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Overview of Qualifications PDF

  1. 1. S.Jake ! Gibbs!Overview of Qualifications s. jake gibbs - (505) 690-4132 - s.jakegibbs@gmail.com - www.linkedin.com/in/sjakegibbs
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION…I am a recent graduate of the University of Kansas WilliamAllen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications.After spending a year at California Western School of Law inSan Diego, California, I realized that my passion and careeraspirations lie in more creative, person-driven career paths.However, I do not regret spending a year devoted to learningand understanding the law -- it taught me to think, act andwrite in an entirely new way and contributes to some verypractical and useful knowledge to apply to everyday lifesituations. At this time, I seek employment in the marketing -advertising - public relations arena. I have excellent verbaland written communication skills, and very stronginterpersonal skills. I am collaborative, passionate, hard-working and determined to succeed. FUTURE DREAM JOBS… 1.! Anchor, Commentator or Producer for ESPN. 2.! Chief Marketing Officer or CEO of a professional sports team. 3.! Product Designer for a major athletic apparel company. 4.! Chief Marketing Officer or Public Relations Executive for a major athletic company. 5.! Associate Athletic Director for marketing and sales at a BCS university. 6.! Advertising Sales Account Executive for the PGA. s. jake gibbs - (505) 690-4132 - s.jakegibbs@gmail.com - www.linkedin.com/in/sjakegibbs
  3. 3. WHAT I’LL DO… I will do the jobs others will not. I willapproach each assignment determined andwith an open mind. I will treat all co-workers with respect. I will work hard to not makemistakes. I will work nights and weekends. I will do anything, sacrifice anything for thebenefit of the company. I will start each day with a smile and end with one. s. jake gibbs - (505) 690-4132 - s.jakegibbs@gmail.com - www.linkedin.com/in/sjakegibbs
  4. 4. S. Jake Gibbs mobile: (505) 690-4132San Diego, California e-mail: s.jakegibbs@gmail.com URL: http://www.linkedin.com/in/sjakegibbsSUMMARYI am a recent graduate of the University of Kansas William Allen White School of Journalism and MassCommunications. After spending a year at California Western School of Law in San Diego, California, Irealized that my passion and career aspirations lie in more creative, person-driven career paths. However, I donot regret spending a year devoted to learning and understanding the law -- it taught me to think, act and writein an entirely new way and contributes to some very practical and useful knowledge to apply to everyday lifesituations. At this time, I seek employment in the marketing - advertising - public relations arena. I haveexcellent verbal and written communication skills, and very strong interpersonal skills. I am collaborative,passionate, hard-working and determined to succeed.EDUCATION I hold a Bachelor’s of Science in Journalism with a strategic communications emphasis. I am very grateful that I was fortunate enough to attend the William Allen White School of Journalism and Mass Communications at KU and make honor roll. Class was as challenging as it was fun. From an array of styles, each professor brought great insights into the fascinating industry of strategic message delivery. My experience in law school was invaluable: I developed vital researching, writing and analytical skills.DEGREE UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS - Lawrence, Kansas B.S. DEGREE, concentration in Journalism and Mass CommunicationFAVORITE Being with family, catching up with friends, a challenge, good food, laughing until it hurts,THINGS seeing others laugh until it hurts, a golf course in the early morning, fresh tracks skiing on the mountain, the feeling of being in a place I have never before been, seeing someone you have not seen for a long time, good music, a riveting conversation, a game that goes into overtime, art, creating art, the reassurance of faith, giving compliments, getting compliments, learning something new, being taught, teaching others, feeling success.EXPERIENCE2011 PRESIDENT FOR SPORTS CALIFORNIA WESTERN ENTERTAINMENT AND SPORTS LAW SOCIETY - San Diego, California A very popular organization which regularly attracts the best and brightest sports and entertainment attorneys in San Diego to offer their talents to the aspiring members. Executed procedural duties, attracted and corresponded with sports law related professionals. Organized events, meetings and a large symposium discussing the impact of law and social media in the entertainment and sports industries.2006 – 2009 PRESIDENT University of Kansas Sports Marketing Club – Lawrence, Kansas Top-ten largest extra-curricular organization at the university. Working hand-in-hand with the University of Kansas Athletics Inc. to promote multi-million dollar sponsors. Increased membership from under 50 to over 300 in 3 years as president and was re-elected twice. Worked directly with athletic department to promote key athletic events on nationally televised media such as ESPN, CBS, and ABC.2007 - 2009 REGIONAL JUDGE KANSAS SCHOLASTIC PRESS ASSOCIATION – Lawrence, Kansas A non-profit organization committed to excellence in journalism at all levels, since 1925, other states have looked to it as the standard for such an organization. Administered competitive writing sections, then evaluated each entry alongside distinguished faculty and alumni. Was the only student invited to judge advertising entries of participants alongside strategic communications professors.S. Jake Gibbs Page 1 of 2
  5. 5. S. Jake Gibbs mobile: (505) 690-4132San Diego, California e-mail: s.jakegibbs@gmail.com URL: http://www.linkedin.com/in/sjakegibbsINTERNSHIPS2008 INTERN -- KU FOOTBALL IMG INTERNATIONAL - JAYHAWK SPORTS MARKETING - Lawrence, Kansas IMG holds the licensing rights to over 150 colleges and universities, 9 collegiate conferences, and the multimedia marketing rights to 22 major athletic universities and institutions. Served as personal assistant to the GM for various ministerial tasks. Ensured all sponsorship signage was properly displayed as contracted at football games and events and aided the producer engineer with live broadcasts in the media booth.2008 WEB DESIGN ASSISTANT, CONTENT AUTHOR UNIVERSITY OF KANSAS RELATIONS - Lawrence, Kansas KU’s central public relations office,which manages news, publications, photos, videos and web materials. Designed Web pages and posted up-to-date material on the KU Website. Authored new material for various KU online media including The Oread and Scene On Campus.2008 INTERN FOR SALES AND MARKETING KANSAS CITY CHIEFS FOOTBALL CLUB - NFL - Kansas City, Missouri As a founding member of the National Football League, the Chiefs are regarded as one of the most storied franchises in the NFL. Valued just under one billion dollars, it is the most widely recognized brand in the Kansas City area. Served directly under the Director of Sales and Marketing on various tasks, corresponding with major corporations to sell group ticketing packages and hospitality accommodations. Authored material to promote the construction of ‘The New Arrowhead Stadium’.2007 INTERN FOR ESPN’S ‘COLLEGE GAMEDAY’ OCTAGON SPORTS MARKETING - Atlanta, Georgia A global sports and entertainment marketing powerhouse representing athletes, personalities and major institutions. In 2008, it was awarded top sports agency by the Sports Business Journal. Aided the celebrity broadcasters and analysts before, during and after production of the show and issued credentials to title sponsor guests and helped manage the hospitality tent.2007 INTERN FOR THE CHIEFS RADIO NETWORK CUMULUS MEDIA, INC. - Mission, Kansas Cumulus is the second largest owner of AM and FM radio stations in the United States, operating 570 stations in 150 markets. Personally assisted Chiefs General Manager, players and coaches at weekly broadcasts and represented the network at every home game at Arrowhead Stadium.VOLUNTEER WORK2006 - 2007 VICE PRESIDENT FOR PUBLIC RELATIONS SIGMA CHI FRATERNITY, ALPHA XI CHAPTER - Lawrence, Kansas Founded in 1884, the Alpha Xi chapter is one of the oldest and largest at KU -- continually earning highest average GPA, philanthropic money raised and winning intramural sports. Authored various press releases to intended campus and city media about planned events and spoke to the university newspaper and local news outlets numerous times.2006-2007 CAMPUS REPRESENTATIVE ADIDAS INTERNATIONAL - Lawrence, Kansas As the second-largest sportswear manufacturer in the world, Adidas has become very competitive in the licensing of various major athletic universities . Authored multiple news releases for intended media, represented company at an array of campus-wide events.S. Jake Gibbs Page 2 of 2
  6. 6. BIG PLAYS SO FAR…Varsity Athlete…….State Finalist in Golf…….. Honor Roll Studentevery year of high school…… National Honor Society Member………Honor Roll at the University of Kansas….. 3.7 Journalism SchoolGPA… Determined………..President of KU Sports Marketing Club for3 years…. Re-elected twice….Raised over $2,000 for needy inLawrence ……… Was only student to judge alongside professionalsfor the Kansas Scholastic Press Association… Committed,always……. Member of Sigma Alpha Lambda Leadership…………Society….and, The National Society of Collegiate Scholars…Driven….…..Advertising Campaign Winner…..Intern for the Kansas City ChiefsRadio Network…… personal assistant to Chiefs General Manager andplayers…Recommended to intern for Kansas City Chiefs Sales andMarketing Office….Team Player….. Elected to micromanage premierepromotions events for the University of Kansas AthleticsDepartment……. Provided assistance for the 2008 NCAA NationalChampionship for college basketball…… as well as the 2009 BCSFedEx Orange Bowl Championship….. Big Brothers Big SistersVolunteer….. Compassionate….Worked for second-largest radioowner and operator…… As well as second-largest worldwide sportsapparel company in the world….. A taste for the best………Waselected President for Sports in law school as a first-year student…..Attracted an NFL player and his agent to speak at an event…..Engaging…..Invited to recruit a team to work for ESPN…. Personallyassisted analysts and athletes for broadcast…. NOT GOING TO QUIT. s. jake gibbs - (505) 690-4132 - s.jakegibbs@gmail.com - www.linkedin.com/in/sjakegibbs
  7. 7. SKILLS & PROFICIENCIES…CATEGORY LEVEL OF EXPERTISEMac OS & OSX Advanced) 4 Years Experience,Microsoft Office Expert 6 Years Experience,Adobe InDesign Intermediate 2 Years Experience,Adobe BeginnerDreamweaver CS5 <1 Years ExperienceiMovie Intermediate <1 Years ExperienceiPhoto Expert 1 Year ExperienceAdobe Photoshop IntermediateElements 1 Year ExperiencePublic speaking Expert 3-4 Years ExperienceMulti Media ExpertWriting 6 Years ExperienceSpanish AdvancedLanguage 9 Years Experience Yo soy de Nuevo México, un lugar que me encanta. Desde que era niño, he sido influenciado por el multiculturalismo en el estado y el uso de la lengua española. Yo siempre me he desafiado a aprender a hablarlo, escribirlo y entenderlo. Hoy en día, me siguen tratando de hacerme más y más fluido. Porque creo que el aprendizaje de un idioma nuevo es valioso en muchos aspectos. s. jake gibbs - (505) 690-4132 - s.jakegibbs@gmail.com - www.linkedin.com/in/sjakegibbs
  8. 8. VIDEOS THAT INSPIRE ME…#1: Inspirational Sports VideoA contemplative, yet riveting montage of sports-related images and icons. It highlights the mentalnecessities to succeed. The main reason I love thisvideo is that it goes far beyond sports -- it carries abold message about life in general.#2: Jimmys 1993 ESPY SpeechThis is perhaps my favorite speech of all time. I tryto listen to it often and be reminded of the fortune inmy life. Having a family member currently battleCancer and having lost close family and friends tothe disease, it also resonates to me on a personallevel.#3: Motivational Video"If youve never failed, youve never lived" -- Iespecially enjoy this video because it illustrateshow anything is possible, if you keep trying. In life, Ibelieve it is paramount to never let anyone tell youwhat you can or cannot do#4: Rules for SuccessSteve Jobs outlines his rules to success -- which hebelieves lies in utter passion and love for what youdo -- and I could not agree more.#5: SpeechAl Pacino in Any Given Sunday delivers anemotional, inspirational speech that equates lifeand the game of football as "a game of inches" andthe answer to winning at either is the will to do itand to trust in your teammates or those around you. s. jake gibbs - (505) 690-4132 - s.jakegibbs@gmail.com - www.linkedin.com/in/sjakegibbs
  9. 9. HOW I LIKE TO SPEND MY TIME… 5% 10% 25% 5% 10% 10% 10% 10% 5% 5% 5% s. jake gibbs - (505) 690-4132 - s.jakegibbs@gmail.com - www.linkedin.com/in/sjakegibbs
  10. 10. CERTIFICATIONS…St. John’s College Search and RescueState of New MexicoAug 2003 - Apr 2005Service LearningUniversity of Kansas Union Activities BoardNo expiration s. jake gibbs - (505) 690-4132 - s.jakegibbs@gmail.com - www.linkedin.com/in/sjakegibbs
  11. 11. THINGS I’VE CREATED… "Santuario de San Miguel" A color pencil sketch of the famed oldest church in America -- the San Miguel chapel in Santa Fe, NM. - 2011.“Obsession" -- "Firenze AllAlba" -- Acrylic onBall point pen canvas paintingstipple of a picture ofinterpretation of Florence Italy atrenownedguitarist, Jimi dawn. -- 2005Hendrix. --2006 s. jake gibbs - (505) 690-4132 - s.jakegibbs@gmail.com - www.linkedin.com/in/sjakegibbs
  12. 12. REFERENCES…Jason BookerGeneral Manager IMG -- Jayhawk Sports Marketing785.312.7555David StefanoDirector of Sales and Marketing Kansas City Chiefs Football Club-NFL816.920.9400Andrew SteinbergExecutive Vice President Sporting Kansas City (formerly KC Wizards) – MLS913.387.3889Scott EhrlichProfessor of Law California Western School of Law "Jake was a student of mine in Property I and II in 2010 and 2011. He made a very conscious effort to contribute to our vital discussions about various topics in class. His regular contributions were appreciated, well-articulated and thoughtful. Jake also made it a point to visit my office hours on a regular basis to discuss topics that he did not understand -- his effort to do this is perhaps why he raised his grade 11 percentage points between the 2 semesters."Kerry BensonProfessor, University of Kansas785.864.7632 s. jake gibbs - (505) 690-4132 - s.jakegibbs@gmail.com - www.linkedin.com/in/sjakegibbs
  13. 13. THANK YOU… Whether within the realm of The best way to create success marketing, advertising or public for any organization is to mine for relations, I believe my education, synergy with your co-workers. natural instinct and real-world With the intention of combining experience make me a very wise the talents and tastes of a group, choice to tackle any assignment or amazing results are possible if meet any goal. I have an ability to dedication, determination and work with any type of person and I hard-work are implemented. With relish opportunity to prove myself and the right attitude, I truly believe add to my skill-set. that anything is possible. I have been very fortunate to learn I I believe in constant learning and from some of the best and brightest in the pursuit of success, both school and in the real-world, personally and for the benefit of a especially in the sports world. I hope group. to continue to learn from great people. Thank you for your time and interest. Sincerely, S. Jake Gibbs s. jake gibbs - (505) 690-4132 - s.jakegibbs@gmail.com - www.linkedin.com/in/sjakegibbs
  14. 14. S. Jake Gibbs! !s. jake gibbs - (505) 690-4132 - s.jakegibbs@gmail.com - www.linkedin.com/in/sjakegibbs