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Developing research data management policy & services


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Slides updated for presentation at DCC Northeast roadshow in Newcastle, April 2012.

Session ends with an exercise on developing a roadmap for research data management.

Presentation initially given by Sarah Jones at the DCC roadshow in Loughborough, February 2012.

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Developing research data management policy & services

  1. 1. Facing the research data challenge:ldeveloping data policy and services Sarah Jones Digital Curation Centre Funded by: DCC Northeast Scotland roadshow, 5-6 December 2012
  2. 2. Outline• Who is responsible for RDM?• What are the components of a data service?• Learning lessons from other HEIs• Developing roadmaps #dcc_dundee
  3. 3. Who is responsible for RDM? FundersAdvisory Data bodies centres Research OrganisationsSupport Publishersservices Researchers #dcc_dundee
  4. 4. Components of a research data service? Tools Support staff & services Metadata and documentation Research Archive environment& Storage systems Preserve Back-up RDM policies & Share Access Advocacy (senior mgmt & researcher) #dcc_dundee
  5. 5. Data storage – Bristol example• £2m funding to date• Petascale facility – expandable• 3 machine rooms – resilience (tape archive 2012)• Available to all researchers for research data Blue Peta at Bristol 1st 5TB free per Data Steward then £400 per TB p.a. for disk storage; tape backup £40 per TB #dcc_dundee
  6. 6. Tools – an ‘academic dropbox’ Piloted at Lincoln & National level negotiation via Janet brokerage?
  7. 7. Archiving – institutional data repositories Not intended to replace national, subject or other Essex-RDR and DataPool at Southampton established data collections Acknowledge hybrid environment #dcc_dundee
  8. 8. Archiving – external data centres Research funders’ Structured databases data centres…Disciplinary& community List of data centres: initiatives #dcc_dundee
  9. 9. Data catalogues (metadata) • DataFinder at OxfordDevelop a research data • DDI metadata byextension to the cerif standard ResearchData@Essex JISC & DCC planning national coordination Can we learn lessons from overseas? #dcc_dundee
  10. 10. Guidance and trainingCollate Online training Embed into curriculum via Doctoral Training Centres e.g. Research360@Bath #dcc_dundee
  11. 11. Disciplinary training (RDMTrain) #dcc_dundee
  12. 12. Early research data policies“Statement of commitment” legal compliance style Infrastructure  policy a section in uni DM policy useful guide as appendix “10 commandments” mutual promises aspirational Based on Edin. with a fewBaseline of RCUK Code additions+ procedures & support #dcc_dundee
  13. 13. How are others developing policies? Theme from MRD workshop in Leeds: High level policy (ratified) + User guides, practical supportDeveloping data policies: + a trend for 2012 RDM Infrastructure (news post from Dec 2011) #dcc_dundee
  14. 14. Lots to think about and develop, so where to start? #dcc_dundee
  15. 15. Make a plan! “EPSRC expects all those it funds to have developed a clear roadmap to align their policies and processes with EPSRC’s expectations by 1st May 2012, and to be fully compliant with these expectations by 1st May 2015.” #dcc_dundee
  16. 16. What is the EPSRC looking for?• Know what you hold – publish metadata• Link publications and data• Share data wherever possible EPSRC-data-policy• Curate and preserve valuable data The same as other funders (i.e. good research practice) so think broadly when you develop your strategy #dcc_dundee
  17. 17. Questions?Slides are available at: CC-BY-NC-SA by sk8geek
  18. 18. Exercise: Developing a roadmap for RDMThink about the potential components of a RDM serviceBased on the strengths/weaknesses you identified in the quiz:• Draft a list of actions needed at your institution• Attempt to prioritise your list and pencil in timeframes (consider quick wins!)• Decide who needs to be involved to make this happen? #dcc_dundee