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What Do I Do


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What Do I Do

  1. 1. What Do I Do?<br />An overview of Personal Training for the 21st Century<br />
  2. 2. Things Are Changing . . . <br />Personal Training has moved away from traditional views (weightlifting, ex-military, gym-based)<br />The industry is more regulated and its’ workers are more widely educated<br />The flexibility and client-based approach of Personal Training has created a constantly evolving programme of opportunity for Trainers and Clients alike<br />
  3. 3. Generally Speaking . . .<br />As in most industries, all workers have a basic skill set and for Personal Trainers these include:<br />Basic Knowledge of Human Movement Science<br />Basic Knowledge of Nutrition<br />Strength Training<br />Fitness Assessment<br />Long and Short Term Goal Setting<br />Programme Writing<br />But, Personal Trainers are as individual as the clients they work with and each one will have their own set of skills<br />
  4. 4. This is What I Do:<br />Consultation:<br />This is always a free, no obligation meeting to allow me to assess which of my skills are required in that particular case. It also allows me to see how much space we have to train in, and to complete any necessary paperwork. It also allows the customer the opportunity to query anything they may have concerns about. In injury cases it is normal practice for me to be able to judge whether or not my skills are suitable within this initial meeting.<br />Exercise:<br />This can be administered in many different ways, depending on the customer’s motivation levels and budget. In its simplest form, a custom made programme can be written to help individuals with a bit of guidance, or to achieve something specific. This method is offered with online or telephone support.<br /> Personal Training sessions are tailored to however the customer will make best use of them. Some people struggle to exercise by themselves at all, some require more guidance in particular areas (commonly strength training), and some just require regular fitness testing to supplement their own regime. The content of these sessions will always depend on the customer’s requirements and are 1 hour in duration.<br />
  5. 5. What I Do (continued)<br />Nutrition:<br />Often, individuals require a combination of my skills, so in order to maximise my time and cover all areas required, I have developed this section into a step-by-step guide. Covering all areas of healthy eating, this process will guide individuals through everything from planning meals and shopping, to reducing saturated fat, sugar and salt intake. It’s all about maximising time and effort and in many cases, saving money! There’s no calorie counting, points or forbidden foods, just clear, practical advice to help customers eat as well as they can.<br />Injury Rehabilitation:<br />This is my area of speciality but it is particularly successful when my skills are combined with those of others. Wherever appropriate, I will endeavour to communicate with other professionals who have been involved in the patient’s case. As new courses emerge, they are available to an ever increasing variety of professionals and it is often the case that some skills will overlap while others are particular to a given profession. When these professionals communicate and work together, the patient receives the best possible treatment.<br />I work in a manner called Corrective Exercise. This involves using methods such as myo-fascial release, stretching, isolated muscle strengthening and integrated movements in order to alter neurological pathways. This can help correct postural imbalances and biomechanical discrepancies. Restoring optimal length-tension relationships can reduce the stress placed on joints/muscle structures, often reducing pain, and is particularly useful in preventing permanent damage given early intervention.<br />
  6. 6. For More Information . . .<br />For examples of how my techniques have helped my clients, please see:<br />The Client Case Studies presentation on my LinkedIn profile<br /><br /> then click the link to SJP Personal Training<br />Call me on 07775 681301<br />