AHRD Innovative Session III


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AHRD Innovative Session III

  1. 1. Duke: Healthcare Training
  2. 2. Teaching Business Etiquette  At a lecture for the Linden Labs Education Support Faire 2009, the presenters give an example of how Second Life can be used to teach Dining Etiquette skills
  3. 3. Collaboration: Google CertifiedTeachers The first gathering of Google Certified Teachers who are using various Google tools (Chat, Docs, Scholar) within Second Life for educational purposes
  4. 4. Second Life and Sloodle Avatars Bonbon and Gloria visiting the Sloodle simulation in Second Life to learn how the tool is used
  5. 5. Harvard UniversityAvatars Bonbon and Gloria visiting a lecture theater in SecondLife to evaluate presentation tools at Harvard University
  6. 6. MUVEnationLearning Tree showing various Web 2.0 tools
  7. 7. MUVEnation Training SeminarMembers of MUVEnation group learn how to Build andScript objects (prims)