Marketing in the Cloud


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The wonderful world of software-as-a-service applications for marketers in The Golden Age of Marketing Technology.

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Marketing in the Cloud

  1. & Citrix present<br />Marketing<br />in the<br />Cloud<br />by Scott Brinker<br />Twitter: @chiefmartec<br />President & CTOion interactive, inc.<br /><br /><br />
  2. How many of you use cloud applications in marketing today?<br />
  3. Trick question: 100%<br />You’re using a cloud-based application — GoToWebinar — for professional development in marketing right now.<br />><br />MarketingProfs is using it to run a marketing online event.<br />><br />And no one from IT is involved.<br />><br />
  4. Or maybe you’ve used one of these lately?<br />P.S. Want to share a tweet? I’m @chiefmartec.<br />
  5. Today’s Agenda<br />What exactly is cloud computing?<br />><br />Landscape of cloud-based marketing applications<br />><br />Benefits of cloud-based applications<br />><br />Risks of cloud-based applications<br />><br />Shift from IT to marketing’s own “marketing technologists”<br />><br />
  6. Cloud computing is Internet-based computing, whereby shared resources, software, and information are provided to computers and other devices on demand, like the electricity grid.<br />
  7. “<br />A hundred years ago, companies stopped generating their own power with steam engines and dynamos and plugged into the newly built electric grid.<br />The cheap power pumped out by electric utilities didn’t just change how businesses operate. It set off a chain reaction of economic and social transformations that brought the modern world into existence.<br />Today, a similar revolution is underway.<br />”<br />
  8. Not being a Harvard professor myself, I have a far simpler definition…<br />
  9. You use it on the web.<br />
  10. But doesn’t that describe almost everything we do these days?<br />TIME ON COMPUTER<br />- MS Office / iWork<br />- Adobe Creative Suite<br />- Finance and HR<br />100% Online?<br />
  11. 2 Kinds of Cloud Applications for Marketing<br />
  12. All social media is a kind of cloud computing…<br />…a huge impact on marketing…<br />…but not our focus here.<br />
  13. Cloud Computing<br />On Demand<br />Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)<br />Web-Based<br />Hosted<br />Same biscuit, different name?<br />
  14. So how many tools are out there?<br />
  15. Golden Age of Marketing Technology<br />More choices<br />><br />More capabilities<br />><br />Less cost<br />><br />
  16. …more on the way…<br />
  17. A Perfect Storm for Marketing Technology<br />Large market<br />New Ventures<br />Relatively easy to sell<br />Low barriers to entry<br />
  18. A Tour of the Marketing Cloud:<br />8Categories of Cloud Applications<br />> Web analytics<br />> PPC management<br />> SEO management<br />> Social media marketing<br />> Virtual events<br />> Post-click marketing<br />> Marketing automation<br />> Email marketing<br />
  19. Web Analytics<br />> Google Analytics Apps<br />> Chartbeat<br />> KISSmetrics<br />> Crazyegg<br />> Clicktale<br />> VisiStat<br />> Clearsaleing<br />> Visible Measures<br />
  20. PPC Management<br />> Marin Software<br />> Click Equations<br />> Clickable<br />> Yield Software<br />> ClickSweeper<br />> SearchForce<br />> Kenshoo<br />> SiteWit<br />
  21. SEO Management<br />> Covario<br />> SEOmoz<br />> WordStream<br />> HubSpot<br />> SEOintelligence<br />> Conductor<br />> BrightEdge<br />> GinzaMetrics<br />
  22. Social Media Marketing<br />> PostRank<br />> Radian6<br />> Lithium (Scout Labs)<br />> trackur<br />> Wildfire<br />> Viralheat<br />> Strutta<br />
  23. Post-Click Marketing & Behavioral Targeting<br />> Google Website Optimizer<br />> LiveBall (ion interactive)<br />> unbounce<br />> Monetate<br />> Amadesa<br />> SeeWhy<br />> Dapper<br />
  24. Marketing Automation<br />> Eloqua<br />> Marketo<br />> Demandbase<br />> Pardot<br />> Manticore Technologies<br />> marketbright<br />> SilverPop<br />
  25. Email Marketing<br />> Exact Target<br />> Constant Contact<br />> MailChimp<br />> Emma<br />> Campaign Monitor<br />> Bronto Software<br />> Silverpop<br />> Vertical Response<br />
  26. Virtual Events<br />> Citrix Online<br />> WebEx<br />> Altus<br />> Unisfair<br />> 6connex<br />> VirtualEvents365<br />> Adobe Connect<br />> Yugma<br />
  27. 5 Advantages ofSoftware-as-a-Service(SaaS)<br />
  28. #1. SaaS is easy to try.<br />
  29. #1. SaaS is easy to try.<br />Demos are easy to see and WYSIWYG<br />><br />Freemium or low-cost trials often available<br />><br />Short contract lengths<br />><br />Minimal integration requirements<br />><br />
  30. #2. SaaS is easy to buy.<br />
  31. #2. SaaS is easy to buy.<br />No capital expense (or committee)<br />><br />Scale up—or down—as budget and needs require<br />><br />Economies of scale<br />><br />Move out whenever you want<br />><br />
  32. Isn’t it better to own than rent?<br />For real estate, which appreciates (usually), probably yes.<br />><br />For software, which depreciates (always), probably no.<br />><br />
  33. Capex vs. Opex<br />> Economies of scale<br />> Peak capacity planning<br />> Time to launch<br />> Early exit (write off)<br />> Cash flow<br />
  34. #3. SaaS is always fresh.<br />
  35. #3. SaaS is always fresh.<br />Always have the latest version<br />><br />Access it anytime, anywhere<br />><br />No delays or upgrade costs for new version<br />><br />Pace of new updates usually much faster<br />><br />
  36. #4. SaaS is one-call support.<br />
  37. #4. SaaS is one-call support.<br />Single authoritative source for help<br />><br />No intermediaries<br />><br />Vendor is responsible for everything<br />><br />Subscription model is good incentive<br />><br />
  38. #5. SaaS is freedom from IT.<br />
  39. #5. SaaS is freedom from IT.<br />Your budget<br />><br />Your timeframe<br />><br />Your decision<br />><br />Difference between being a customer vs. a coworker<br />><br />
  40. So SaaS is greatest thing since fire…<br />…but can I get burned?<br />
  41. Risks with SaaS—and How to Mitigate Them<br />
  42. How Reliable is the Service?<br />
  43. How Reliable is the Service?<br />Reference customers<br />><br />Backup, recovery<br />><br />Economic stability<br />><br />SLAs<br />><br />Historical uptime<br />><br />Technical support<br />><br />Who’s infrastructure?<br />><br />
  44. How Much Availability?<br />
  45. How Secure is the Service?<br />
  46. How Secure is the Service?<br />Reference customers<br />><br />Web architecture<br />><br />Uses, access control<br />><br />User generated content<br />><br />External monitoring, auditing, review<br />><br />Secure data transfer<br />><br />Browser security<br />><br />
  47. Remember: Risks are Relative<br />
  48. “<br />Cloud-based security concerns have abated somewhat as enterprises realize the difference in risk profile between internal and external environments is lower than they once believed.<br />”<br />—Internet Trends, July 2010<br />Morgan Stanley<br />
  49. How Do I Exit the Service?<br />
  50. How Do I Exit the Service?<br />Cancellation options<br />><br />Data export options<br />><br />Disposable adoption<br />><br />Discuss exit strategy<br />><br />Contingency planning<br />><br />
  51. Migration Challenges:On Premise vs. On Demand<br />easy<br />hard<br />On Premise<br />easy<br />hard<br />On Demand<br />
  52. Why On Premise Is More “Sticky”<br />Hardware duplication<br />><br />System requirements<br />><br />easy<br />hard<br />On Premise<br />Capital investment<br />><br />Custom extensions<br />><br />easy<br />hard<br />IT attachment<br />><br />Mindset<br />><br />On Demand<br />
  53. What Holds Us Back in SaaS Switching?<br />Legacy mindset<br />><br />Historical data<br />><br />Institutional knowledge<br />><br />
  54. “<br />If you don’t worry about history, then you are not tied to the past. You can think smart and move fast.<br />You can have a lot more fun because you get to learn, adapt, get value, and move on. It is damn exciting and damn liberating!<br />”<br />—Avinash Kaushik<br />Web Analytics 2.0<br />
  55. Marketing App Multiplication<br />
  56. Rise of the Marketing Technologist<br />
  57. A New Pillar in Marketing<br />Creative<br />Strategy<br />Technology<br />
  58. Marketing CTO(Chief Marketing Technologist)<br />• Reports to CMO<br />• Coordinates with IT<br />• Coordinates with products<br />• Technology expertise<br />• Marketing savvy<br />• Strategic role<br />
  59. Why Brands Should Embrace Technological Change<br />“CMOs must… recognize that technology is no less a marketing tool than, say, market research, and appoint a marketing-technology czar to champion it… to act as a cross-functional facilitator and identify technology that can enhance marketing activity and brand building.”<br />– Avi Dan, January 19, 2010<br />
  60. Marketing & Technology Together in the Cloud<br />
  61. Enjoy your journey into the cloud.<br />Thank you.<br />Scott Brinker<br />@chiefmartec<br /><br /><br />