Engagement Rings, Custom Jewelry, Hong Kong Jewellery


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We are one of the leading bespoke jewellers in Hong Kong for certified diamonds, engagement rings and fine customjewellery, Hayward’s offers outstanding quality, GIA certified diamonds and personalized service.

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Engagement Rings, Custom Jewelry, Hong Kong Jewellery

  1. 1. Welcome To
  2. 2. About Us • Haywards was founded in Hong Kong by father and son team, Paul and David Nazer, who have a combined experience of more than 35 years in the jewellery industry. • Our focus has been to deliver a much more personalized service as an alternative to the conventional jewellery shop experience • Haywards has developed a reputation for producing bespoke jewellery of the highest quality.
  3. 3. Our Services and Products • • • • We Provide a wide range of services and products. Engagement Rings Wedding Rings Pearl Jewellery Custom Designed Jewellery
  4. 4. Engagement Rings • Surprise proposal with ring – Some ladies provide quite specific hints and tips on the style of engagement ring that they would like even before a wedding proposal has been made. • Post proposal ring – some times you don’t need the ring for the perfect proposal; especially if the right moment comes unexpectedly.
  5. 5. Wedding Rings • Wedding rings are one of the most important keepsakes from you wedding day and it is the piece of jewellery you will wear everyday onwards. • It symbolizes your promise of marriage to your loved one. • Whether you have bought your engagement ring from us, or from elsewhere, our designers and diamond specialists will ensure that your wedding ring matches perfectly.
  6. 6. Pearl jewellery • Hong Kong has an ancient tradition for being a centre for trade in pearls. In addition to Chinese fresh and salt water pearls, Haywards specialise is supplying jewellery set with Japanese Akoya, Southsea and Tahitian pearls. • Although pearls have often been viewed as a mature ladies’ choice for jewellery; over the last few years new and contemporary styles have increased their popularity; particularly as wedding jewellery. • We can show the myriad of colours and qualities of pearls available and advise how these would be best complimented by your choice of jewellery style.
  7. 7. Custom Designed Jewellery • Jewellery is extremely personal, representing the taste and personality of the bearer. Trends in jewellery tend to move very slowly and arguably most styles do not date, they simply become classic. • we can provide a step by step guide to style design and stone selection. Particularly for birthing gifts and anniversaries, we can advise on the myriad choice of precious and semi-precious coloured stones; from intricate clusters of micro-pave diamonds, to bold cocktail rings with large cabochon sapphires.
  8. 8. Contact Us bespoke@haywards.com.hk Visit Us : www.haywards.com.hk Contact No. +852 2545 4400 Our Address: Hollywood Road Hunghom, Tsim Sha Tsui – East Hong Kong