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Beautiful Hot Springs


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World's Coolest Hot Springs

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Beautiful Hot Springs

  1. 1. World's Coolest Hot Springs Sometimes surreal, always sublime, and occasionally stinky, these 10 steaming pools of wellness are worth a dip. Originally by Donna Heiderstadt, Travel+Leasure Edited by Seung Joo Lee Duckku Hot Spring, KyungBuk Korea
  2. 2. Blue Lagoon (Iceland)
  3. 3. Banff Upper Hot Springs (Canada)
  4. 4. Pamukkale (Turkey)
  5. 5. Hot Water Beach (New Zealand)
  6. 6. Chena Hot Springs (Alaska)
  7. 7. Jigokudani Monkey Park (Japan)
  8. 8. Thermae Bath Spa (England)
  9. 9. Calistoga Hot Springs (California)
  10. 10. Dunton Hot Springs (Colorado)
  11. 11. Puritama Hot Springs (Chile) END