Siyavuyisa Township Networks 2011


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Township Broadband Wif Networks,

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Siyavuyisa Township Networks 2011

  1. 1. IF IT IS TO BE, ITS UP TO ME Why are we here?
  3. 3. Who are we• empowerment company• focus on empowerment of Veterans/women/youth through ICTStaff• Audrey de Jongh – Founder - Management• Abigail Morulane – Financial Management,• Vuyo Klaas – General Management• Veronica Tsawe - Training (lecturer)• Nicky Wilcock – Marketing and Brand building• Riyadh Moos – Technician CCTV & Wireless• Paul Edwards – Design, Engineering & Maintenance of NetworkWhat we do• WiFi Broadband Networks for CCTV, Voice and Data Services• Townships, Rural areas - Services lacking• Focus – Empowerment and job creation, job preparation• Promote more startup businesses in townships• Develop Socio Economic sectors• Crime Prevention
  4. 4. Why we do it• Because we Need to – bring change & upliftment• Utilize multimillion Rand Telecoms Industry bring money spent back to townships• Use it to bring social upliftment and empowerment in ICT• When we educate a nation magnificent things can happen.• A massive financial generator = ideal solution to generate money needed to bring changeHow we do it• Broadband – lacking in townships - traditionally supplied through landline, Point to Point, Cell Phones• Provide Access- to everyone everywhere• Provide Training- for those residents unfamiliar with computers• Provide Low Cost Laptops – stimulate adoption and client generation• It becomes a way of lifeWhich will• Stimulate entrepreneurship- new IT Businesses start-up right there in townshipsResult in• More access to connectivity and lower prices for connectivity
  5. 5. Problem addressing• Fulfill a need that exist and unfortunately persist – lack of access to communications and broadband – stunts growth in townshipsOpportunity fast cost effective connectivity to the townships - enable to uplift and reach a mass market• Stimulate learning, and doing business through the Internet• Education solutions to help learners learn faster, easier, revision (VIC – Virtual interactive communications ~ E-Learning to schools, shared resources).• Internships – learning while earning for previously unemployed• Generating more entrepreneurs in the townships, new trend for businesses to start-up in the townships.• One network to deliver multiple services – CCTV Voice Data.
  6. 6. Product / Service• Wi-Fi Mesh Network, Video, Voice and Data• IT Hub – admin services – photo copies, fax, VoIP, laminating, binding, workshops, training courses etc.• CCTV network – remote monitoring, create jobs as guards and monitorsWhat is a WiFi Mesh Network• Radios (Nodes) placed in strategic positions• Nodes broadcast the WiFi Signal to the nearest radio in a 360 degrees Cloud• In this Cloud clients can connect any WiFi enabled device to connect to the WWW• Clients can make lowest cost phone calls over IP• Cameras can be added for Wireless
  7. 7. Wi-Fi Wi-Fi Cloud Cloud IT Hub Gugulethu SquareWi-Fi Wi-FiCloud Cloud
  8. 8. Municipal Wi-Fi Mesh Networks Radios Access Points CamerasWhen moving through the Wi-FiCloud, clients can roam seamlessly
  9. 9. Wireless MIMO MeshThe Mesh isformed whenradios link upto each otherto form 360WiFi Cloud –connect anyWiFi enableddevice suchas laptops,PDA, CellPhones
  10. 10. Services Enabled by Wi-Fi Networks• Internet Access in the streets or at home, in the taxi,• Voice (Skype) Yahoo messenger, Google• Access to Voice over IP with Wi-Fi capable cell phones – @ low costIT Hub one to be launched in each township in SA – expand the Cloud• Access to computers• Access to computer training – free introductory training• Access to computer accredited courses at a reasonable fee• Access to internships learning the business• Access to low cost VoIP calls• Access to Low cost LaptopsOther ServicesPrinting, Photo Copies, Fax, Laminating, Binding, Photos, DVD Writing, Typing of CV’s,VoIP, Courier, Training, Seminars
  11. 11. Overview:• Multi Service Network capable of sustaining • Installation and setup fast and cost simultaneously effective. CCTV/VoIP/Data/Intranet/Internet/ IPTV/VOD • Can be powered by Solar Streetlight. etc. • Management easily done through laptop,• Spectrum – 900MHz/ 4.9/5.8 and other can be done remotely through WWW..• Mobility and Roaming- a key point of the • Security – highest standard – Military technology enabling CCTV streaming into Encryption Integrated. moving vehicle, as well as Wi-Fi enabled • Multi layer Network to be used by many devices- no handover issues applications / users making it extremely cost• Integration and Interconnection of any form effective. of telecommunication such as • Software/Firmware upgrades are FREE. Fiber/GSM/ADSL/WiMax/ Satellite – plug and • Online Support 24/7 play solution. • 1000 ++ deployments worldwide.• Guaranteed speeds to end user. • MIMO technology release achieved giant• Speeds up to 400Mbps. leap and market advance .• Any Wi-Fi device can connect to the network • Winner 2009 – Best New Product of the Laptop, CPE, Smart Phone. year. • 2009/2010 – Top sales worldwide in technology products.
  12. 12. Totally autonomous Street Lights, with solar panels, Wi-Fi Radios, and 6-8 daysbattery back-up, as well as a module for charging cell phone can be placed at thebase of the pole. The best solution for under developed and rural areas. Another first for South Africa – Go Solar