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Sixth Sense Manifesto (trading as Sixth Sense) is a 360 degree, fully integrated, boutique marketing agency offering clients experience and quality.

At Sixth Sense we provide the following services for our clients who serve business and/or consumer markets:

Brand management
Strategy development
Sales Activation
Digital marketing
Direct marketing
Guerrilla marketing

Our offices are based in Ghana, Nigeria and South Africa ensuring we service our clients in the best markets Africa has to offer!

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Sixth Sense Manifesto company profile

  1. 1. Company Profile 2013
  2. 2. Sixth Sense is an African fully integrated Akwaaba boutique marketing agency Specialists in brand engagement and strategy Ẹ ku abọ development We have full in-house delivery capabilities including – creative, production, staffing and account management Nno Our key assets include; •Our trained and experienced brand Welkom ambassadors •Our extensive business/government/ consumer/ media database Welcome •Our „can do‟ company spiritSixth Sense
  3. 3. Our Hobby Events – We execute a range of events including; sales activations, launches, experiential, awards, conferences, Exhibitions and guerrilla marketing PR – Corporate communications, brand management, digital, sponsorship, we achieve a local and pan-African reach Creative – Brand development, print ads, website design, pos display and detailed set designs Digital – Social media, online media buy, mobile apps, strategy and content development New brands – Introducing and facilitating international brands into local marketsSixth Sense
  4. 4. Our Angle 1. Brand Their brand is prominent and consistent throughout a campaign 2. Demographic targeting We service our Their activities are in line with their target clients with audience. excellence by 3. Reach guaranteeing Key platforms are identified to enable our clients to reach, speak and engage with their audience5 key elements… 4. Sales conversion Turning marketing spend into sales revenue and brand equity 5. ExperienceSixth Sense Every step of the way, a memorable experience
  5. 5. Our Clients We have featured just a handful of our clients that we have worked with. We do not discriminate when it comes to our clients. We provide a service for companies across sectors/ industries and execute work albeit a business or a consumer end-user. As a below-the-line marketing agency we have managed various short and long term projects.Sixth Sense
  6. 6. “This was one of the most biggest & exciting events we have ever seen in Africa” RIM, Blackberry South Africa Witness accounts “Your company has delivered an effective and thorough service. Congratulations” Saatchi & Saatchi, SA Don‟t take our word for it, see some of our testimonials and witness accounts. “You have made our dream come true” UT Bank, Ghana “Thank you and well done, you have provided another excellent service” Merck, GermanySixth Sense
  7. 7. Merck Client: Merck Service: PR and Event Management Brief: Organise a press conference promoting Merck donating almost 20,000,000 Praziquantel tablets in Nigeria over the past 5 years. Press conference to have a high number of journalists to attend and feature the press conference on their media platform Solution: Successfully executed a high level press conference with Minister of State Health in attendance plus other high profile delegates. A number of national press were in attendance including Vanguard, This Day, The Punch ensuring a widespread coverage. Post event a press release was published continent wide achieving a high-visibility feature online.Sixth Sense
  8. 8. Kexlan Client: Kexlan Service: Integrated marketing Brief: Kexlan were introducing a chilled bottled coconut water to the market and required a full marketing heist to get the product from an idea to desired consumer brand Solution: We executed both quantative and qualitative market research within the main sales cachment area. Based on our findings we successfully developed the products brand strategy and creative. From here we also compiled a „ready to execute‟ sales and marketing strategy. We delivered to our client a local product with an international standard, which today, is being well adored by the Ghanaian public.Sixth Sense
  9. 9. Vodafone Client: Vodafone Service: Experiential events Brief: Execute a series of events for Vodafone HVC and staff Solution: We executed a series of experiential events providing a range of service including: •Creative •Printing •Set building •Event management •Provision of brand ambassadors We successfully executed the following events: •Blackberry launch •Ghana vs. England football viewing party •Staff Sales Kick off •Web box launchSixth Sense
  10. 10. IWD 2013 Activity: International Women‟s Day Service: Digital Media Brief: Build an online community primarily for Ghana and Nigeria focused around International Women‟s Day. Content needs to be relevant to the African woman and be a source of information and inspiration, encouraging the online audience to share, comment, like, follow and join the dialogue. Solution: Created social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Google +. Developed a digital media strategy, content, schedule and managed upload and conversation. From execution in January 2013, we increased the online portal‟s base by 65% month-on-month, achieved interaction between brand and followers within 3 weeks of launch and had a steady growth in content being shared and liked.Sixth Sense
  11. 11. Our Habitat Our operational base includes: •Ghana •Nigeria •South Africa Originally launched in Accra, Ghana within 3 years we have successfully expanded to Lagos, Nigeria and more recently Jo-burg, South Africa. We must be doing something right! AfricaSixth Sense
  12. 12. Let’s do business For new business enquiries email: Brand@sixthsensemanifesto.comThe only way you To forward an RFP email:will know whether we meet your You can also reach us on the following numbers:requirements is if Ghana 00233 (0) 302 917 969you contact us… Nigeria 00234 (0) 812 877 5917 South Africa 0027 (0) 113 333336 Visit our website: www.sixthsensemanifesto.comSixth Sense
  13. 13. Your No.1 boutique marketing agency