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Cyberbullying presentation

  1. 1. Cyber safety<br />By Micaela & Madeleine <br />
  2. 2. What’s cyber bullying?<br />Cyber bullying is when someone is being bullied online, (someone is sending mean messages or emails to you etc.)<br />Forms of cyber bullying:<br />Via emails<br />Texts<br />Through online chat rooms<br />Putting others down online<br />Putting photos online of others without their permission<br />
  3. 3. Be aware these things can happen to you<br />Identity theft<br />Scam websites can use your personal details<br />Hacking<br />Cyber bullying <br />Text bullying-using a phone to bully someone<br />
  4. 4. Tips to stay safe on the internet <br />Know all of your contacts <br />Never share your password or personal details(phone numbers, or full name)<br />Stick up for friends that are being cyber-bullied and tell a teacher parent or trusted adult.<br />Change your passwords regularly to ensure no one can access more than once.<br />NEVER cyber-bully back<br />If you are ever bullied keep the evidence<br /> Report abuse<br />If you are sent a nasty message press print screen to save that page and then report it<br />Check the toolbar of a site to ensure its not don't subscribe to competitions on the internet or click on pop-ups.<br />If you see something you don't like or feel uncomfortable about tell a parent. <br />Think twice before you ever decide to cyber-bully and think of the consciquences <br />Never agree to meet someone that you have met online alone or ask for permission<br />Never use flirty pictures or name as display pictures or email address <br />
  5. 5. Having a phone<br />The dangers of having a phone could be you being bullied. Sometimes the bully doesn't even know what he/she is actually doing because when you text there is no expression in the way you speak. Allot of the time people don't realise that their caps lock is on and send you a text. Usually when people see capitals in texts they think it means your shouting at them and they could be offended.<br />Another danger of having a phone is subscribing. If you have seen those adds on TV that say you can subscribe for free music? Well if you have you've probably had a problem. What this all really is a scam, when you subscribe your actually paying for it. And it takes forever to take it off but there is a solution all you need to do is reply and type in capitals STOP! And eventually they will stop.<br />
  6. 6. Trojan, viruses & spam<br />Trojan’s come from spam emails and sites with advertisements.<br />They will “eat away at your firewall.” they bit by bit send files to the another computer<br /> Allowing access to that person<br />Viruses can damage and delete<br /> files from your pc.<br />Scan UBS's to prevent and stop <br /> viruses<br />Update virus scanner every 2-3 months<br />
  7. 7. Examples<br />Never open a spam email or one of these advertisement because they will send Trojans to “eat away at your firewall.”<br />
  8. 8. By <br /> Micaela Hamilton<br /> And <br /> Madeleine Redgewell<br />