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DMPonline new directions


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Presentation about new features in DMPonline and the subscription model

Published in: Technology
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DMPonline new directions

  1. 1. DMPonline – new directions Sarah Jones Digital Curation Centre, Glasgow Twitter: @sjDCC DCC webinar, 26 October 2018
  2. 2. How does DMPonline work? Online tool to support researchers to develop Data Management Plans, tailored to their context Guidance and examples from funders, unis, research disciplines and others DMP Requirements from funders, institutions and others Create Share Review Export Update …..
  3. 3. New features released this year Image “BalloonFest” by alanszalwinski CC-BY-SA
  4. 4. Revised create plan wizard • Simplified set of questions to get started • Easier to point to institutional guidance • Accessible dropdown boxes
  5. 5. Configurable guidance • Choose different organisations e.g. research partners • Turn guidance on/off as you write plan
  6. 6. Sharing DMPs Plans are private by default, but can be shared institutionally or made public.
  7. 7. Email notification settings
  8. 8. ORCID integration
  9. 9. Public DMPs & templates pages
  10. 10. Improved admin controls • Assign privileges to others in your org (user tab) • Upload your own logo, links & abbreviations (org tab) • Easier template publishing and versioning • Versioning on customisations of funder templates
  11. 11. Template versioning & history • See a history table of historic (uneditable) versions • Records changes as draft. Version creates on publishing • Can copy templates for ease of creation / editing
  12. 12. Customising funder templates • Drag and drop feature to easily re-order template sections • Can add multiple sections, but only have 1 in first position
  13. 13. Offering feedback on plans Organisations can choose to offer feedback on DMPs. If enabled, users get an option to submit plans for feedback. Admins are alerted to requests and comments are left using the ‘share note’ field.
  14. 14. Admin view of all org plans
  15. 15. Usage dashboard
  16. 16. User guide and training
  17. 17. Customising DMPonline: new subscription model Image ‘tools’ CC-BY by zzpza
  18. 18. Key changes to service delivery roadmap-reciprocal-visits
  19. 19. Chose option that minimises impact on users It looks like you’re trying to write a Data Management Plan. Would you like me to bug you instead? • Annoy me until my eyes bleed • Go away please
  20. 20. Lots remains the same! • Service continues to be free to end users • You can still create, share, download plans etc • DCC will maintain and update UK and selected European or other funder templates • Helpdesk is still open if you encounter issues • User guidance and training materials are CC-BY • DMPRoadmap codebase remains open source • We will still engage internationally to improve DMP workflows and tools for all stakeholders
  21. 21. Two main levels of service Basic subscription model • 2 org admins with full permissions • Up to 15 hours of support • Delivery to set SLA Enhanced subscription Basic plus: • Custom URL & homepage • Up to 3 additional org admins • Telephone consultation • 2 places at DMPonline training courses • Supported use of the API Optional services are also available e.g. extra support, local hosting, private training etc
  22. 22. Details of the model • Annual subscription to obtain / retain admin rights • Scaled by size, according to Jisc bands in UK • Prices range from £600/year for basic subscription at smallest organisations to c.£13,000/year for large organisations with additional support needs • Will announce prices by January 2019 for 2019/2020, with 3 year price increase data • Standard contract with SLA & GDPR processor statement
  23. 23. What happens next? Progressive removal of functionality for non-subscribers • Lose template editing access • Removal of custom branding • Inability to review DMPs or user statistics • Custom data will be unpublished, not deleted or left out-of-date Attention focused on needs of subscribers • Support with customisation • Prioritised helpdesk tickets • Early access to DMPonline events • User group sessions to identify and design new features
  24. 24. How can we help? • Provide usage statistics for your institution • Share details of the development roadmap • Examples of customisation to help make the case • Explore consortial agreements (e.g. uni groups) • ….
  25. 25. Connect & stay in touch Helpdesk Twitter Blog User group Github Slack @DMPonline and #ActiveDMPs
  26. 26. ? Join the DCC’s DMPonline team!
  27. 27. Thanks for listening For DMP resources see: Follow us on twitter: @DMPonline and #ActiveDMPs