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Local search-ranking 7-7-2010new

  1. 1. Local Search Ranking: Getting Found Locally Optimizing Your Business Listing and Increasing Your “Findability” Online
  2. 2. EZlocal helps you place on page one in Local Search results across the top search engines.
  3. 3. What is Local Search? Local Search is online consumers looking to find qualified local businesses, by entering a search term + a location. “Tire repair San Diego” “Pizza delivery credit card 14201” “Nike shoes in Evansville”
  4. 4. … here’s what a page-one Google search result looks like for “cleaners” in “boston, ma”:
  5. 5. PPC vs. SEO in clicks and spend. Notice the disparity.
  6. 6. Premium Listing on EZlocal.com Enhanced Business Profile Our Local SEO experts do all the work. • Robust keyword-rich content • Media-rich: upload photos and video • Build reviews and ratings • Add brochures/menus/price sheets • Create custom coupons • Facebook and Twitter social apps • On-demand driving directions
  7. 7. Broad Content Distribution Manual Submissions • Top Local Search optimization on Google, Bing and Yahoo! • Manual submissions to the Top 10 Internet Yellow Pages sites. • Up to 5 niche/vertical directory listings - customized for your business • Localeze Distribution Network of TM 80+ sites reaching 90% of Local Search • Unlimited expert Local SEO consultation available
  8. 8. Local Search corroboration flow
  9. 9. Websites show up in universal results.
  10. 10. Business listings appear in the Maps.
  11. 11. Authority Heating & Air Conditioning
  12. 12. Business listings appear in the Maps.
  13. 13. Testimonials “The professionals at EZlocal have enabled my company to rank on the first page of Google in the business listing section for Sacramento, which has drawn in considerable new business. I recommend EZlocal to any small business owner who wants top web visibility.” ~ Brian Anderson – Masters Window Cleaning LLC “EZlocal took over our search engine optimization and we are already appearing on the first page of Google and Yahoo for our local listing! They also communicate with us regularly, responding quickly to changes that we request for our business profile.” ~ Bruce Oyler – Bruce Oyler State Farm Agency “We are so pleased with the service and professionalism of EZlocal staff that I just had to write a testimonial. You guys are the best! Thank you so much from all the girls of Sheba Limousines Inc.” ~ Pamela Chitwood – Sheba Limousines Inc.
  14. 14. Testimonials “I am so pleased and proud to have such an awesome team of professionals on my side. My questions are treated with respect and my requests are honored in a timely manner. They return phone calls! I could never on my own have achieved the level of internet presence I now have, which I’m confident will continue to grow under their hard work. Thanks, EZlocal!” ~ Susan Patton – Phoenix Rising Antiques & Objects d’Art “Thank you EZlocal! I am so impressed! Two days after I joined, my business showed up fifth, right next to the Google Map. Even my skeptical son, the web designer, was impressed and told me I had found a very good thing. I had tried another company for six months, paid twice as much, and we didn’t even appear on the first page, much less so high. Representatives from EZlocal continue to work with me to tweak my business profile so more searches for tax help in my area result in my business being a rising star on the first page of search results. Thank you again.” ~ Barbara Culver – Tax Center Plus
  15. 15. Important Notes:
  16. 16. Reference Materials Keep this section separate. Do not include this page in your presentation.
  17. 17. 97% of all Internet users in the U.S. gather shopping information online. 51% explicitly characterize their behavior as shop online, buy offline.
  18. 18. Over 2.6 billion local searches conducted each month. Local Search accounts for over 30% of all search traffic.
  19. 19. [US] Consumers spend about 70% of their expendable income within five miles of home. 1 1 Marissa Meyer (Google Inc. Vice President of Search Products). September 2009
  20. 20. Online advertising spending is trending upwards. Here are the top 10 business categories by spending:
  21. 21. Businesses today have just two representations in Local Search. Website Business listing(s) (www.yourname.com) (Internet maps, yellow pages)
  22. 22. But only 11% of business listings have been claimed. It’s winner takes all – and the early bird gets the worm.
  23. 23. The average small business spends $550 per month on pay-per-click search engine advertising for their website.
  24. 24. Primary Local Search ranking factors: Location Information Corroboration Consumer Input
  25. 25. Location Distance from “Centroid” (the geographic center of the area searched) - the closer your business is, the higher you rank. [Note: This factor has been reduced in weight recently]
  26. 26. Information Listings containing more robust information and links rank higher in search results (e.g., a website link, keyword-rich content, tags, media, etc). Target keyword phrases prospective customers may use to find you.
  27. 27. Corroboration How many other local search engines or directories have your enhanced listing published? Each time the information contained in your listing can be tied to a matching NAP (Name, Address, Phone number) on other “relevant“ sites, your listing is awarded a “citation” -- the more citations you have, the higher you rank. This corroboration between relevant sites builds “trust”, and the trust factor is critical to ranking.
  28. 28. Consumer Input How many consumer reviews/ratings or other sources of user input does your business have on "relevant" sites? To maximize citations and achieve the highest possible ranking you need to get as much positive feedback as possible. This involves encouraging your happy customers to go online and give you positive reviews on multiple relevant sites.
  29. 29. Important Notes: