Agile Marketing & Rise of the Marketing Technologist


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Presentation given at the December 2012 ITSMA Conference on 5 meta-trends in marketing. Read the accompanying essay here:

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  • Now, I’m not saying that everyone in the marketing department has to be a technologist.
  • But I think it will be even better than that. See, bringing technology culture into marketing will also import some of the operational paradigms that have powered rapid development in the Internet age. For instance, the methodologies of agile software development—a huge improvement over the rigid and time-consuming “waterfall” approach that preceded it—with a few tweaks, can provide the inspiration for “agile marketing” management approaches.
  • Agile Marketing & Rise of the Marketing Technologist

    1. Agile Marketing &Rise of the Marketing Technologistby Scott Brinker @chiefmartec
    2. Agile Marketing &Rise of the Marketing Technologistby Scott Brinker @chiefmartec Download this deck from my Twitter feed.
    3. Marketing is moving faster.
    4. Marketing is increasingly complex.
    5. From Stretched to Strengthened, IBM Global CMO Study 2011
    6. The only constant is change.
    7. Marketing is more strategic.
    8. 7X
    9. “You may askyourself, how do I work this?” – Talking Heads
    10. Marketing5 Meta-Trends
    11. Marketing5 Meta-Trends
    12. Marketing5 Meta-Trends
    13. Marketing5 Meta-Trends
    14. Marketing5 Meta-Trends
    15. Marketing5 Meta-Trends
    16. Marketing5 Meta-Trends Marketing Technologists
    17. Marketing5 Meta-Trends Marketing Agile Marketing Technologists
    18. “ We tend to overestimate the effect of a technology in the short run and underestimate ” the effect in the long run. – Amara’s Law
    19. The Re-Imagination of Nearly
    20. “Magnitude of Upcoming Change Will Be Stunning”
    21. Where audience goes, marketing follows.
    22. Digital Share of Global Ad Spend2010 2011 2012 2013 201414.7% 16.0% 17.8% 19.6% 21.5%
    23. How much of marketing is digital?
    24. ~1/3 spend > 50% of their budget on digital
    25. Trees differ in size; the forest is growing.
    26. Marketing in the Digital Age, DataXu 2012 whitepaper
    27. Marketing in the Digital Age, DataXu 2012 whitepaper
    28. Marketing in the Digital Age, DataXu 2012 whitepaper
    29. Marketing in the Digital Age, DataXu 2012 whitepaper
    30. ZMOT: Winning the Zero Moment of Truth, Jim Lecinski
    31. ZMOT: Winning the Zero Moment of Truth, Jim Lecinski
    32. The ZMOT is a flurry of activity: Query search engines Visit company web site Read educational content Follow on Twitter Visit competitor web sites Read reviews Discuss with friends Check online communities Comparison shop
    33. ZMOT: Winning the Zero Moment of Truth, Jim Lecinski
    34. “Big, large, glassbuildings do not buy software. People do.” – Jonathan Becher CMO, SAP
    35. Shift in buyer-seller information asymmetry.
    36. Shift in buyer-seller information asymmetry.
    37. Shift in buyer-seller information asymmetry. An increase in marketing responsibility. Customer experience Social media marketing Content marketing
    38. Source: Forrester Research
    39. is for product
    40. “ Every single customer experience is a brand moment of truth. ” – Steve Cannon, CEO Mercedes-Benz USA
    41. is for promotion
    42. Distance between creative andcustomer experience.
    43. Creative and customer experienceMarketing and customer experience blur. are now blurred.
    44. roduct is promotion
    45. Great Experience = Great Brand
    46. “I feel more like a CIO than a CMO! I have marketing automation, CRM, listening platforms—I’m up to my eyeballs in technology.”
    47. New technology isconstantly emerging.
    48. Brands continuously seek differentiation.
    49. Software is now easy to create and scale.
    50. A perfect storm for marketing technology Marketing Migration from old to new Large market Spend New Ventures Cloud Migration from Computing IT to SaaS Relatively easy to sell Trackable Measurable Medium ROI Disruptive Opportunity Innovation for new players Low barriers to entry Software Low cost, Economics high margin
    51. The Golden Age of Marketing Software.
    52. Software has become how marketing sees and touches the world.
    53. Analytics shapes perceptions.Automation guides processes.Optimization hones tactics.Listening directs engagement.Targeting defines segments.CRM structures relationships.
    54. “He who controls the spice, controls the universe.”
    55. “He who controls thesoftware, controls the marketing.”
    56. Who choreographs this ballet?
    57. Or is it more of a mosh pit?
    58. Technology Decisions in MarketingWho decides? On what basis?• Marketers • Technical depth• IT department • Right incentives• Web shop • Business alignment• Vendors • Accountability• Ad hoc • Marketing vision
    59. MarketingIT
    60. Marketing’s perceptions of IT:IT is the department of “no.”IT doesn’t speak marketing’s language.IT doesn’t understand the need for speed.IT isn’t concerned with the customer. Mastering Customer Data—A CIO Imperative, Forrester Research July 2011
    61. IT’s perceptions of marketing:Marketing is spin.Marketers don’t care about integration. Mastering Customer Data—A CIO Imperative, Forrester Research July 2011
    62. Not an IT motto.(And for good reason.)
    63. The MarketingStandardize Experiment Technology Cycle
    64. Well, there’s always a committee…
    65. iiiii Traditional IT Mktg IT Mktg Committee IT Mktg IT i Mktg Co-located Liaison IT Mktg IT Mktg Embedded Direct Report MT IT IT Mktg IT MktgIndependent Outsourced (Mktg) MT Outside MT IT MktgJoint Venture IT MT Mktg Outsourced (IT) Outside MT IT IT Mktg Practice Mktg Outsourced Triangle MT Outside Center MT Hostile IT Mktg IT Mktg Merged IT Marketing Marketing Technology
    66. King Solomon’sMarketing-Technology Split
    68. A technologist by any other name… Digital ServicesMarketing CTO Marketing ITMarketing Operations Marketing EngineeringMarketing Technology
    69. Data from Gartner 2012, graphic by IBM.
    70. Marketing Technologist = Choreographer
    71. The Creative AgenciesMarketingTechnologyFrenemyTriangle CMO CIO Tech Software Consultants Vendors
    72. Not all marketers need be technologists.
    73. Just as not all marketers are “creatives.”
    74. But tech must be part of marketing’s DNA.
    75. 3 Questions of the Daily Stand-Up:1. What did I do yesterday?2. What am I going to do today?3. Are there any impediments in my way?
    76. The traditional multi-month marketing cycle: Plan Create Distribute Measure Time
    77. Our customers are now agile.
    78. That’s a problem, because this isn’t: Plan Create Distribute MeasureTime
    79. What’s important in modern marketing? • Individuals and interactions • Responding to change • Customer collaboration • Working content, “experiences”
    80. From agile software development to agile marketing.
    81. In 2009, Google ranapproximately 12,000 experiments.
    82. In 2009, Google ranapproximately 12,000 experiments. Only about 10% ofthem led to business changes.
    83. Marketing5 Meta-Trends