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Gather Immediate Feedback


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Learn which tools to use for gathering immediate feedback in classrooms, online, or with mobile devices. Many are free with basic options, but ask for fees to access advanced options. Tools discussed: Google Docs: Forms,,, and Polleverywhere.

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Gather Immediate Feedback

  1. 1. Gathering Immediate FeedbackOnline, in the Classroom, and with Moodle Technology
  2. 2. Introduction Please introduce yourself  Name  Department
  3. 3. Survey and Poll-Making Tools Most = free for limited use or functionality Costs money for expanded use and functionality Tool Brands:  Google Documents: Form   
  4. 4. Discussion When and why do you need feedback?  Turn to a neighbor and answer this question with them.  Take turns.  Talk about this all together Responses  Need to know quality of a project.  Need to know what people think about an issue.  Should action be taken in a certain direction?  What do students know or understand about X?  What does Johnny want to do for graduation?
  5. 5. Google Documents—Quizzes & Surveys Create  Form Add title for survey Create questions  Multiple Choice  Select all that apply (check boxes)  Paragraph  Short answer  Choose from a list  Scale  Grid
  6. 6. Google Docs—Surveys: Pros & Cons Its free!  Feels a bit clunky Puts answers or results  Almost too many in a spreadsheet options Can share editing  May require a longer or Can share the surveys steeper learning curve. or quizzes with others  Results are not visually Unlimited number of appealing (unless you survey responses export, convert it into a graph, and do it yourself)
  7. 7. Google Documents Quiz/Survey This is the right place to enter instructions for completing the survey. Types of questions: paragraph text, text, multiple choice, checkboxes, choose from a list, scale, or grid. Here’s the link to share with others, so they can take the survey.
  8. 8. Google Docs: Questions Survey Responses
  9. 9. Free: only 100 responses/month Tiered business plan  Individual  Corporate Many ways to share  Blogs  Websites  Facebook  Twitter  Email See handout
  10. 10. Polldaddy Results
  11. 11.  Voters submit answers with cell phones  Text messaging responses  Updates in real time  No hardware to worry about  Free for all polls with less than 20 votes  Tiered plans  Anonymous responses  See video (8:04): wItWorks
  12. 12. Create Event
  13. 13. Text Messaging Instructions Instructions for voting with a cell phone
  14. 14. Poll Everywhere  Free: up to 40 in the audience  Text messaging responses  Spam free  No unsolicited text messages  Audience phone numbers are kept private  View Video (1:57): o  Warning: the video may produce laughter and/or genuine smiles
  15. 15. Text Your Response
  16. 16. Poll Everywhere
  17. 17. Questions or Comments
  18. 18. Thank you!