Creative Technologists Meet Marketing Technologists


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Presentation at 2012 CreateTech introducing creative technologists to the world of marketing technologists on the other side of the agency/brand divide.

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  • Scott B

    I am yours fan(llow). Again, congratulations.
    One word. In organizations, and here in Portugal happen a lot, where doesn´t exist Marketing Technologyst (marktech) working with CMO´s, I believe that supplying marktech consultant services is a way to start with them. Later I will share with you my point of view about this subject (if you are interested) but I just want to detach this. The role of the marktech helping and coaching the marketing staff to be well prepared to understand and use the technology on marketing environment. By the way, I believe this is also a way to stimulate innovation inside marketing. I am sure.
    It´s an issue that deserves be more developed. Do you think so?


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  • Now, I’m not saying that everyone in the marketing department has to be a technologist.
  • Speaking of contention… let’s talk about the relationship between marketing and IT for a moment. It sometimes feels like this. But having worked on both sides of the divide, I can say that there’s a very logical reason for this tug-of-war. Marketing and IT have different goals and incentives.
  • Creative Technologists Meet Marketing Technologists

    1. 1. Riseof theChiefMarketing by Scott BrinkerTechnologist @chiefmartec
    2. 2. You—creative technologists—havechanged the agency world.
    3. 3. Founded 1917
    4. 4. Agency:CreativeBrand:Customers
    5. 5. “That’s not a bug, it’s a feature.”
    6. 6. But it’s sure starting to look like a bug…
    7. 7. ZMOT: Winning the Zero Moment of Truth, Jim Lecinski
    8. 8. ZMOT: Winning the Zero Moment of Truth, Jim Lecinski
    9. 9. Distance between creative andcustomer experience.
    10. 10. Creative and customer experience are now blurred.
    11. 11. Welcome to the CMO’s world.
    12. 12. From Stretched to Strengthened, IBM Global CMO Study 2011
    13. 13. “I feel more like a CIO than a CMO! I have marketing automation, CRM, listening platforms—I’m up to my eyeballs in technology.”
    14. 14. New technology isconstantly emerging.
    15. 15. Brands continuously seek differentiation.
    16. 16. Software is now easy to create and scale.
    17. 17. The Golden Age of Marketing Software.
    18. 18. Software has become how marketing sees and touches the world.
    19. 19. Analytics shapes perceptions.Automation guides processes.Optimization hones tactics.Listening directs engagement.Targeting defines segments.CRM structures relationships.
    20. 20. A whole lot of “do.”
    21. 21. So who does the “do?”
    22. 22. MarketingIT
    23. 23. Marketing’s perceptions of IT:IT is the department of “no.”IT doesn’t speak marketing’s language.IT doesn’t understand the need for speed.IT isn’t concerned with the customer. Mastering Customer Data—A CIO Imperative, Forrester Research July 2011
    24. 24. IT’s perceptions of marketing:Marketing is spin.Marketers don’t care about integration. Mastering Customer Data—A CIO Imperative, Forrester Research July 2011
    25. 25. The MarketingStandardize Experiment Technology Cycle
    26. 26. iiiii Traditional IT Mktg IT Mktg Committee IT Mktg IT i Mktg Co-located Liaison IT Mktg IT Mktg Embedded Direct Report MT IT IT Mktg IT MktgIndependent Outsourced (Mktg) MT Outside MT IT MktgJoint Venture IT MT Mktg Outsourced (IT) Outside MT IT IT Mktg Practice Mktg Outsourced Triangle MT Outside Center MT Hostile IT Mktg IT Mktg Merged IT Marketing Marketing Technology
    27. 27. King Solomon’s Marketing-Technology Split (Not a good idea.)
    28. 28. This is interesting and all, butwhy should you care?
    29. 29. Data from Gartner 2012, graphic by IBM.
    30. 30. The Creative AgenciesMarketingTechnologyFrenemyTriangle CMO CIO Tech Software Consultants Vendors
    31. 31. “He who controls the spice, controls the universe.”
    32. 32. “He who controls the software, controls the marketing.”
    33. 33. Creative technologists &marketing technologists BFF.
    34. 34. Agency:CreativeBrand:Customers