The SiMania Joint Duelacy - Chapter 9


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The SiMania Joint Duelacy - Chapter 9

  1. 1. The SiMania Joint Duelacy- Chapter 9 Written by sjdavis1024 aka Seera
  2. 2. The first thing I did when I got home was throw a wedding party so that Adrian and I could marry. We invited everyone and even let a few neighbors join in the celebration. I thought my sister looked a little funny wearing a dress and her witches hat.
  3. 3. The wedding reception went off smoothly. Everyone was socializing and Adrian was nice and didn't shove the cake into my mouth. Adrian's friends spent the day playing pool. Ursula and Corbin couldn't keep their hands off of each other. Mom played host and kept the other guests happy.
  4. 4. We decided to adopt a cat so that Mushu could have kittens with someone. We decided to name our kitten Willow. [Willow is named after Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas.]
  5. 5. In the mornings we would all gather for breakfast and discuss our plans for the day. Most days it included us trying to get things done for work since we all couldn't seem to not bring work home with us.
  6. 6. Willow soon grew up into a pretty looking cat. I loved how her paws were different colors and her ears were darker. I also loved the mask around her eyes. Gave her quite a personality, if I do say so myself.
  7. 7. Soon both Willow and I found ourselves pregnant. I was so ready to become a mother. Even though I do not want an army of kids running around, I knew I wanted a few kids of my own. Being around my nieces and nephews had really sparked my interest. Plus, kids always want to play video games and well, I love playing video games.
  8. 8. A day or two later, Willow gave birth to two kittens we named Meeko and Nakoma. [Meeko is named after Pocahontas's raccoon friend and Nakoma is named after Pocahontas's best friend.]
  9. 9. The next night, I gave birth to a daughter I named Katherine. She had my hair color and Adrian's eyes. She also had my skin color. I couldn't wait for Adrian to get home from his late business meeting to meet his first child.
  10. 10. Life went on in our house. I was always willing to feed Katherine and Dad made sure that the kittens weren't ignored. But between the infant and the kittens those of us who weren't doing work related things were kept busy.
  11. 11. Soon Mom came home from work and told us some great news. She had been elected to the position of Education Minister. She got to be in control of what our kids learned in school. I was excited as I would be sure that my kids got a good education.
  12. 12. It only seemed like a few days had passed when my daughter became a toddler. She looked so adorable and I knew she was going to be gorgeous as she gets older. [Katherine's personality: 10/3/8/3/10]
  13. 13. Katherine is named after Lieutenant Commander Katherine Hitchcock from seaQuest DSV. She is the Chief Engineer of the submarine seaQuest.
  14. 14. Dad was a blessing. He helped my daughter learn the basics in the skills toddlers learn. He did let us finish up teaching the skills as we found time.
  15. 15. I soon found out that I was pregnant again. I was pleasantly surprised. I had wanted Katherine to be a bit older before we got her a baby sibling, but I was not too horribly upset over getting pregnant so soon.
  16. 16. Soon Nakoma and Meeko grew up into neat looking cats. [Nakoma on the left and Meeko on the right.]
  17. 17. My father spent several hours playing with Katherine. I think he misses when Nemo, Ursula, and I were young enough that we didn't mind playing with him. Though, I think it's getting harder for him to get up and down to play with Katherine, but he doesn't let that stop him from doing i.
  18. 18. Katherine's first word was daddy. I thought it was completely adorable. Especially since it was her daddy that was teaching her to talk at the moment. I would have thought it completely and utterly sweet had it been mommy, but I'll take daddy over teddy any day.
  19. 19. Adrian soon told me that my grandfather scared him late one night while he was painting. He didn't like it at all and wondered why no one had had a heart attack earlier with the ghosts wandering around.
  20. 20. However, later that day, I gave birth to a son we decided to name Lucas. He has the same genetics as Katherine and I secretly hoped that if I had a third child that she would have at least red hair. Nothing like a little variety.
  21. 21. Soon it was time for Katherine to turn 5 and start school. She was a bit tomboyish and I figured that was due to playing with her grandfather so much. However, I was glad that she chose a hair style that was still pretty.
  22. 22. Katherine decided to be helpful and cleaned one of the cat's beds. I'm glad she got to it when she did. Usually there's a cat in it when the maid is here to clean the house up.
  23. 23. Nemo came over a few times and helped out around the house and played with the cats. He loved being an uncle and he knew it would give Adrian and I time to stay close. Children take time away from time I could be spending with just Adrian. Nemo coming over occasionally allowed me to spend more time alone with Adrian.
  24. 24. Soon it was time for Lucas to grow up. He is an adorable toddler with an adorable button nose. It almost makes me actively want another child. But I'm content with two kids at the moment. [Lucas's personality: 6/3/8/10/8]
  25. 25. Lucas is named after Lucas Wolenczak. Lucas Wolenczak is the only character to be in all three seasons of seaQuest DSV and is the only character to appear in every episode. He's the computer specialist and came up with a program to interpret the clicks that dolphins make and translate them into English.
  26. 26. Soon Lucas was up walking around the terrorizing the cats. He went through a ton of clothes and shoes since he was a rambunctious little guy. But I wouldn't have him any other way.
  27. 27. Katherine occasionally brought her cousins home from school. The cousin to come home most often was Matthew, one of Nemo and Shanna's two kids.
  28. 28. I soon had found myself pregnant with a third child. Shortly after that I gave birth to a second daughter we named Kristin. I wished she had red hair, but I didn't mind all of my kids having blonde hair that much.
  29. 29. One of Katherine's closest friends is her cousin Samantha. Though, Samantha can't come over that often since she's always studying for some test or just to study. She's a budding little bookworm and I'm somewhat glad that Katherine isn't the same way.
  30. 30. My parents, Roger and Menolly, were still romantic even after all this time. They were still madly in love and I think they hoped that neither of them survived the other. I also hope that they die on the same day since if one died, I believe the other would be heartbroken.
  31. 31. Adrian is so cute with Lucas. Those two are constantly spending time together. I think Adrian is happy we had a son, but loves that he can dote on two daughters. I definitely don't regret marrying Adrian. If he hadn't been a good father, love would not have been enough to keep us married.
  32. 32. Soon Lucas become a child and could join Katherine at school. Personally, I think Katherine was overjoyed since now Lucas was big enough to play big kid games with her instead of little kid games.
  33. 33. Kristin and Lucas shared a birthday that day as Kristin aged to a cute toddler the same day. She has a different nose than Katherine or Lucas does and I was glad for the genetic variety in the facial features that seemed to be missing from other aspects of her genes. [Kristin's personality: 2/10/8/2/3]
  34. 34. Kristin is named after Doctor Kristin Westphalen. She is the head doctor and the head of the scientific contingent on board seaQuest. She is very outspoken about issues that she supports and is an avid environmentalist.
  35. 35. Soon I reached the top of my career. I was in charge of game development. I could finally design my own games the I wanted to design them. I had always had an idea of a simulation game where you simulate life. Maybe now I can develop it.
  36. 36. Adrian again wondered why no one had had a heart attack due to the ghosts. However, I don't think everyone was dreading the ghosts visits like he did. Some people I know of loved seeing ghosts, even if they suddenly popped up and scared them.
  37. 37. Kristin was a fast learned and quickly learned to walk and talk. I was very proud of my daughter and hoped that her fast learning would carry through when she got older. Fast learning would come in handy when she goes to school. She'll have more time to spend goofing off instead of studying.
  38. 38. Soon Katherine was a teenager. She was a very pretty teenager and she longed for love. I don't think I'm quite ready to allow my oldest daughter to date yet, but I know only trouble will come if I try to stop my daughter from dating.
  39. 39. Especially considering how Adrian and I are such great examples of romance. [This is ACR kicking in. I kept having to cancel Try for Baby. Pleasure x Fortune couple should NOT be wanting more than 3 babies...]
  40. 40. Soon Kristin was a child. She is a good looking child and I love how she is doing her hair. It's just so adorable. I can't wait to see how quickly she learns and makes friends at school since she makes friends so quickly here at home.
  41. 41. [This slide just in here to go: Really Katherine?! Talking about woohoo at the breakfast table with your child siblings present?! I think her father and grandfather are shocked at her table talk.
  42. 42. [This slide in here basically just to show you the day to day life. Lucas and Kristin chat it up. Kids do homework and greet Adrian when he comes home from work. Even if it does interrupt a learn to study interaction...
  43. 43. Soon Lucas was a teenager. He wants a family of own one day. I think it's great and he told me he wouldn't mind a mini-army of kids running around his house one day. I told him he was crazy and he just rolled his eyes at me.
  44. 44. Lucas took up piano in his spare time. It took some time but he eventually got pretty good at playing the piano. I think he figures he'll be able to impress a girl with his piano playing skill one day.
  45. 45. Dad's dead. I can't believe it. And Mom's not taking it well.
  46. 46. Roger McMania Loving father, doting grandfather Adored the cats, died too soon He will be missed, Rest in Peace
  47. 48. But life soon moved on and the kids went back to pillow fighting on a daily basis. [I think there's something in my desktop game. Sims on my desktop love to pillow fight.]
  48. 49. Kala died. I was sad to see her go, but she was old and I know she's in a better place now. [No Grim Reaper shot since I'm notorious for missing the death of pets.]
  49. 50. Adrian soon became the head of the business he was working at. I think he's relieved to have reached the top since now he doesn't have to worry too much about being fired and impressing people. That and he has so many great ideas for the company. I just wish he would listen to me and let his company sell video games. But that's just me.
  50. 51. [Another burglar! Honestly, this family has gotten more burglaries than any other family I know. And I RARELY get burglars. Before I played these guys, I was wondering if they were broken in my game!
  51. 52. [Guess who I'm waiting on to get too old to have a baby?]
  52. 53. Lucas is such a good older brother to Kristin. He's constantly spending time with her when he's done with his homework and chores. He says it's good practice for when he has kids of his own one day.
  53. 54. [She burns the chili right before Kristin's birthday. All you had to do was wait 5 more minutes for food, Katherine!]
  54. 55. Kristin grew up to a gorgeous teenager. She told me she wants friends and tons of them. I had a feeling it would be something along those lines since she's always been very outgoing. I wonder how many friends she'll end up having before she dies.
  55. 56. [And now it's time to head over to SiMania to vote for the heir. Will it be Romance Sim Katherine, Family Sim Lucas, or Popularity Sim Kristin? It's up to you! Now go vote! Link to the forum is on the next slide where I'll wrap things up.]
  56. 57. If you aren't a member of SiMania yet, join! The link is: It's a great place to hang out and share your stories and experiences for Sims 2 AND Sims 3 :D This is my last chapter. Next chapter will be hosted by someone new :D