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In the world of today's business the only route worth taking is the one that works. At the heart of it all is Integration. We help you to transform your business environment into a strong foundation for your organization's success.

Our consultative approach, comprehensive solutions and industry partnerships give you the big picture. We'll provide a focused automation solutions that are right for you, and we'll make sure they work together - and keep working together - to give you the competitive edge you need, to help you to meet productivity objectives.

We've eliminated everything from the process that doesn't add value. What really adds value to everything we do is something no one excels at like we do- looking beyond the measurement itself to understand first what you're trying to measure and then, precisely what you want to learn from that measurement. So you get more than just numbers. You get meaningful results.

Every aspect of your business is affected by your communications, IT infrastructure. Now more than ever, businesses need the latest and most integrated back-office and online technologies to stay competitive. Unfortunately, too many companies are reactive when it comes to business technology. Throwing the latest "solution" at isolated issues as they crop up over time results in a jumble of mismatched and incompatible technology that hampers your business processes instead of improving them TNS specializes in helping you take your entire Office environment directly to business effectiveness by the most efficient route. No matter what your current situation, we can leverage technology and the Internet to provide a back-office and communication infrastructure that has a positive effect on your business processes and the bottom line.
Combines our services with technologies from industry leaders to provide the best business technology foundation to meet your needs - we partner with the people and companies developing the most effective solutions in the industry.

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TNS Networking Solutions Company Profile

  1. 1. TNSbuilt by professionals IT & SECURITY INFRAST. Leading provider of convergence MANAGED IT SERVICES technology, offering superior infrastructure IT OPTIMIZATION & integration solutions. TRAINING SERVICES
  2. 2. About TNS TNS built by professionals Provides complete integrated solutions to customers in the field of IT Infrastructure, Network Security, Video & Audio IP Solutions, FMS etc. Established in 1993 TNS is one of the well known network and system integration company in India. TIIT is providing Individual & Market leaders in designing and Corporate training in field of implementing end-to-end networking Networking, IT Security, Softskills etc. and security solutions worldwide. Pioneers in introducing networking and communication products in the country.
  3. 3. TNS ADVANTAGE TNS built by professionals1. We have a team of more than 200 Deployment Site survey networking specialists, domain experts & Testing & planning and well trained engineers.2. 14 years of Service Maturity to handle large accounts, and service growing SMB segment.3. Deep understanding of leading edge Networking technologies to bring value to your enterprise. Routing & Switching TNS Network design • Hybrid Networks • Mesh networks4. TNS has its own Institute “TIIT” for Cabling • Cat 5/6 • OFC (Optical Fiber Comm.) training services in network design, management & security.
  4. 4. Our Portfolio & PartnershipsNetwork Routing &SwitchingStructured Cabling& PowerServers & StorageWireless & SecuritySurveillance &SecurityAudio Video
  5. 5. TNS Clients
  6. 6. TNS Specializes in Emerging Technologies
  7. 7. Redundant 10G Network & Power Solutions TNS built by professionalsTNS designs and implements networks with afocus on minimizing down time.1. Redundant topologies eliminate network downtime caused by a single point of failure.2. Network reliability is achieved through reliable equipment and network designs that are tolerant to failures and faults3. Networks are designed to reconverge rapidly so that the fault is bypassed.
  8. 8. IT Infrastructure Services Poorly structured or unstructured cabling leads to frequent network problems & poor performance. Some advantages of structured networks designed by TNS : 1. Simplified network layout & easily deployable 2. Increased ability & higher productivity 3. Reduced capital and operating expenditure. Higher ROI & reduced TCO OUR PARTNERS OUR CUSTOMERS
  9. 9. UTM, Firewalls, Link Load Balancing, DLP & AVTNS provides Firewalls & Unified threat management systems (UTMs) for less expenditureand easier centralized administration to centrally secure branch and remote offices Radware LinkProof Family Enables End-to- End Connectivity
  10. 10. Advanced Network SecurityComputers & usersconnected to yournetwork are thebiggest threat byspreading viruses,worms.Antivirus & Firewallcannot containthese threats ontheir own. SOLUTION: NAC protects your network Network against unknown users, virus, hackers Access etc. by monitoring the communication Control patterns of all devices. (NAC)
  11. 11. Internet Usage Accountability Web Browser Has Become the Universal Interface But Brings Business Risks!Inappropriate Back Door Use Viruses Web surfing Network Abuse Web email Instant Messenger Instant Messaging P2P file sharing P2P file sharing P2P file sharing Audio/Video Streaming SpywareBlueCoat Purpose-built proxyappliance providinggranular control with wire-speedperformance
  12. 12. TNS specializes in Servers & Storagesolutions from renowned vendors.TNSbuilt by professionals
  13. 13. Virtualization & Thin ClientsSolutions For Reducing Capex & OpexKey Advantages:1. Provide customized desktop environment to users win XP, Vista, 7, Mac or Linux – Desktop Virtualization2. More workstations at a lower cost.3. Less Security issues4. Low down time5. Less Support Required6. Reduced power consumption upto 70%.
  14. 14. Unified CommunicationsDo all this without the complexity ofmanaging several different solutions.
  15. 15. TNS designs simplified large-scale Wi-Fi deployment making itpossible for higher educationinstitutions to economically deployand managesecure, dependable, campus-widewireless access.Large geographies are easilycovered, maintaining interferencefree access while delivering thedesired capacity—even forconverged services. Securitypolicy has been unified withexisting central services enablinga common user experience whileinsuring effective informationsecurity and integrity.
  16. 16. TNS implements outdoor wirelessnetworks for connecting separatedcampus areas over unlicensedband like 2.4 Ghz & 5.8 Ghz upto adistance of over 100 Kms. Point to Multipoint Link
  17. 17. HD Video Conference System Flexible, cost-effective, high definition communications from low bandwidth HD voice, HD video and HD content for exceptional performance Simplified dialing and directory search Smooth, natural motion and sharp clear images for outstanding video.IP Video Phone
  18. 18. TNS, specializes in complete IPbased AV Integration for Board TNS built by professionalsRooms, Hotels etc. 1. Public Address and Voice Alarm 2. Professional Audio 3. Fire Alarm Systems 4. Room Management & Home Automation 5. Speaker 6. Counter Intercom 7. Video Evacuation & Signage
  19. 19. TNS Lighting & Other Systembuilt by professionals Inceiling visualizers are an ideal for sophisticated environments. All types of A/V integrations including special lighting, cables, cubbies, mounts etc.
  20. 20. TNS Digital Signagebuilt by professionals Access room schedules and book rooms on the spot with touch- screen, real-time interactive scheduling via LCD panels.
  21. 21. Messaging & Collaboration Solutions Problems of existing systems Messaging and collaboration are better in the cloudTNSbuilt by professionals
  22. 22. Get more productivity with Google Apps TNS built by professionals
  23. 23. Mavenlink with Google Apps for Project Management
  24. 24. TNSPhysical security solutions built by professionalsProtect Clients, Staff, and AssetsThe wide spectrum of safety incidents,from natural disasters to human-causedevents, has increased the need to protectpeople and monitor assets.We help you face challenges, such asstudent and staff safety, vandalism, theft,and natural disasters.Our IP based Physical Security solutionportfolio includes:•Video surveillance•Access control•Incident response
  25. 25. TNS has partnered with following companies for Security & Surveillance:
  26. 26. Remote Monitoring Services TNS built by professionalsWe utilize the latest in networking & ipsurveillance technologies tocontinuously monitor the camerasfrom our Security Operations Centre inManesar to produce the desiredbenefits.AdvantagesEnhanced cctv monitoring security —24 X 7 X 365Simultaneous playback, record andarchiving capabilitiesImpervious to corruptionFree from physical assaultsLoss prevention managementEmergency and Accident managementMonitoring anytime from anywhereusing Internet
  27. 27. Why Remote Monitoring ?? TNS built by professionalsProblems of existing system  Dedicated Security personnel unavailable or too busy.  Information Overload.  Operational Inefficiency.  Lack of training & operational skills  If not monitored 24x7 the entire CCTV investment is of no value.  Maintenance problem.Value  Faster response time.  More efficient and effective security. “After only 20 minutes, human attention  Specially trained & monitored security to video monitors degenerates to an personnel. unacceptable level.” (Sandia National Laboratories)  Reducing operational cost.  Get the benefit without the headache  Guranteed Mantainence & Uptime
  28. 28. Integrated Video Surveillance & Biometric Access Control Access live video, event viewing, history event based video search and video export functionality. User details overlay on video, search video from access control logs. Track visitors & users. Biometric access control eliminates need for cards and chances of proxy.
  29. 29. Fire Alarm SystemsTNS, specializes inproviding the latest inIP based intelligentFire Alarm &Evacuation Systems.
  30. 30. Physical Access Control Systems In order to ensure access to only authorized vehiclespersonnel we offer various barriers, scanners and access control systems from Aprimatic, FAAC, GE & Rapiscan. Etc. Boom & Wedge Crash Barriers Tyre Killers BollardsExplosive Detection & X-Ray Scanners
  31. 31. TNS provides advanced IP based Access Control SystemsHand Held MetalDetector Multizone Door Frame Metal Detector Electronic Intrusion Alarm Systems
  32. 32. IT Training ServicesTIIT , a part of our Group, is awell known training providerfor networking (Cisco),Microsoft (Server, MS office,Projects, Sharepoint), Linux &Google Apps.
  33. 33. Project References Client Name : Client Name : DLF Laing Omaxe India ORourke (India) Ltd. Location : Location : Gurgaon DLF Cyber Project Green, Gurgaon Completed : Project Wireless Links Completed : & SSL VPN Complete LAN networking of 585 nodes Client Name: Client Name: Sahara City Conscient Homes. Location: Goa Location : Project Lucknow Completed: Project Hotel Access Completed : Control, Networ Project king, Wifi & IP Monitoring on Surveillance Wireless IP Surveillance
  34. 34. Client Name : Client Name: NTROSahara Hospital Location:Location : DehradunLucknow ProjectProject Completed:Completed : Entire Intranet and LANIT Infrastructure Setup& FMS including Fiber,UTP and Cisco Components.Client Name : Client Name: Railways DesignRailways & StandardsMinistry Organization Location:Location : LucknowDelhi ProjectProject Completed:Completed : ImplementationIP of Unigraphics,Surveillance & MS SharepointNetwork Sever & MSSecurity Projects with hardware & training.
  35. 35. Client Name: Client Name: UPL NTPC Location: Location: across UP Vindhyanagar Project Project Completed: Completed: Online Entire Fiber connectivity of and UTP the control units connectivity for in the power the entire plant plants based at through Panki,Anpara,O Schneider bra,Jhansi,Hard electric. uaganj through Client SecuremeterClient Name:IFFCOLocation: AnolaProject Client Name:Completed: CentralOracle Warehousing Corpimplementation Location:with AIX on IBM Patparganj, DelhiRedundantServers, IBM ProjectSAN Storage Completed:with CISCO CampuswideSAN Switch Surveillance on Honeywell.
  36. 36. Client Name:Client Name: RelianceCanoroResources, Oi Location:l Exploration Across India Location: ProjectJorhat, Assam Completed:Project CompletedCompleted: Microwave installation for IP theSurveillance CDMA/GSMusing wirelessIP cameras roll out ofover 52 Sq RelianceKm Communicati on in 5 circles Client Name: Tata Tele Client Name: Services Conscient Location: UP Location: Goa Project Completed: Project Completed Completed: UBR Hotel Access installation on Control, Motorola Networking, Wireless Wifi & IP Equipment. Surveillance
  37. 37. Client Name: Client Name:Sharda AMUUniversity (viaSiemens) Location: AligarhLocation:Greater Noida Project Completed:Project ITCompleted: InfrastructureCampus wideNetworking including 16and Wi-Fi for core Highthe entire Performancecampus on ComputingCisco spread Cluster &over 63 FMSAcres.Client Name: Client Name:Jagan. Inst ofManagement NDTVLocation: Location:Delhi & NCR GreaterProject Kailash &Completed: Okhla Office,IT DelhiInfrastructure, Project Wireless, Completed:NetworkSecurity, IP SurveillanceSurveillance Solution on& AV Honeywell.Integration.
  38. 38. THANK YOUTNS NETWORKING SOLUTIONS PVT LTDCorporate Office : 293 Dhanmill Road, Chattarpur Hills, New Delhi-110074 INDIA Tel :+91 11 30686040/41/42 ; Fax: +91 11 30686030 Branches: LUCKNOW JAIPUR CHANDIGARH AHMEDABAD MUMBAI PUNE BANGALORE DEHRADUNvisit us : www.tnspl.inTNSbuilt by professionals