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Open house obidowski


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Open house obidowski

  2. 2. Course Description  This course is designed to help students read, write and communicate orally in French or Spanish. Oral proficiency through the use of the basic skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing will be taught. An appreciation and understanding of the French/Hispanic culture will be gained.
  3. 3. French 2 HonorsWhat is it to be in an Honors class? Same curriculum
  4. 4. Course Content Content will include new vocabulary , along with essential grammar. French/Hispanic culture will be explored through readings, internet, cultural projects and foods. Materials: Textbook: En Español 1 McDougal Littell (Spanish 1) Notebook: A 3-ring binder, plenty of paper and dividers, pens or pencils, highlighters.
  5. 5. GRADINGParticipation/ Classwork…25%Summative Assessments…….....30%Homework……..……..10% (Started in class, usually)Mid-term/Final Exam ………….10%Formative Assessments Quizzes/Projects………… 25%
  6. 6. FL CURRICULUMCONTENT LEARNING GUIDELINES STRATEGIESACTFL Guidelines Learning FocusedGeorgia Performance Schools LFS StandardsTEACHING ASSESSMENT APPROACH Formative Communicative approach Summative Project based learning Performance based approach
  7. 7. CLASS RULES 1. Be on time every day. School policy on attendance and tardiness will be enforced. 2. Come to class prepared: books, homework, writing utensil, notebook, etc. 3. Participate. 4. Sit in the assigned seat daily. 5. Request extra help – DON’T WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE! 6. Treat others with respect and consideration . Students have to be responsible for their own behavior and actions. 7. You can have water in class & snack as long as you put your trash where it belongs. 8. No cell phones, calculators or personal organizers in class. 9. Make up work: guidelines provided in the Students handbook
  8. 8. PARENT/TEACHERCOMMUNICATION Communication among parents, teachers and students is very important and allows us to work as a team. Please email me with your questions or concerns. I will make every effort to reply to your email as soon as possible. Email:
  9. 9. IMPORTANT INFO  NATIONAL SPANISH EXAMASPEN: Parents Portal  Le Grand Concours  NSE WebsiteClass Resources: Visit  Our goal: To have all our webpage Spanish Honors students taking the exam.  Regular Registration (November 1 – January 31)  Test Administration (March 1 – April 10)  National Results Sent Out via Email (By May 1)  Cost per Student: $6.00
  10. 10. TEACHERS AS ADVISORST.A.A: The purpose of advisement is to help students to develop bonds with their peers that will continue throughout high school.We will be meeting together once a week for a 30 minute session.We will focus on academic, career, character education, and social topics.
  11. 11. What’s going on in Class?
  12. 12. WHY STUDY FOREIGN LANGUAGES?There is a correlation between language learning and…Development of cognitive abilitiesAbility to hypothesize in scienceHigher scores on standardized testsHigher academic performance at the college levelIncreased linguistic awarenessAttention control on cognitive tasksDevelopment of reading skillsImprovement of verbal and spatial skillsProblem solving ability