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A short overview of Training opportunities available specific to Indian Country. Contact us today at or call 202.543.8181

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Indian Country Training

  1. 1. Your source for certified Professional Training throughout Indian Country
  2. 2. Indian Country Training is a division of Lamar Associates, a 100% Native American Owned Professional Services Company. We provide certified on-site and online training tailored to Indian Country service programs such as law enforcement, security, social services, housing, and education. “The best training I have ever attended!” – law enforcement attendee
  3. 3. Our experienced training team works for you to meet every goal. From managing travel to coordinating logistics and materials we work directly with you to insure the experience is a success. “Thank you to your great, great coworkers at Lamar Associates!” - Health Service attendee
  4. 4. Our trainers represent the highest caliber of accomplished professionals. They are law enforcement, health, and education professionals who have spent their careers working in and for Indian Country. Our Training Cadre consists of former FBI, DEA, IRS, BIA, US Customs, State and Tribal Professionals who are fully experienced subject matter experts. “Excellent speaker- very informative and entertaining!”- Education attendee
  5. 5. We have been honored to develop and provide training for such departments as:  Department of Justice, Office of Community Orientated Policing Services (COPS)  Bureau of Indian Affairs- Office of Justice Services- Indian Police Academy (IPA)  Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA)  Bureau of Indian Education (BIE)  National American Indian Housing Council (NAIHC) “Training was very well presented, speakers very knowledgeable and kept your attention!” - Social Services attendee
  6. 6. We have trained over 1000 Indian Country attendees who represent Tribes from throughout the United States. We offer our clients a tailored curriculum to meet their local goals. Our Professional Trainers then travel on-site and provide instruction in 1, 2, or 3 day sessions. “Great training! Will definitely be able to help us develop a coalition at our Tribe!- Housing attendee
  7. 7. All of our programs are culturally- appropriate and highly interactive. Over 1000 attendees have rated our programs as 6.7 percent out of 7 percent! Our goal is for every attendee to experience an open, thought-provoking learning environment while enjoying the humor that is important to our culture. All programs are presented in an interactive format filled with the visual experience of videos and photos.
  8. 8. We provide training based on the premise that your Tribal resources are few and that only realistic solution-based training is worth your time. All of our programs offer not only awareness but important next-steps to respond with prevention, intervention, and enforcement strategies. Every attendee receives a CD-ROM resource guide/ toolkit filled with the necessary tools to take the next step. We include presentations, Indian Country specific materials and pertinent information.
  9. 9. We offer a unique opportunity for Tribes to: 1. Tailor a program with multiple course topics to suit their goals, or 2. Standard training programs to address a specific subject.
  10. 10. To address a specific subject we offer the following 2-day programs:  Prescription Drug Abuse in Indian Country  Anti-Meth Training for Indian Country  Gangs, Meth, and Crime in Indian Country  Drug Prevention Team Training  Criminal Investigation Training  School and Casino Security Officer Training  Tribal Police In-Service Training
  11. 11. If a tailored program with multiple topics is your goal, we will work with you to customize a program. We can provide training in practically any subject to include:  Drug Endangered Children  Drug Contamination  Report Writing for law enforcement and security  Criminal Jurisdiction in Indian Country  Fingerprinting  Crime Scene Investigation and Processing  Drug Investigation for Tribal Police Contact us for a complete listing of programs and course topics.
  12. 12. All of our programs have received certification from State Police Academies (POST) and the Bureau of Indian Affairs- Indian Police Academy for training credit. “This training led to a drug bust just a week later!” - Law enforcement attendee
  13. 13. Contact us today to discuss attending, sponsoring, or hosting one of our Indian Country Training Programs. “The presentation was excellent! All the topics involving “tribal” was very informing and to know that Mr. Juneau worked and lived among the tribal community was even more believable. ” – Training attendee
  14. 14. To view a complete list of our services and for more information please visit our website at:
  15. 15. Please contact us today: 202.543.8181 (tel) (email)
  16. 16. “Very good information, interesting, and many good very real examples and stories.” “Never had training that provided such great training materials to take back to organization!” “Great material overall, like the fact that he has experience from working in Indian Country and used in presentation.” “I loved this training! Learned so much and can’t wait to take this material back home to begin my projects for prevention!” “There really seems to be a personal touch to everything – training packets, media materials, etc. Very thoughtful.” “Presenters were awesome, very well knowledgeable in their field. I believe I am more informed and have the tools I need to educate my tenants, family, friends, community….etc.”
  17. 17. “First training with Lamar Associates. Outstanding job to the whole staff, great hospitality, materials and great presenters. Jokes and comedy at good timing and appropriate. Look forward to attending more/other trainings to come.” “Great presentations. The best non-behavioral health presentation I have attended. - Professional, skilled fellows in Lamar organization.” “This one is one of the top trainings I have attended. I found that the topics were real life compared to the text book.” “Can’t say enough good things about this training. Thank you!”