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DMPonline new features

Presentation given on a DCC webinar in May 2015. The talk outlines what's in the roadmap and profiles recent additions.

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DMPonline new features

  1. 1. DMPonline: recent updates and new functionality Sarah Jones Twitter: @sjDCC DCC curation webinars, 27th May 2015,
  2. 2. DMPONLINE ROADMAP Image credit: “The Skye Road” by Andi Campbell-Jones CC-BY-NC-SA
  3. 3. DMPonline roadmap • Six areas to cover in a balanced way across releases: – Usability improvements – Lifecycle and review – API for systems integration – Institutional enhancements – Locale-aware support – Maintenance
  4. 4. Usability improvements • Add a comments feature • Rethink layout / presentation of guidance • Display / hide options for user to focus effort • Give text boxes primacy of place • Allow multiple suggested answers • Revisit the ‘create plan’ wizard
  5. 5. Lifecycle and review • Indicate different phases and versions of a plan • Flexible support for different institutional processes • When to provide institutional access to plans • Add review options Initial DMP Full DMP Draft  Reviewed  Revised  Complete  Submitted
  6. 6. API for systems integration • Determine the appropriate level of API for the community • Enable institutions to generate stats and mine content • Integrate with other university systems • Harvest core metadata from DMPonline • Export DMPs to collate a library of plans
  7. 7. Institutional enhancements • Institutional branding • Customisable administrative data • Trigger alerts for event monitoring • Create a new template based on an existing one
  8. 8. Locale-aware support • Customised appearance and language based users’ context • Presentation of different (smaller set of) organisations and funders based on location • Custom URLs to specific locale-aware content
  9. 9. Active maintenance • Routine bug fixes • Improving documentation • Communication with user group • Supporting the user/developer community
  10. 10. Release schedule and process • Bi-monthly release schedule • Share more detailed release plan with user group for comment in advance • Issue release with delivery note
  11. 11. NEW RELEASES Image credit: “BalloonFest” by alanszalwinski CC-BY-SA
  12. 12. Comment feature • Allows notes to be left to aid collaboration • Can view / edit / remove comments • Comments added per question
  13. 13. Institutional sign-on advice More intuitive workflow and improved guidance
  14. 14. Internationalisation Proposals for how to handle national and/or domain-specific version, considering: – The range of features to be configured for any locale – The mechanism by which users can select their required locale – The technical platforms that will be used to develop localisation support within the DMPonline code base
  15. 15. Admin interface
  16. 16. Plan filtering Allows users with large numbers of plan to organise and search them more effectively
  17. 17. Formatting PDF export Courtesy of the University of Leeds
  18. 18. GET INVOLVED Image credit: “Clump of snowdrops” by Ruth Hartnup CC-BY
  19. 19. User group • Aims to make it easier for the community to feed in ideas and direct the development of DMPonline • We’ll post plans for consultation and periodically hold webinars or face-to-face meetings to gather input on specific aspects of implementation • Hope to get participants covering all roles e.g. researchers, RDM co-ordinators, administrators, developers, funders... • Subscribe to the user group listserv at:
  20. 20. Collaborate / contribute to code • Help us to develop DMPonline in new and exciting ways • Code is under a GNU-GPL licence – if you extend it please share under same conditions • Submit pull requests to DCC – guidance for developers coming in next release
  21. 21. Tell us about your work • Please share feedback from researchers • Any lessons on customising tool • Tips on introducing / supporting DMPs • Local user guides e.g. from Humboldt uni • Guest blog posts e.g. from SSI
  22. 22. Thanks for listening DMP guidance, tools and resources: Follow us on @digitalcuration and #DMPonline Email: