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Business profile Douglas & Breitner

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Business Profile Douglas & Breitner V1110

  1. 1. Inhoud Introduction Douglas & Breitner Douglas & Breitner services Case studies Customers Contact details
  2. 2. Introduction Who is Douglas & Breitner? Douglas & Breitner is a leading provider of support and advice to Dutch top 500 companies, specialized in guiding them through the Digital Marketing landscape, helping them to improve efficiency and effectiveness of e-commerce activities by optimal use of online methodologies Douglas & Breitner areas of expertise covers internet strategy development, strategy implementation and online marketing Our consultants have a proven 10+ year track record and broad experience in online retail, both B2B and B2C, finance, media, energy and travel
  3. 3. Introduction Why Douglas & Breitner? Strategic and pragmatical approach Broad experience in e-business/e-commerce and consultancy experience Focus on return on investment and increase of e-commerce / social Media value Successful track record providing business consulting services to help companies to achieve their e-commerce goals Chosen by Hollands’ leading brands to deliver their e-commerce ambitions
  4. 4. Douglas & Breitner services Corporate e-commerce strategy Define business & (non)- Engagement strategy functional requirements Social Media strategy RFP-RFI guidance Organizational planning Project Management & capability research Selection of the right systems and/or vendors E-Channel strategy & planning Improvement online acquisition & conversion KPI Indexing methodology E-campaign project management
  5. 5. Internet strategy development Corporate e-commerce strategy Define roadmap & activity planning (Future) market analysis Define online value proposition Engagement strategy development Define customer interaction model and e-marketing mix Social media strategy development Social Media / Reputation Management awareness workshops Social Media / Reputation Management scan Define Social Media or Reputation Management strategy Organizational planning & capability research Determine processes, organisation and competences that are needed to succesfully execute the strategy
  6. 6. Implementation internet strategy Define business & (non)-functional requirements Translation of online value proposition to clear business requirements RFP-RFI guidance Definintion of clear requirements on which procurement decisions can be made Project Management Selection of the right systems and/or vendors Definition of clear requirements on which potential vendors can be assessed
  7. 7. Online marketing optimization E-channel strategy & planning Annual e-channel budgeting & forecasting Improvement online acquisition & conversion Review the overall effectiveness of online marketing, identify improvement areas, improve cost to acquire Execute Douglas & Breitner’s holistic customer conversion model KPI Indexing methodology Douglas & Breitner’s online performance benchmarking tool E-campaign project management Implement, execute and monitor e-campaigns
  8. 8. Douglas Digital Marketing landscape landscape & Breitner digital marketing Planning Execution Internet strategy Online campaign Online campaign Pre-Acquisition Acquisition Conversion Retention development development development Conversio n Corporate e- Annual planning & Marketing Strategy & Social Media Optimization of Holistic customer Touch strategy commerce strategy budgeting Planning Online online acquisition conversion model development Competitor research Annual digital Improvement online reputation activities Customer Development of & benchmarking marketing plan marketing effectivity management engagement loyalty programs Business case Defininganalytics Web success tactics development metrics Campaign project Organizational management planning & capability Performance Supporting processes research reporting KPI indexing methodology Managerial processes Define business & (non)-functional requirements Project Management RFP-RFI guidance Selection of the right systems and/or vendors
  9. 9. Our customers a.o.
  10. 10. Contact details Douglas & Breitner Stephan Schroeders - Partner T +31 (0)20 777 2435 M +31 (0)6 456 00 507 E Ito Toren P.O Box 94588 Gustav Mahlerplein 82-96 1090 GN AMSTERDAM 1082 MA AMSTERDAM More background information: W (Dutch) Please visit our blog for opinions, insight and thoughts: B (Dutch)