Introduction to the Persuasive Web


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Workshop Presentation
Introduction to the Persuasive Web
July 16, 2009
Indianapolis, IN

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Introduction to the Persuasive Web

  1. 1. Introduction to the Persuasive Web Suzi Shapiro July16, 2009
  2. 2. Once you have … The major usability problems under control, what is the difference between your web site and a competitors?
  3. 3. In this Workshop 1. The role of reciprocity, similar ity and scarcity in influencing behavior 2. How to apply these pr inciples in the design of a web site
  4. 4. Emotion Why we need to appeal to unconscious processes
  5. 5. Unconscious Processes Facilitate Survival Feel Good Satisfy Needs Feel Bad Protect from Danger
  6. 6. Heuristics Bigger is Better Fast is Better IT USUALLY WORKS!
  7. 7. If it peeps it is a baby turkey…
  8. 8. Sometimes we are fooled by reality
  9. 9. Sample Heuristics
  10. 10. The Golden Rule  Do unto others as you would have them do onto you
  11. 11. “Thanks! I owe you.”
  12. 12. If you get an outfit you can be a Cowboy too!
  13. 13. Persuasive Design is most appropriate for situations where there is ambiguity!
  14. 14. Reciprocity
  15. 15. Reciprocity Heuristic  When some one has given us a gift, we feel a need to “reciprocate.” or return the favor.  When we have given someone a gift, we improve our opinion of the person in order to remain consistent in our attitudes.
  16. 16. How might this be applied?  What could you give your customers?  What could you get them to give to you?
  17. 17. How can you make use of reciprocity on your web site?
  18. 18. BREAK TIME
  19. 19. Similarity
  20. 20. Similarity Heuristic  The more similar someone is to me, the more I will like or trust him or her.
  21. 21. How might this be applied?  How could you show that you are similar to your customers?  How could you demonstrate that your customers are similar to each other?
  22. 22. How can you make use of similarity on your web site?
  23. 23. Scarcity
  24. 24. Scarcity Heuristic  If something is scarce:  It may not be available in the future.  Many people must want it.  It must be valuable.
  25. 25. How do you know that something is scarce?  Haven’t seen it before  Can’t find when looking for it  It has a high price
  26. 26. How might this be applied?  What do you have that is already scarce? How could you make this apparent?  How could you make your product look scarce?
  27. 27. How can you make use of scarcity on your web site?
  28. 28. How to find Resources on Persuasion
  29. 29. Good Reference Sites
  30. 30. Good Books on Persuasion  Per suasive Tec hnology: Using Computer s to Change What We Think and Do By B. J. Fogg  Influence: Science and Practice By Rober t B. Cialdini  Yes!: 50 Scientifically Proven Ways to Be Per suasive By Noah J. Goldstein, Steve J. Mar tin, Rober t B. Cialdini  Submit Now: Designing Per suasive Web Sites By Andrew Chak