How To Become An Abstract Artist

Jarkko Sjöman
Jarkko SjömanArtist, Entrepreneur, Author, Keynote Speaker at
how to become
an abstract artist.
lessons 2021-2023.
jarkko sjöman.
age: 45.
location: finland.
helsinki (finland)
milan (italy)
fuerteventura (spain)
osaka (japan)
monaco (monaco)
turku (finland)
rio de janeiro (brazil)
barcelona (spain)
madrid (spain)
1. experiment and practice.
2. develop your artistic skills.
3. network & promote.
4. study & discover.
5. your unique style.
6. branding.
experiment &
Experiment with different techniques, materials,
and styles to find your own unique voice.
Practice regularly to refine your skills
and develop your artistic vision.
the first draft of everything is shit.
this is mine.
develop your
artistic skills.
Create a strong body of work that
showcases your unique style and vision.
Stay informed about the latest trends and developments in the art world.
Attend art fairs, read art magazines, and follow art blogs
and social media accounts to stay in the loop.
develop your artistic skills.
develop your artistic skills.
network &
Build connections with other artists, galleries,
and art collectors to promote your work and gain exposure.
Utilize social media platforms and attend art events
to showcase your work and connect with potential buyers.
network & promote.
study &
Study the work of other successful abstract artists
to learn from their techniques, compositions, and use of color.
Research and study the history of abstract art.
Learn about the origins and evolution of abstract art.
Expose yourself to different cultures and travel to different
countries to gain inspiration and expand your artistic horizons.
study & discover.
your unique
Don't compromise your artistic vision for
the sake of popularity or commercial success.
Develop a signature style that sets you
apart from other abstract artists.
Focus on developing a strong visual language, color palette,
and technique that will be instantly recognizable as your own.
your unique style.
your unique style.
To stand out as an artist you need:
- Unique material mixture
- Collection of different techniques
- Bold colors
- Beautiful combinations
- Delightful details
- Vision
Remember that becoming a successful and recognized
abstract art painter requires a combination of
talent, hard work, persistence, and a little bit of luck.
Be persistent and resilient. Success in the art world takes time and effort.
Be prepared to face rejection and setbacks,
but remain persistent in your pursuit of your goals.
Keep creating and promoting your work,
and stay open to new opportunities and collaborations
that can help take your art to the next level.
go get it, tiger.
How To Become An Abstract Artist
How To Become An Abstract Artist
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How To Become An Abstract Artist