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Water Framework Directive Modelling with MIKE FLOOD


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Published in: Technology
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Water Framework Directive Modelling with MIKE FLOOD

  1. 1. Extending Flood Risk Models with MIKE*1Tool Flood Risk Beyond the Flood Looking Further – Horizon: Risk Horizon – WFD: Modelling of Hydrodynamic WFD: Advection- riverine and coastal modelling of riverine, dispersion and morphological change urban pipe*2 and ecological modelling (and it’s effect on overland flows only. (e.g. water quality) in hydrodynamics), rivers, floodplains, etc advanced ecological (see following modelling, extending example). flood risk*1 Additional modules may be assessments torequired include dynamic wave*2 Requires MIKE URBAN overtopping, etc.MIKE FLOOD One modellingRiver comprising the platform, onefull version of MIKE support, one21*1 solutionOther Tools One tool potentially Additional disparate More disparate tools suitable for flood risk tools (other vendors) required – integration only required to extend issues (validation), capabilities reduced efficiency (project cost), etc. A focus on 1D-2D integrated numerical modelling
  2. 2. Extending Flood Risk Models with MIKE*1Example: MIKE FLOOD – New AD coupling!Including:• Coupled HD and AD simulation• Dynamic coupling of AD components• Exchange of concentration between coupled models• Option for coupled WQ simulation including ECO Lab 1D – MIKE 11 ECO Lab Templates AD Coupling (via the (Predefined ecosystem MIKE FLOOD User models) Interface) requires: • Activation of the AD 2D – MIKE 21 / 21 FM Coupling feature • Coupling of AD model components