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Spanish moro wars


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report about spanish-moro wars

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Spanish moro wars

  2. 2. BEGINNING OF THE CONFLICT Covered a period of about 35 years  Maguindanao contested the rule of Spain in the Archipelago  Tried to compete with the Spaniards over the collection of tribute in the Visayas  (1599-1600) Rajahs Maguindanao and Buayan made 2 devastating raids on the Visayas (Raja Salikula and Datu Sirungan) 
  3. 3. A Spanish retaliatory attack in Jolo led by Juan Gallenato  Returned to Manila in July 1603  (1603) Rajah Buisan attacked Visayas towns  Burned churches, captured inhabitants and destroyed town  Blood compact between datus
  4. 4. AGREEMENT BETWEEN SPANISH AMBASSADOR AND RAJAH (1605) agreement of Spanish ambassador and Raja Buayan to recognize Raja Sirungan as paramount chief of Maguindanao  (1606) Spanish conquest of the Moluccas  Win against the Ternates and captured the Sultan.  A letter was sent to the Spaniards (treaty with the Spaniards) 
  5. 5.  (1608) Spanish invasion of Ternate  (1609) Another peace treaty with the Spaniards -------- there was peace for 25 years -------------- (1627) Revenge on the humiliation of Sulu ambassador, Datu Ache  A fleet was led by Rajah Bongsu attacked the Spanish shipyard in Camarines  (1628) Spanish retaliation
  6. 6. (1630) Another Spanish fleet led by commander Lorenzo de Olaso also failed --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (1619) Kudarat became chieftain  He was unhappy and had suspicion over the existence of Christian missions in the nonMuslim areas in Mindanao  (1634) Kudarat attacked the Visayas  (1635) Spaniards built fort in Zamboanga by Jesuit advice 
  8. 8. BEGINNING OF THE CONFLICT Begin with the fortification of Zamboanga in 1635  War between Kudarat and the Spaniards and in effect a contest for the control of the whole island of Mindanao  Spanish determination to conquer Sulu and Sultanatas in Mindanao 
  9. 9. Led by Governor Corquera with its 3 task • Conquer and capture Kudarat and put Spanish puppet in the Mindanao • Capture the main cotta of Sulu sultan and establish colonies • Invade Brunei once again  (1637) Kudarat’s capital, Lamitan was captured  Corquera was given a hero’s welcome in Manila 
  10. 10. (1638) Spaniards and native allies laid siege to the Sulu sultan’s cotta in Jolo  Many were killed  Sultan was forced to surrender after 3 months  Spaniards found difficulty in pacifying the Buayanons  Their ensuing and more aggressive policy to make final conquest was accompanied by a studied plan  Failed because of the Dutch threat 
  11. 11. (1645) a treaty with Sulu pledging to bandon all their forts in Sulu  (1655) Peace was broken when Spanish ambassador was assassinated to repvent Spanish retaliation, Sultan formally declared jihad  (1663) Due to Koxinga threat, Zamboanga was abandoned 
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