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Windows Server 2012 R2 at in Leeds


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A brief overview of what's coming in Windows Server 2012 R2 that I delivered at VMUG recently. Details on virtualisation improvements, storage improvements, VDI and much more

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Windows Server 2012 R2 at in Leeds

  1. 1. Simon May Infrastrucutre Evangelist, Microsoft @simonster Rik Hepworth Jedi, Black Marble @rikhepworth THE UNDERSTUDIES
  2. 2. High-performance live migration Live migration with RDMA
  3. 3. Hard Disk Drives Hot data Cold data Solid State Drives • Inbox storage virtualization solution with automatic tiering • Improved storage cost- performance with industry-standard hardware • Use solid-state drives (SSD) and hard-disk drives (HDD) in tiered storage space • Can “pin” high priority files to the SSD tier Storage tiering
  4. 4. Sign up Datacenter B System Center Virtual Machine Manager Hyper-V Replica replicates changes Health Monitoring Orchestrates recovery plan for VMs or services in the event of an outage Create a recovery plan Create recovery plan Datacenter A System Center Virtual Machine Manager AD SQL Exch Configure AD SQL Exch
  5. 5. Currently using System Center Data Protection Manager. Only a few servers that need protection. Currently no back up solution or replacing a competing product. Use the Windows Server backup tools. Windows Azure Backup
  6. 6. Software-defined networking
  7. 7. Physical adapters Virtual adapters Teamed network adapter Teamed network adapter NIC teaming
  8. 8. 1 IPAM distributed architecture Domain IPAMServer (UK) DHCP,DNS,DC,a ndNPSservers IPAMServer (Bangalore) DHCP,DNS,DC, andNPS servers Domain IPAMServer (Hyderabad) DHCP,DNS,DC, andNPS servers Site: Hyderabad Branchoffice Site: Bangalore Branchoffice Site: UK Branchoffice IPAMserver (Redmond) DHCP,DNS,DC, andNPS servers Site: Redmond Headoffice Virtual IP address management • Provides network fault tolerance and continuous availability when network adapters fail by teaming multiple network interfaces. • New in R2: Enhanced LBFO performance. • Vendor agnostic and shipped inbox. • Provides local or remote management through Windows PowerShell or UI. • Enables teams of up to 32 network adapters. • Aggregates bandwidth from multiple network adapters. • Includes multiple nodes: switch dependent and independent.
  9. 9. Consistent management experiences and services
  10. 10. Optional unattended deployment and configuration using PowerShell. Familiar and seamless deployment experience that sets up the most fundamental roles for the primary server. Essentials functionalities are enabled via a dedicated server role in Windows Server Standard and Windows Server Datacenter. Windows Server Essentials Experience
  11. 11. Windows PowerShell 4.0 Key features Broader coverage • Rich management through more than 3,000 cmdlets • Windows PowerShell Web Access Higher performance • On-the-fly compilation—scripts run up to six times faster • Performance improvements Greater resiliency • Robust session connectivity • Disconnected sessions • Session configuration files • Job scheduling • Windows PowerShell Workflow More intuitive • Integrated scripting environment 3.0: IntelliSense | Code Snippets • Syntax simplification • Cmdlet discovery and module auto-loading • Updatable help • Script-sharing
  12. 12. Windows Azure applications On-premises applications Programming symmetry
  13. 13. Starts scaling NEGATIVELY when the number of cores increases beyond the point where memory synchronization outweighs the benefits of any additional cores Previous Internet Information Services versions on NUMA hardware Internet Information Services in Windows Server 2012 R2 on NUMA hardware Scales POSITIVELY with increasing cores, allowing organizations to benefit from their NUMA hardware investments NUMA-aware scalability Non-Uniform Memory Architecture • Processors can access local memory faster than remote memory • A significant percentage of new servers have NUMA • Designed for scale-up
  14. 14. Web platform installer • Automates installation of the most popular ASP.NET and PHP apps through Windows Web App Gallery. • Simplifies discovery and acquisition of the Microsoft web stack. • Supported on Windows Server 2012 R2. Developers follow three steps to submit an application to Windows Web App Gallery. Windows Web App Gallery Atom feed is consumed by the App Gallery itself, Web Platform Installer, Internet Information Services Manager, and participating hosting control panels. Internet Information Services Hosting control panel Web Platform Installer tool Windows Web App Gallery Atom feed Support for open source software
  15. 15. Controlled access to corporate data Users can access corporate applications and data wherever they are. IT can use Windows Server Remote Access to provide seamless application access and automatic VPN connections with conditional access based on user and device validation. Users are provided with a common identity when accessing cloud-based resources. When a user registers their device it becomes known and “trusted” to provide device level authentication. IT can then publish access to resources based on registration plus the users identity.
  16. 16. Personalization with user profile disk Available with pooled virtual machine collections and remote desktop session host collections Stores all user settings and data Contains roaming user profile, Folder Redirection cache, and user environment virtualization Roams with user within collection Appears as a local disk and improves application compatibility User profile disk. With every virtual machine pool and remote desktop session host collection. User environment virtualization. (UE-V) To apply roaming settings across collections. Folder redirection. To apply roaming user data across collections. To centralize user data backup. Benefits What should I deploy? User profile disk with pooled virtual machine collections. User profile disk with remote desktop session host collections.
  17. 17. Storage de-duplication for VDI SMB Scale-out file server Dedup Cluster shared volumes Hyper-V VDI
  18. 18. Corporate LAN Hardware & software GPUs, Rich multimedia, USB redirection. Internet or WAN Multitouch, WAN acceleration Single sign-on. Hardware and software GPUs Rich multimedia USB redirection RemoteFX over WAN Multitouch WAN acceleration Single sign-on
  19. 19. Standardized application provisioning
  20. 20. Windows Azure applications On-premises applications Programming symmetry
  21. 21. ! Cloud-integrated insight with Global Service Monitor (GSM)
  22. 22. server/windows-server-2012-r2.aspx center/system-center-2012-r2.aspx