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Magento certification magento tutorial

  1. 1. Articles of php tutorial magento tutorial from php communityMagento certification mock test2011-01-05 10:01:36 adminQ1 When editing categories tree, there are quantities specified nearby categories names. Whatare these quantities?A Distinct quantity of products either in the category, or in the category and its child categoriesB Distinct quantity either of child categories, or all children categoriesC Quantity of products in its children categoriesD Quantity of child categoriesanswer: (A)if the option "is anchor" of category configuration is enable, A is right.Q2 What other products can be displayed on shopping cart page in default design package?A Cross-sells products, except those are shopping cart itemsB Related products, except those are shopping cart itemsC Cross-sells productsD Up-sells productsanswer: (A)it’s no reason, A is truth.Q3 What search results are shown on frontend?A CM S Blocks enabled for searchB CategoriesC ProductsD CM S Pages enabled for searchanswer: (C)only product can be searched in Magento.Q4 Layered Navigation price ranges calculation depends on:A Catalog price rulesB Tax rulesC Shopping cart price rulesD Products pricesanswer: (ABD)when product price inlcuding tax, the range will calculated by price including tax.when catalog price rule is applied, the range will calculated by price applied with catalog price rules.when there are no rules configured, the range only depend on product cart price rules won’t affect the price range in layered navigation.
  2. 2. Q5 What is(are) the limitation(s) on associated products of a configurable product?A. Only unique combinations of configurable attribute values are allowedB. They cannot have different inventory settingsC. They cannot have different tax classesD. They should be the same attribute set that configurable product belongs toanswer: (AD)comment:They can have different inventory settingsThey can have different tax classesQ6 What is the recommended way to inject some logic just before dispatching every action of acontroller?A Create a floating function and put its calls to each actionB Create an observer in the configuration and put its calls to each actionC Add it into the preDispatch() methodD Create a private method in this controller and put its calls to each actionanswer: (C)A and D are not good ideas.I’m not sure if B is rightQ7 Where are Magento routers configured?A In admin –> System Configuration –> Web –> RoutersB Configuration is implemented in the resource model, that uses the core/url_rewrite database tableC In the xml configuration default/web/routersD Routers cannot be configured, they are hard-coded in the front controlleranswer: (C)here is a part of configuration in /app/code/core/Mage/Core/etc/config.xml[Copy to clipboard]CODE: <web> <routers> <!– declare default routers–> <admin><area>admin</area><class>M age_Core_Controller_Varien_Router_Admin</class></admin> <standard><area>frontend</area><class>M age_Core_Controller_Varien_Router_Standard</class></standard> </routers>A – no such configuration in BOB – Configuration is implemented in the resource model =>I’m not sure that uses the core/url_rewrite database table => it’s rightD Routers can be configured, they are not hard-coded in the front controllerQ8 What is the recommended way to establish controller-level authorization?A By extending each action of the controller and putting logic thereB All required authorization logic can be put in _preDispatch() of the controllerC By injecting the logic into the controller constructorD All required authorization logic can be put in preDispatch() of the controlleranswer: (D)
  3. 3. A & C , not a good wayB, there no such parent method in controllermore test will available soon……………. TweetPeople who read this post also read: No Related Posts