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Detailed Biography and Resume

Published in: Business, Technology
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  1. 1. Biography Name: STEPHEN J. STERNBERGER Business Address: Sternberger Consulting Group, LLC 2525 Milford Lane Alpharetta, GA 30009-8714 Business Phone: 770.569.5735 Business Telephone: 678.281.8119 Current Responsibilities Providing technical support and guidance to insurance companies and IMOs on tax and compliance issues related to all product lines and individual and business taxpayers, both domestic and off-shore. Specializing in life insurance and annuities and tax issues related to business continuation planning, estate tax planning, and executive compensation planning, including split-dollar and non-qualified and qualified employee benefit plan funding and administration. Providing tax- and compliance-related guidance in the development, implementation, marketing, and administration of products. Includes reviewing policy forms, tax/compliance related communications, and marketing materials. Assist companies in drafting administrative guidelines related to tax reporting and legal compliance issues with respect to both domestic and offshore companies and product offerings. Nationally recognized speaker and subject matter expert with regard to IRS Code Sections 72, 101, 101(j), 408, 409A, 1035, 7702, 7702A, and 7702B, among others. Providing advice and guidance with regard to existing tax law, pending and newly enacted tax-related legislation, and regulations relative to issues affecting the sale and administration of life, annuity, and health insurance products. Authoring articles for professional and trade journals. Have written and/or edited over 50 courses and articles in the areas of life and health insurance, annuities, banking, real estate, and charitable giving. Material Prior Experience: Product tax, marketing compliance, advanced sales, and marketing VP for Old Mutual, US. Responsible for providing advice and guidance as described above, as well as providing strategic direction and management oversight for Marketing Communications and Marketing Research and Technology.
  2. 2. Primary product tax compliance officer for Conseco. Officer in charge of policy and form compliance and filing for United Presidential Life. Managing contract drafting process, state filing/approval process, and product implementation process. Officer in charge of Marketing Services, Commission Accounting, Advertising and Promotion, and Advanced Sales for United Presidential Life. Built the latter operation from scratch into a unit successfully supporting the sale of over $7 million in life premium annually in a company primarily serving the insurance needs of middle America. Employment: President and Founder, Sternberger Consulting Group, LLC. January 2009 – Present Old Mutual; Vice President, Marketing, Research and Advanced Sales. March 2007 – February 2009 Old Mutual; Vice President, Advanced Sales and Product Tax Compliance. April 2006 – March 2007 Conseco Services, LLC; Second Vice President, Product Tax Compliance. March 2000 – April 2006 Conseco Services, LLC; Assistant Vice President, Life Tax Compliance. March 1998 – March 2000 United Presidential Life Insurance Company; Vice President, Advanced Sales and Compliance & Team Leader, Sales Development. February 1995 – March 1998 United Presidential Life Insurance Company; Vice President, Marketing and Advanced Sales. September 1983 – February 1995 Pictorial Publishers, Inc.; Director and Consultant, Advanced Underwriting. October 1975 – September 1983 Compensation Systems, Inc.; Director of Pension Administration. January 1975 – October 1975 Massachusetts Mutual Life Insurance Company; Life and Health agent. June 1974 – January 1975 Education, Degrees Trinity College and University (1999); LL.M., Taxation And Designations: Trinity College and University (1998); LL.B., Commercial Law American College (1986); ChFC American College (1980); CLU American College (1979); RHU Indiana University (1971); B.S., Education (Social Studies) Related Professional Representing member or former member of the following committees and taskforces of the American Council of Life Insurers (ACLI): • Federal Taxation -- Products and Company Committees • Life Insurance Committee • Annuity Committee • Pension/Retirement Committee • Accelerated Death Benefits/Long-Term Care Committee
  3. 3. • Split-Dollar Task Force • 7702 Task Force • Partial Exchange Task Force Representative on the LIMRA Advanced Sales Committee Activities and Published Published works, articles, and speeches include Works: (1) The Advanced Underwriting Training Course, 12 volumes covering business insurance, executive compensation, and individual retirement plans. (2) The Estate Planning Training Course, 3 volumes covering estate analysis, federal and state taxation, and estate disposition. (3) The Pension Planning Training Course, 3 volumes covering the practical and legal aspects of qualified retirement plans, the types of plans, and funding instruments and plan management. (4) Editor of VCEP, the Visual Concepts of Estate Planning; VCBP, the Visual Concepts of Business Planning; and VCEB, the Visual Concepts of Employee Benefits. (5) Business Insurance Basics, an intermediate level text introducing basic business and estate analysis concepts. (6) Single Premium Whole Life: Is It Really That Good? (7) TRA 86 Clarifies Partial Withdrawal Provisions (8) Revenue Reconciliation Act - A Summary (1993) (9) Plain and Simple: Year-End Tax Planning Ideas for 1994 (10) Social Security Taxes and Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation for the Independent Contractor (1995) (11) 1997 Tax Act … What’s In It For You? (1997) (12) Controlling Large Lump Sums and Avoiding MEC Status (1998) (13) Section 7702 – What a “Drag-Net” (2000) (14) EGTRRA – Yes, Virginia ,There Is a Santa Claus! (2001) (15) Split Dollar after 2001-10 – It’s Not All Bad! (2001) (16) The New RMD Rules – Simpler is Better! (2001) (17) The FINAL RMD Rules – Finally Great! (2002) (18) 7702/7702A Compliance…The Process is Paramount (2002, 2004), presented to the Society of Actuaries Biennial Product Tax Symposium (19) Fixed Indexed Annuities…As much about the return OF one’s money as the return ON one’s money! (2008), CA Broker magazine (20) Executive Bonus Arrangements(2008), Broker World Professional Memberships: AALU (Association for Advanced Life Underwriting) NAIFA (National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors) SFSP (Society of Financial Service Professionals) Indianapolis Chapter: Past Ethics Chairman; Past Chairman, Continuing Education; Past Member, Board of Directors; Officer, 1985-88; President, 1988.
  4. 4. Society of Actuaries Taxation Section Other Memberships and Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity Activities, Past and Present: Pi Kappa Alpha Delta Xi Alumni Association Indiana University Freshman Advisory Commission (Past President) Indiana University Alumni Association (Life Member) North Central High School Alumni Association (Past President) Indianapolis Jaycees Other Notable History: Taught middle school and coached three sports, 1971 – 1974 SJS 0209