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Risk assessment and job role


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Risk assessment and job role

Published in: Marketing
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Risk assessment and job role

  1. 1. A Jobs Roles Chart and a Risk assessment Sarah Kelly
  2. 2. I have chosen this brief for my coursework A promotion package for a new film, to include a trailer, together with two of the following three options: My two options are: •a film magazine front cover, featuring the film; •a poster for the film
  3. 3. A Jobs Role Chart made for me:
  4. 4. Tasks to be completed Make sure that all scenes have been fulfilled and exact to my planned storyboard Lighting Making sure what lighting is used for specific scenes and using the light in the location to my advantage Cinematography To make sure to have a wide range of shots/camera angles – this will be done by experimenting with the camera and scenes from the storyboard to see which angles and shots are best allocated to particular scenes. Dialogue/Script Must have knowledge of what dialogue is going to be used in my trailer, as this will be needed when making the poster and magazine Sound Making note of any sound motifs, diagetic sound and non diagetic sound. A soundtrack must also be made for the trailer, this will make it easy when fulfilling the conventions of a horror trailer.
  5. 5. Tasks to be completed Editing I must edit the footage of my horror trailer to fulfill the conventions of a horror trailer Effects I must edit the film trailer with special effects to add tension and build a story Props I must create a prop list and note down any added props throughout the process of maing my horror trailer Location I must research a good location for my trailer which is fitting to my idea Up-to-date entries about the process of my horror trailer This must be done in my wordpress sight notifying the reader the updates of my trailer and how it is progressing Drafting Drafting for poster, magazine and trailer and have appropriate schemes for all three of my medium
  6. 6. My Risk assessment
  7. 7. Risk assessments to be done for Lucid Camera Wires There is a risk of tripping over camera wires and equipment. As I’m filming in my bedroom, there may not be much room because my room is small therefore I will have to be aware of wires and other things that may be in the way and be a hazard. To overcome this risk I will make myself aware the hazards in my room and make sure its tidy before I start filming Water As I am filming Josh running through a woods there is a risk of there being puddles. This is a massive risk as I don’t want to water damage the camera. To avoid this, I will make sure that all puddles will be avoided and if necessary zoom in instead. Low-key lighting As I may choose to film in the dark, it could be difficult to see things and there may be a higher risk of tripping or falling over things (first risk assessment). To avoid this, I will check to see if there is anything in the way before turning lights off and make sure that there is less chance of me tripping over or, alternatively I could not film in complete
  8. 8. Risk assessments to be done for Lucid Using the equipment wrong I will overcome this risk by taking the time to make sure I read the manual for the Nikon D3200 camera that I have been given by my teacher and familiarise myself with all of the things that it does In case of a fire In some rare cases a fire may start whilst filming my trailer. To avoid problems with evacuation, I will make sure there is an emergency exit near to me and always at easy access, this will be a very rare occurrence because I will be filming most of my scenes outside