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DMPonline: what’s news & what’s coming


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An update given at the Jisc Research Data Network event, outlining progress on the DMPRoadmap project with the California Digital Library and our machine-actionable DMP plans

Published in: Technology
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DMPonline: what’s news & what’s coming

  1. 1. DMPonline: what’s news & what’s coming Sarah Jones Digital Curation Centre Twitter: @sjDCC Jisc Research Data Network, York, 28 June 2017 #jiscrdm
  2. 2. A single platform for all things DMP Agreed to converge on a single codebase, based on DMPonline with additional features from DMPTool Bring together features and strengths of each tool Co-manage, co-develop and issue joint roadmap DMPRoadmap:
  3. 3. Powered by DMPRoadmap Powered by
  4. 4. Improved performance • New data model • Refactored code • Much quicker response
  5. 5. Foreign language options • Switching language in interface • Can set preference in user profile and at organisation level • Pootle portal to let community add new translations
  6. 6. ORCID authentication
  7. 7. Revised create plan wizard • Easier to point to institutional guidance • Accessible dropdown boxes • Guidance selected afterwards, during plan creation
  8. 8. Guidance selections
  9. 9. Improved admin controls • Assign privileges to others in your org (user tab) • Upload your own logo & abbreviation (org tab) • Easier template publishing and versioning • Versioning on customisation of funder templates
  10. 10. User guides on wiki Just started these. Tell us what else is most needed! • Create a plan • Make guidance selections • Transfer a customisation • Edit organisation details • Assign privileges (grant admin rights)
  11. 11. What else is coming in MVP (August) • Basic plan review functionality • Plan visibility (private, institutional, public) • Email notifications settings • Flag “test” plans • Statistics dashboard • Institutional access to plans • Creating plans and templates from existing ones • Template export
  12. 12. 47 participants from 16 countries • Funders • Developers • Librarians • Service providers • Researchers Understand research workflows Develop use cases for maDMPs Set priorities for future work postcard-future-tools-and-services- perfect-dmp-world Utopia workshop
  13. 13. White paper for comments Share your needs Help us iterate Provide your time, ideas, resources to help pilot work php?id=13086
  14. 14. Machine actionable DMP priorities • Common standards and protocols • Utilising PIDs for automatic reporting etc • Capacity planning (institutional & data centre) • Increasing data discovery & reuse • Supporting evaluation & monitoring • Share/publish/deposit DMPs Improve the experience for all by exchanging information across research systems and embedding DMPs in existing workflows
  15. 15. Define a minimum data model DMPonline themes Mappings Common format? New RDA Working Group on this topic From Flickr by Steve Johnson, CC BY 2.0
  16. 16. Registries to give structured response
  17. 17. Service join-up & capacity planning 2-way info exchange between DMP & repository • Specify place of deposit • Notify repository • Share data volume & requirements • Facilitate deposit by prepopulating forms • Update DMP with dataset metadata & PID DMP Repository
  18. 18. Mapping the institutional landscape • What systems are in place? • Where are these held? e.g. library, research office, ethics… • What information is gathered and could be exchanged? • What does the institution want / need – event tracking e.g. award made – automated messaging – allocation of resources – harvesting info for reporting – enable data deposit…
  19. 19. Utilising PIDs Potential to use EC grant IDs in plans e.g. • Harvest grant IDs from OpenAIRE API • Provide look up when entering project details • Prepopulate metadata fields • Enable join up of DMP with other outputs
  20. 20. Next steps: maDMP pilots From Flickr by Allen, CC BY 2.0