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Visit to portugal pp


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Visit to portugal pp

  1. 1. ‘Days in school’ 2nd Comenius Visit – Lisbon, Portugal February 2014 By England Comenius Team
  2. 2. Visit to IEDP school
  3. 3. Welcoming Ceremony at IEDP
  4. 4. ‘The World Room’
  5. 5. Outside for another welcoming ceremony
  6. 6. Presentation about the Portuguese Educational System and at Colėgio Europeu Astoria. Presented by Joana.
  7. 7. England Team after planting Comenius tree.
  8. 8. Working together to create a ‘recycled tree’ image using recycled materials separated by the children
  9. 9. Recycled Instruments Workshop!
  10. 10. Energy Saving Workshop on our final day in school.
  11. 11. Work for our project meeting