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Christianity Environmental Ethics HSC SOR1


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This is adapted from bvarious sources & study days, a blen used for a holiday tutorial for my HSC class

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Christianity Environmental Ethics HSC SOR1

  1. 1. Environmental Ethics 1 HSC Christianity SOR1
  2. 2. Syllabus  Ethics  ONE of the following areas of ethical teaching in Christianity  bioethics  environmental ethics  sexual ethics  Learn to -describe and explain Christian ethical teachings on bioethics OR environmental ethics OR sexual ethics
  3. 3.  Describe – provide characteristics and features  Explain – relate cause and effect; make the relationships between things evident.
  4. 4. Environmental Ethics in Christian History  Until the last few decades there have been few examples of environmental awareness in the Christian tradition  Not prominent in the mainstream of Christian thought and practice until quite recently  With the advent of a global concern for ecology Christian theology has embraced environmental ethics in a substantial response  Christian theologians are now making more substantial use of the biblical reflections on creation as well as the work of historical figures such as Francis of Assisi, Hildegard of Bingen and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin
  5. 5. Christian Environmental Ethics Assignment  Christian Ethics   Stewards or Slayers? 
  6. 6. Biblical Reflections on Environment  Christian scriptures have a number of ecological themes, many are taken from the Old Testament  some important principles in the teachings of Jesus have significance for environmental ethics.  creation stories of Genesis 1-2 provide the accounts of creation  also provide important insights concerning creation and the relationships and responsibilities that exist between God, humankind and the rest of the created order  HO and Questions
  7. 7. Modern Environmental Ethics  modern Christian thinkers have made enormous contributions to environmental awareness  for many Christians environmental ethics remains a side issue  Church leaders have universally stated the urgency and priority of environmental action  Pope John Paul II has made important contributions to environmental ethics  statement on ecological awareness "Peace with God the Creator, Peace with all of Creation"  released on January 1st 1990 as the Pope's peace day message.  June 1991 the World Council of Churches held an international summit on the environment  released a statement called "The Joint Appeal in Religion and Science: Statement by Religious Leaders at the World Environment Summit"
  8. 8.  Evangelical Environmental Network published its own Declaration on Creation in 1996  Forum for Religion and Ecology provides an opportunity for ongoing dialogue among concerned individuals and groups  The National Council of Churches in Australia (NCCA) declared a "Decade to overcome Violence" in 2001  campaign includes a focus on overcoming violence against the environment  NCCA has also produced a statement on environmental ethics called "Sustaining Creation"  released in March 2003 this statement has a particular focus on calling on governments at various levels to provide leadership and act responsibly in relation to the environment  Catholic Church in Australia through the Bishop's Committee on Justice, Development, Ecology and Peace (BCJDEP) has set up an organisation called "Catholic Earthcare Australia" (CEA)
  9. 9. "Catholic Earthcare Australia" (CEA)  CEA the role of advising the Bishops on matters of ecology  includes the safeguarding of the integrity of creation, environmental justice and ecological sustainability.  Responsible for carrying out research, developing and furthering national networks, sponsoring and undertaking environmental initiatives and providing educational materials  in 2005 CEA held a national conference in Canberra and has produced a number of resources including an environmental audit that can be used by organisations to review their
  10. 10. other significant initiatives include: Anglican Diocese of Newcastle Environment Commission Anglican Diocese of Canberra and Goulburn Commission for the Environment Catholic EarthCare Australia Columban Centre for Peace, Ecology and Justice CREATE (Christian Environment Network developed by the Catholic Archdiocese of Brisbane) Earth Bible Project
  11. 11. View essay examples on handout
  12. 12. What are some of the environmental issues today?  The question is what would God want us to do?  Todays concerns reflect a past ignorance and materialism or sometimes greed.  Is this following the basic commandment of loving yoir neighbour as yourself?  Environmental destruction is stealing from the future.
  13. 13. Suggestions  Have 3 environmental concerns as examples eg Global warming, floods/droughts  Variants-3 types  Bible teachings