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GPS Benchmark


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How accurate is your mobile device?

Published in: Technology, Business
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GPS Benchmark

  1. 1. GPS BenchmarkHow accurate is your mobile device? © 2012 Barbeau Development
  2. 2.  A quality-control tool for mobile location solutions Rapidly analyzes and visualizes the accuracy of location technologies: ◦ Global positioning system (GPS) ◦ Network-based positioning  Cellular  Wi-Fi Currently available for all Android devices © 2012 Barbeau Development
  3. 3.  Quality control is not catching major problems with GPS and other positioning systems before devices go to market Example: Samsung Vibrant and Captivate ◦ “AGPS is completely busted. Not ‘sort of working,’ not ‘flawed,’ just utterly broken and non-functional…a problem for which theres no reasonable explanation why it made it all the way to retail devices, and it raises concerns over just how well these products were tested…Put simply, all three of these companies should have these phones pulled from shelves until the problems fixed.” - Engadget, 8/2/2010 Source: © 2012 Barbeau Development
  4. 4.  Major influences:1. Mobile Device Hardware & Software > GPS hardware sensitivity > Antenna quality and device integration > Assisted vs. Unassisted GPS > MS-based vs. gpsOneXTRA > Firmware/software filters2. Environment > Indoor / Outdoor > “Urban Canyons” > Building materials > Shielding by enclosure (e.g., purse, car) © 2012 Barbeau Development
  5. 5.  Traditional design, development, and testing of devices require a significant amount of manual data analysis. Goal of GPS Benchmark: ◦ To enable rapid evaluation and improvement of the accuracy of mobile phone location technologies via a mobile app Let your engineers spend time improving your product instead of crunch numbers © 2012 Barbeau Development
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  10. 10. Different devices can have very different GPS accuracies95th percentile: 550m 68th percentile: 398m 50th percentile: 335m Samsung Moment 172 meters HTC EVO 4G 172 meters Environment: Indoor, 2nd floor, on desk near window, Tampa, Fl © 2012 Barbeau Development
  11. 11. support@gpsbenchmark.com © 2012 Barbeau Development