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A summary on Score Chapter 254 and how we help small businesses grow and thrive

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  • This presentation combines national slides and best practice slides from Greater Seattle SCORE. We appreciate the effort of the volunteers in Greater Seattle for sharing their presentation for other chapters to use.If you have a best practice you’d like to share, please email marketing@score.org.
  • Visit www.score.org for more information.
  • Visit www.score.org/about-score for more information.
  • Visit www.score.org/about-score for more information.
  • Visit www.score.org for more information.
  • Visit www.score.org/about-score for more information.
  • Visit www.score.org/mentors to get started.
  • Visit www.score.org/mentors to get started.
  • Visit www.score.org/Simple_Steps_for_Starting for more information.
  • Visitwww.score.org/Simple_Steps_for_Growingfor more information.
  • Visitwww.score.org/Simple_Steps_for_Growingfor more information.
  • Visit www.score.org/ebusiness-now for more information.
  • Visit www.score.org/ebusiness-now for more information.
  • Visit www.score.org to get started.
  • Visit www.score.org to get started.
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  • About Southern New Jersey Score

    1. 1. Free Mentoring, Training, & Resources forEntrepreneursFor The Life of Your Business:
    2. 2. What is SCORE?Who we are. How we can help.
    3. 3. What Is SCORE?Video bySCORE CEO Ken YanceyAvailable on YouTube:http://youtu.be/Q3E0t4VBASY
    4. 4. SCORE is America’ssmall business resource• One-on-one mentoring inperson & online.• Workshops, seminars &events in your community.• Business tools & templatesat www.score.org.Free & confidentialmentoring• We help small biz grow• Jelly Belly $160mm rev• Vera Bradley $288mm rev• 9 million served since 1964• 370,000 assisted this yearWhat is SCORE?
    5. 5. SCORE is a non-profitresource partner of theUnited StatesSmall Business AdministrationWe Coach Small Business
    6. 6. SCORE: An OverviewAbout SCORESCORE was formed in 1964 as a resource partner of theSmall Business Administration whose mission is to helpaspiring and existing businesses succeed.Facts• 12,000 volunteer across 340 chapters• 1 million hours of service donated by volunteers• 500,000+ total services delivered annually• 300,000+ people served annually• 50,000+ new businesses created annually• 60,000+ jobs created annually
    7. 7. over 340chaptersacross thenation.SCORE offersSmall Business…Huge Impact
    8. 8. SCORE offersSmall Business…Huge Impactover 12,000volunteerbusinessmentors.
    9. 9. SCORE to Help Grow 1 Million SuccessfulSmall Businesses by 2017Since 2009:Business Starts: 167,626Jobs Created : 169,150Jobs Saved : 39,730Businesses that Increased Revenue: 188,101Gallup Research shows SCORE Helps BusinessStart & Grow Even in RecessionSmall Business…Huge ImpactSource: Gallup SCORE Client Outcomes Survey 2009 -2011
    10. 10. In 2011, SCORE helpedSmall Business…Huge ImpactCreate over40,537 newbusinessesCreate over67,000 newjobsOver 77,000clients increaserevenue
    11. 11. Of SCORE’s 2011 Clients:Small Business…Huge Impact47% werewomen46% wereminorities11% wereveterans
    12. 12. “What does SCORE stand for?”We stand for helpingsmall businessachieve goals& succeed.Success = Winning!
    13. 13. To WinYou have to SCOREIt’s true in sports… it’s true in business
    14. 14. SCORE Provides Experienced Coaching Sound business planning Product and service review Financial insights Marketing and promotion Resource planning Choosing and negotiating with vendors Customer careHow do our Clients Win?
    15. 15. SCORE Stands for:Helping Local People Win in BusinessMay we HelpYou SCORE Your Goals?
    16. 16. Who Do We Help?OpeningGrowthResearch&PlanningPre-StartupsStartupsFirms inBusinessfor a Yearor More
    17. 17. Who We ServeBuilding EntrepreneurshipAspiring and Existing Small Biz Owners• Early stage entrepreneurs, who are considering to starta business but who need help defining their ideas,building their plan and obtaining financing• Start-up businesses, who are seeking to establish theirbusiness and manage their finances• Established businesses, who are seeking to grow theirbusiness and increase their revenue or customers
    18. 18. We help small businesses ofvarying sizes, in variousindustries:Theconversation beginswith oneclient.
    19. 19. We’re Chartered to Serve FirmsWith up to 500 EmployeesUp to 50050 or Less20 or Less10 or Less5 or Less1 PersonEmployeesOver 90% of our clients are this sizeBusinesseswe servetypicallyhave lessthan 20 people
    20. 20. The Price for Coaching a Client inPlanning and Starting aSuccessful Business:$0.00There is no cost to the client.
    21. 21. SCORE Mentors Volunteer to HelpFACT: Over 90% of SCORE mentors havesuccessfully managed businesses large andsmall.Our volunteersknow the roadto success inlocal and globalmarkets.
    22. 22. How SCORE Mentors Help You Confidentially review yourbusiness ideas Explain how to apply for licenses,etc. Provide info on finding legal andCPA services Help you create a detailedbusiness plan Advise you on businessnegotiations Coach you through pre-financepreparationsIf you are in the pre-startup or startup phasesSCORE mentorsoften work in teamsto meet yourneeds.
    23. 23. How SCORE Mentors Help You Confidentially review your business situation Identify your served markets vs new markets Assess product portfolio Assist with SWOT analysis Identify business options Develop your growth strategiesMentors can help prepare you for new growth.
    24. 24. How SCORE Can HelpSCORE Public Service AnnouncementAvailable on YouTube:http://youtu.be/vS21rUC2elo
    25. 25. How We HelpMentoring: Free face-to-face mentoring in each of its 340+ chaptersand also provides online advice through www.score.org.Workshops: Educational sessions on a myriad of topics forentrepreneurs, ranging from business planning to marketing andfinancing.Roundtables: Facilitated peer sessions in discussing criticalbusiness topics.Online Resources: Wide collection of articles, templates,assessments, blogs, and other tools that can be used to learn andimplement new strategies.SCORE is here to help youfind success as an entrepreneur.
    26. 26. MentoringFree. Personalized. Confidential.Expert Advice For the Life of Your BusinessAspiring and existing entrepreneurs can get FREE, confidential,business advice from expert advisors committed to helping themsucceed.Every SCORE chapter offers expertise in a variety of fields andindustries. Whether you’re just starting out, in business, or ready tosell or retire, SCORE can help – providing guidance and resources tohelp with your decisions. Turn to SCORE for assistance with 1question - or 1,000.We’re here to help you succeed.We’re here - for the life of your business.
    27. 27. MentoringFree. Personalized. Confidential.Expert Advice For the Life of Your BusinessBenefits of Mentoring:• SCORE mentors provide the specific resources you needthrough personalized, 1-on-1 mentoring.• Avoid timely and costly mistakes by learning from someonewho’s “been there, done that”.• Feel confident knowing you have an experienced resourceavailable for simple questions or more complicated strategydevelopment.• SCORE helps businesses start and succeed. In 2011 we helpedcreate over 67,000 new businesses. The next success story canbe yours.
    28. 28. WorkshopsSimple Steps for Starting Your BusinessLearn the Basics. Test the Feasibility of Your IdeaA series of pre-business workshops designed to help clientsget to a “go or no go” decision for the business. In-classexercises, post-session homework and mentoring are a partof the workshop process.• Session 1: Business Basics• Session 2: Business Concept• Session 3: Marketing Plan• Session 4: Financial Projections• Session 5: Funding Sources & Next Steps1st SessionFREE
    29. 29. An interactive program that provides entrepreneurs the knowledgeand tools they need to switch their strategy from start-up mode togrowth mode. This program offers 4-components that help in-business clients identify opportunities for growth and developstrategies for success.• Assessment: This first element helps identify opportunities/ challenges.• Mentoring: Work with an expert to develop a customized plan to achievegoals; We provide continuous input during the plan implementation.• Workshops: Clients participate in the courses they need as determinedfrom the assessment and mentoring.• Roundtables: Participants can connect & learn from each other.WorkshopsSimple Steps for Growing Your BusinessCustomized Training for Those Already In Business
    30. 30. WorkshopsSimple Steps for Growing Your BusinessCustomized Training for Those Already In BusinessWork with a SCORE Mentor to create a personalized growth planfor your business to include one or more of the following businesstraining workshops:• Session 1: Business Assessment and Goal Setting• Session 2: Marketing Your Business• Session 3: Managing Your Time, Your People and YourResources• Session 4: Growing Your Sales• Session 5: Financial Management• Session 6: Managing Operations
    31. 31. Workshopse-Business NowHelping Entrepreneurs Use Technology to SucceedThe goal of this program is to help small business ownerswith little to basic digital literacy learn about technology toolsto help solve their business challenges and grow theirbusinesses.Workshops Include:• Boosting Your Business Using Technology• Creating a Technology Plan for Your Small Business• Building the Perfect Website for Your Small Business• Applying Technology to Jumpstart Your Sales• Using Technology to Improve Your Cash Flow
    32. 32. Workshopse-Business NowHelping Entrepreneurs Use Technology to Succeed• Online workshops help small business owners learn at theirconvenience• 1-day events offer valuable live workshops & roundtablesdesigned specifically for small businesses• In-person workshops and roundtable discussions at localchapters allow for a personalized experience for entrepreneurs• Technology mentors at local SCORE offices combine techknowledge with expert business advice to pave the way forsuccessVisit http://www.score.org/ebusiness-now
    33. 33. Business RoundtablesSharing Experiences. Learning Together.Connecting In-Business Clients to Foster SuccessA facilitated discussion event led by a SCORE volunteer or invitedguest expert. These events provide local small business ownerswith a supportive peer group and provide value through access toSCORE resources and services.• Provides access to the collective wisdom of entrepreneurs in thelocal community• Offers perspectives from a variety of business owners• Helps emerging firms overcome obstacles and seizeopportunities• Presents an opportunity for attendees to grow their businessnetwork• Can be customized for partners as needed
    34. 34. Online ResourcesTemplates. Tips. Blogs. Workshops.Tools for Business Success Available 24/7Get access to over1,800 templates & tools, 1,000 blog posts, and 100English and Spanish language workshops to help you start and growyour business.• Templates & Tools - Articles, assessments, outlines, templates, and otherresources that you can use to learn and implement new strategies• SCORE LIVE Webinars - Live ,1-hour presentations by mentors and partners on avariety of small business topics and trends• Online Workshop – A business training module archived on score.org• SCORE Blogs - Business experts in a number of industries share information onemerging trends and topics facing today’s small business owner• SCORE Newsletters - Subscribe to get the latest business information, tips andresources delivered to your inbox
    35. 35. 60% of SCORE clients say theseSCORE-mentored tools are veryimportant to the growth of theirbusiness.• Marketing Plan• Business Plan• Cash Flow Analysis• Financial StrategyEntrepreneurs’ Favorite SCORE ResourcesOnline ResourcesSource: Gallup SCORE Client Outcomes Survey2010.
    36. 36. Why SCORE WorksMentoring provides improved chances for startup and successthrough one-on-one business coaching.You Don’t Have to Go It AloneWorkshops provide training oncritical topics in an environmentwhere you can learn from expertsand like-minded entrepreneurs.Online Resources can be yourplaybook to provide step-by-stepoutlines for small businessstrategies.
    37. 37. Why SCORE WorksYou Don’t Have to Go It AloneOur team of SCOREmentors offers over300,000 total years ofbusiness experience inover 60 industries.We’re here for the life ofyour business – providingfree advice for as long asyou own your business.
    38. 38. Meet [Insert Chapter Name]SCOREServing [Insert Local Community]
    39. 39. We servecommunitiesthroughoutthe PugetSoundareaMentors in Downtown Seattle S. Seattle N. Seattle Bellevue/Kirkland Bremerton and Bainbridge Kitsap Peninsula moreBELLEVUEKIRKLANDRENTONWINSLOWBURIENSHORELINEISSAQUAHGreater Seattle SCORE
    40. 40.  80 mentors Over 1,000 active clients Helped clients start 861 new firms* Conducted 3,414 mentoring sessions** Helped create 946 jobs** In 2010. **last 12 monthsGreater Seattle SCORE
    41. 41. Mentoring That Meets Your Needs One-time Short-term Long-termMentors Paul Hirz and DanMartin confer on how tobest serve clients locatedon the Kitsap Peninsula andin South King CountyMentor Ekhard Preikschat meets withclient Sun Kim in downtown Seattle.Ekhard advises Sun on his growingrestaurant. In our Seattle office In Your Community Online
    42. 42. GladysRomeroBankingThese are someof our 80 advisorswho can help youwith yourbusiness.Seattle Mentors.Experienced managers, business owners, directors,trainers, and educators, and authors.Mickey BaeFinanceTone ShimizuImport / ExportRobbin BlockMarketingEd MolzanRestaurantsBob DorseManufacturing
    43. 43. A Team with Diverse BackgroundsOur mentors come from many industries…
    44. 44. Convenient Training Programsto help business owners get started correctly Workshops taught by experts Locations around Puget Sound Times convenient to your schedule Strong value; affordable Registration online or by phone
    45. 45. Rising Stars…a Greater Seattle SamplerJennifer Loomis PhotographyProfile: Pioneer in the genre of maternityphotography. Now internationally knownfor her ground-breaking work capturing thepregnant nude.SCORE’s role: Business mentoring,which continues today.Mentor: Jerry ZyskowskiBackground:Defied skepticsand left a well-paying job atMSNBC. Createdthriving businessphotographingmoms-to-be.Success drivers:Passion; quality ofher work; longhours; skills gainedworking withbusiness team atthe UofW, andSCORE mentoring.Jennifer LoomisJeffrey Braun FurnitureLindsay andJeffBraunProfile: Passionate about custom design.Today serves recognized interior designersnationally. Seattle based. Manufactures inLA and Seattle.SCORE’s role: Business mentoring, whichcontinues today.Mentor: Ed MilanBackground:Five-yr-old firm wasexperiencingbumpy and uncleargrowth. Jeff Braunsought assistanceto determinebusiness’s futuredirections.Success drivers:Secured contractswith hotels and keydesign consultants.Combined talents ofowners.Birds + Bees + KidsProfile: Firm helps parents and others withhow to speak openly with children about thetopics of relationships, love, and the birdsand the bees.SCORE’s role: Business mentoring,which continues today.Mentor: Jerry ZyskowskiBackground:Needed helpdefining aneffective businessplan due to anarrow marketniche.Success drivers:Successful author.Frequent speaker.Winner, “EmergingEntrepreneurAward” also “Mom’sChoice” Award.Firm washighlighted inSeattle Magazine.Amy Lang
    46. 46. Sponsors & PartnersOur local partners help usmake such successes possible You are invited to participate Visit our monthly meeting Sponsor a workshop May we add your logo here??
    47. 47. Improve your chances for success Visit seattle.score.org and register your name Make an appointment to talk with a mentor Get our CD “How to Get Started…”How You Can Get Started Now
    48. 48. Knowledge. Wisdom. Experience.WeInviteYou toput Experience onYour SideGreater Seattle SCORE Executive TeamJerry FreelandWorkshopsChairWalter MooreChair,Sponsorships &Investment CmtteBill MunroeOutreach Co-ChairLarrySpelhaugDistrictDirectorCindy ButlerOutreach Co-ChairGil Rankinmentor/ResearchRoger WinterPast ChairEd MilanAsst DistrictDirectorBen MeyerhoffChapter ChairDarlene RobbinsSBA-SCORELiaison
    49. 49. Get Started TodayDon’t Wait.Contact us today to Start or grow your business Become a SCORE volunteerCall or visit us online: 206-553-7320 www.seattle.score.org Email: allie@seattlescore.org www.score.orgAllieThompsonAdmin Manager
    50. 50. Think Big. Start Small.Go with Experience on Your SideGreater Seattle SCORE