getting people to change from local cable networks to DTH • A lot of cable to DTH conversion left to do & was facing a peculiar problem with the existing Tata Sky users • Users still consumed the services like they consumed cable – in a passive way • While the subscriber base was increasing by a lakh a month, there was low usage of the interactive features among the existing subscribers
  45. 45. Initiative: Over 50 gross weeks, 12 content associations were done with five channels, STAR Gold, STAR Plus, Sony Entertainment Television, NDTV 24x7 and Ten Sports These associations garnered 2,000 hours of Red Button Associations (usage of interactive features through the red button on the Tata Sky remote control) Making Jhingalala work for Tata Sky
  46. 46. Impact: Four lakh responses were obtained while the usage of the interactivity feature went up by 30 per cent. Company got Rs 4 crore worth of content associations absolutely free of cost and this also led to creating additional revenue sources for Tata Sky Making Jhingalala work for Tata Sky
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