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Design for Hackers


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Slides from a workshop I did at General Assembly. Geared toward non-designers at the idea/prototype stage seeking to build a good early product quickly.

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Design for Hackers

  1. 1. designing your firstproductGeneral Assembly, 5/13/2011 San Kim founder,
  2. 2. the commodity stack• loosely translated: free (or cheap) shit you can use to build products cheaply, quickly, and reliably• most important breakthrough in software in recent years
  3. 3. examplesdev Ruby on Rails, jQueryservers Amazon EC2analytics Google Analyticsvideo YouTube, Vimeocollaboration Google Docs, Dropbox, Skype and so on...
  4. 4. ...but what about for design?
  5. 5. answer: every website, ever!
  6. 6. “borrow” from products that built it before youIf you’re building a... borrow from... Q&A Site Quora, Stack Overflow video site Vimeo, YouTube social network Facebook location app Foursquare, Gowalla
  7. 7. this happens everyday all designers draw inspiration from otherscross-collaboration, cross-iteration to arrive at best practices
  8. 8. conventions are no accident - content section on the left, not right - approx. twice as wide as sidebar
  9. 9. ...but great designers tweak conventions to fit their product goalsSidebar: related videos Sidebar: videos from from different users the same user
  10. 10. inferred goals Get as many people Allow the videographerwatching as many videos to express him/herself as possible through portfolio
  11. 11. takeaways• Borrow as much as possible from established conventions, but tweak them to fit your product’s goals• Constantly analyze other products and the logic behind every design decision
  12. 12.