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SoLAR Storm talk: epistemology, pedagogy, assessment



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SoLAR Storm talk: epistemology, pedagogy, assessment

  1. 1. Learning Analytics and Knowledge Assessment, Pedagogy, and Epistemology @sjgknight
  2. 2. Who am I? • After graduating, I qualified to teach & taught high school philosophy & psychology • MA Philosophy of Education – explored what implications for ‘knowledge’ might be if (e.g.) Wikipedia is part of our mind • MPhil EdRes – explored children’s beliefs about knowledge in collaborative information retrieval tasks • PhD – applying this to LA and knowledge mapping
  3. 3. What problem are we positioning to solve… • Education is undergoing some radical – and contested – changes • There is opportunity for LA to have an impact on that change • The technology is growing, now is an opportunity to reflect on what our contribution to what education looks like is
  4. 4. What is education doing? • Purposes of education are contested, but most would agree that the cultivation of knowledge is key • When we assess, we are aiming to assess the learning of that knowledge • And our pedagogy – our mode of teaching – is primed to facilitate this knowledge cultivation
  5. 5. What is Assessment? • Summative • Formative/AfL
  6. 6. What is Pedagogy? E.g. • Instructivist • Constructivist • Apprenticeship
  7. 7. What is epistemology? • What is truth (Realist, constructivist, relativist?, coheren ce v correspondence) • Holist v. discrete • Knowing how v. knowing that
  8. 8. What is epistemology? • What is truth (Realist, constructivist, relativist?, coheren ce v correspondence) • Holist v. discrete • Knowing how v. knowing that What is Assessment? What is Pedagogy? • Summative • Instructivist • Formative/AfL • Constructivist • Coursework, open book, multiple • Apprenticeship choice, etc. • Pragmatist
  9. 9. Does Epistemology drive everything? In Theory…. Epistemology underlies Assessment: Pedagogy should be How do we decide (assess) if targeted at cultivating someone ‘knows’ knowledge/knowers Pedagogy shapes assessment: Use of Assessment (for learning) is driven by pedagogic aims Assessment shapes pedagogy: Pedagogy is targeted at attaining ‘creditworthy’ knowledge
  10. 10. Does assessment drive everything? In Practice….? Assessment drives Pedagogy is (sometimes) taken understanding of epistemology to implicate particular (‘soft’) What can we assess in highly ways of ‘knowing’ reliable ways? Assessment underlies pedagogy e.g. Use of AfL is driven by assessment (which is not necessarily related to epistemology but ‘right answerism’ & exam skill)
  11. 11. Denmark… Two minute movie on use of internet in exams in Denmark How does this relate to the triad…
  12. 12. Why does this matter for LA? Think about some LA that you’re aware of – where does it sit? What sorts of assessment and pedagogy does it most relate to?
  13. 13. Why does this matter for LA? Where should LA sit? Our Learning Analytics are our Pedagogy (SBS) All the important stuff with analytics happens… after we've done the analytics (Siemens)
  14. 14. Conclusions… • There is a need for reform • This reform will require us to consider where LA’s force lies, and what its relationship is to conceptualising education • LA may have many roles • Current models of education could be challenged • High level knowledge, and assessment for learning are both highly important
  15. 15. • Thank you…
  16. 16. Can LA help us understand, how people understand these relationships?