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Manners – computer etiquetteamg


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Manners – computer etiquetteamg

  1. 1. Hey Dominica look at this! Yeah that would be good for our project.
  2. 2. Got to leave for our appointment!
  3. 3. They’ll never know it was me MMMWWWAHHH AAHHHAAHHH! I wonder who’s files these are? I’m going to delete all of them!
  5. 5. I’m glad I deleted all of their files! Now they will get a bad grade on their project.
  6. 6. Someone deleted ALL of our files! Chad was the last one out of the lab. It had to be him. I’ll have a talk with him after school.
  7. 7. I’m sorry! Chad your in BIG trouble!
  8. 8.  What do you think Stacy and Dominica will do the next time when they have to leave the lab?  Was it okay for Chad to delete all of their files? Why or why not?  What was Stacy’s and Dominica's reaction when they found out all their files were deleted?  Was it good for Chad to be glad about what he did?  What did this power point teach you?
  9. 9.  Boy-  Boy at Computer- mages/Positioning.jpg  Door- tn_door502.gif  Two girls- 55421.jpg  Teacher- 267x300.jpg  Nice teacher- s400/teacher_clipart_15.gif two girls - girls_0001.gif